Dear friends,

When I decided to drive back instead of flying back, I really had no idea what I was getting myself into.  Naively, I had planned on a huge 2’500 miles long trip.  What actually happened is that I grossly underestimated the actual size of this huge country and how much “sightseeing” would add to the trip.  Instead of 2’500 miles I actually ended up driving 5’000 miles, that’s about 8’000 kilometers!  Crazy? Yes.  What is worth it?  Absolutely.

From Salt Lake City, Utah, we drove to Gerlarch, Nevada, the last desert town before entering the huge Black Rock Desert where we spend 3 days.  Then we drove to Northern California were we spend another 4 days in an Orthodox monastery and convent.  And then we hit the long drive home in a roundabout way: from California to Oregon, to Nevada, to Utah, to Colorado, to New Mexico, to Texas, to Louisiana, to Mississippi, to Alabama to the Florida panhandle and finally back home.  Along the way, we stopped in locations like at Crater Lake, the Arches National Park near Moab and Mesa Verde.  It was exhausting, but also amazing.

Now that I am back home, I first want to apologize for this long and unplanned absence and let you know that starting tomorrow Monday the blog will return to its usual pace.  I have reloaded my psychological and spiritual batteries and I want to go off to a running start.

One more thing before I go: thanks a lot to all those who send in donations during my absence – while we were away we obviously could not work and since we have no paid leave every day pushed us more down in to the red.  We will try our best to catch up with all the work during the next couple of months, but your help will really help us in these “belt tightening” times!

A big thank you to Amarynth, Herb and Scott for keeping the blog up and running while I was away.

Hugs and cheers to all,

The Saker

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