25 years ago a gang of the Communist Party apparatchiks, enemies of people and traitors working for the foreign governments, got together, signed anti Constitutional Belavezha Accords and broke apart Russia, country that our people built and defended for centuries. They forced tens of millions people into territories illegally carved from Russia and separated by artificial borders, languages, and made up laws. These territories were immediately occupied by NATO armies, that has installed local neo-Nazi rulers.

Immediately after, the US and European countries initiated local armed conflicts, invasions of Islamic terrorists, and genocide of Russians on the territories of newly formed “republics.” The decade long looting commenced. The wealth that was transferred to the Western countries from the territory of the former Soviet Union is estimated to be from $100 trilling to $300 trillion.

The violation of the Soviet Union sovereignty and its borders was in direct violation of the Yalta agreement.

There are no doubts that this criminal act must be reversed, and that countries-authors of this biggest in history of mankind geo-political tragedy have to be hold accountable and made to pay reparation for damages and losses. What’s important, it’s not just a wish, but a very distinct possibility.  And the first step is for Russian people everywhere to realize their power in reunification of Russia, and all its parts.


City of Snezhnoe, Donetsk Region, song On The Nameless Height

A very emotional video. It’s impossible not to cry watching it. Even a military policeman cried. The footage of Saur-Mogila (Russian: Саур-Могила), monument in Donets before and after Ukrainian armed forces destroyed it. Also, this video uses the footage of the Ukrainian army shelling the SaurMogila memorial complex with a Grad multiple-rocket launcher.


December 7th, Zaporozhye International airport

Song of pilots, Because we are pilots (Famous Soviet WWII song) or “Aircraft before girls.”

Original footage here



Kishinev, Moldova Song “I’m in Love With You, Life.”

I’m in love with you, life,
Though the notion is not new
I’m in love with you, life,
I keep falling for you over and over
Even after the sunset
As I walk back from work very tired.
And see the lights in the apartment blocks
I know that I love you, life
And I want you to become better and better

On December 6th, 2016 Tiraspol Moldova “Ah, Roads…dust, fog, chills and alarms. Only dust over our boots and sound of bullets. We can’t know our fate… maybe we will left to lay in these cold foreign lands. We  mustn’t forget those roads.” (Russian: “Эх, дороги…”) the famous Russian Soviet song written in 1945.
After the performance, people are clapping and chanting “Russia, Russia, Russia…”


Village SRETENSKOE Perm Region, Russia

Song “My little village” People gathered in support of the Russian patriotic songs flash mobs in Ukraine and everywhere. It’s – 24C outside.

Katyusha  in Rome, Italy


December 9th in Kazakhstan and even Nursultan  Nazarbayev !!!

Song Spring on Zarechnaya street



More videos here

Russian patriotic songs flashmobs is a truly amazing and awe inspiring phenomenon that is still gathering momentum.

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