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Jewish Settler Chief: ‘Palestinians have no right to a state, Bible says Israel for the Jews’

Middle East Observer   Description: In an extended interview with the Israeli i24News Arabic channel, Jewish settler leader Daniella Weiss says that Palestinians have no right to establish a state, and that the land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people as proclaimed by the ‘eternal words of the Bible’. Weiss also expresses her disappointment with the UAE for demanding that the annexation plan for parts of the West Bank

What Does Rabbinic Judaism Say About What Makes Jews and Gentiles Different?

By Michael Hoffman for The Saker Blog Copyright©2020 by Independent History and Research Author’s Preface Studies of Orthodox Judaic believers (followers of the post-Second Temple Judaism faithful to the Mishnah, Gemara and derivative sacred texts representative of the theology of the ancient Pharisees), have almost always been marked by two extremes: giddy approbation, or its antipode, atavistic contempt. Both views are predicated on fallacious judgments. In the former case, credulous

Our fundamental disagreement about WWII, Hitler, Jews and race

[this column was written for the Unz Review] The topic of Russians and Jews is clearly a “hot” one. Over the past few years I wrote several articles on this topic including “Putin and Israel A Complex and Multi-Layered Relationship”, “Why Is Putin “Allowing” Israel to Bomb Syria?”, “Russia, Israel and the Values of “Western Civilization” – Where Is the Truth?” and “Debunking the Rumors About Russia Caving in to

Hassan Nasrallah calls on Jews to flee Israel: Zionism is our common enemy

  Source : Translation: Transcript: […] Second, (regarding) Israel. Israel does not cease to issue direct threats against Lebanon, (promising) to destroy it all in a next war. There is always someone there who stands up and says, “In the next war, we will not let but ruins behind us, and we will return Lebanon 100 or 200 years ago.” Before the [Israeli military manoeuvres] Northern Front [in

Russian Jews face ‘grave dangers’ if Putin is ousted, warns senior rabbi

RT reports: Russian Jews would be in serious danger if Russian President Vladimir Putin was ever ousted from power, a senior Russian rabbi has stated. He added, the current government guarantees the safety of Jewish people better than many Western powers do. “The Jews of Russia must realize the dangers inherent in the possible collapse of the Putin government, understand the rules of the game and be aware of the

On Khazin, elephants, Jews and Israel

Dear friends, Frankly, I am dismayed not only at the often rather nasty comments made here about Khazin’s analyses of cui bono in the Charlie Hebdo psyop, and some have actually found it appropriate to question Khazin’s ethnicity. I let you speak your mind – no comments were erased – now please listen to my point of view. First, calling an analysis inept, stupid or anything else does nothing to

The Fateful Triangle: Russia, Ukraine and the Jews

I am deeply grateful to Israel Shamir for submitting this most interesting article about a very complex topic which he knows extremely well.  One more thing: now this is a post in which obviously a discussion of Jews and their role in the Ukrainian crisis is highly appropriate and I therefore invite such comments as long as they are fact-based and logically presented.  Anti-Jewish rants or other racist nonsense will,

Putin G20 Press Conference, Peskov interview on RT and the “Jews Petition Congress”

One more thing: the Ziocrazies are at it *again*!  They are now collecting signatures on for the “Jews Petition Congress” to convince Congress to attack Syria by using, what else, the “Holocaust” argument.  Your can read the text of their petition here.  All that’s missing is a “Syria’s blood on us and on our children!” slogan to make the picture complete.  And then they wonder about Anti-Semitism…The Saker

’Israeli’ Ambassador to Egyptian Minister: Al-Sisi ’National Hero for All Jews’

Al-Ahed news reports: The “Israeli” ambassador to Cairo has supposedly told a minister in the interim government that “Israelis” view Egyptian General Abdul-Fattah al-Sisi as a “national hero”. According to the Middle East Monitor citing from the “Israel” Radio, the ambassador phoned the Egyptian Agriculture Minister Ayman Abu-Hadid to congratulate him on his new post, adding, “Al-Sisi is not a national hero for Egypt, but for all Jews in “Israel”

Survey: Most Israeli Jews Would Support Apartheid Regime in Israel

Haaretz reports via InformationClearingHouse: Survey, conducted by Dialog on the eve of Rosh Hashanah, exposes anti-Arab, ultra-nationalist views espoused by a majority of Israeli Jews.  By Gideon Levy October 23, 2012 “ Haaretz” — Most of the Jewish public in Israel supports the establishment of an apartheid regime in Israel if it formally annexes the West Bank. A majority also explicitly favors discrimination against the state’s Arab citizens, a survey

And in the meantime, American Jews are fueling anti-US hatred in the Muslim world.

An American-Israeli Jew, Sam Bacile, gets 100 of his pals to donate 5 million dollars to make an anti-Muslim movie which is aired on YouTube and gets 2 US embassies stormed and 4 US diplomats killed.  True, some “Egyptian Coptic activist” called Morris Sadek also appears to be involved because the movie begins with a scene with Egyptian police beating Coptic Christians.  No doubt, Sam Bacile and his pals really

911 truth: Israel, Jews, Neocons and the ADL – now that you mention it…

In preparation for the 10th anniversary of September 11th attacks, the Anti-Defamation League went on the offensive with a long article entitled “Decade of Deceit: Anti-Semitic 9/11 Conspiracy Theories 10 Years Later“, a very interesting piece indeed which I urge you call to carefully read.  FYI, on of the persons the ADL mentions, wrote a reply in the form of an open letter to Abe Foxman, the ADL director.  Anyway,

Jews, Judaism & Jewishness

by Gilad Atzmon Since Israel defines itself as the ‘Jewish state’ we are entitled to consider what the word ‘Jewish’ stands for. I tend to differentiate between three distinct (yet occasionally confusing) categories. Jews – the people Judaism – the religion Jewishness – the ideology During my study of Zionism, Jewish politics, ‘identity politics’ and culture, I have managed to avoid embroiling myself in the complexity involved with the first

Did you know? Jews made all of creation possible, and they get to crown God as “king” too

Or, at least, so said one of the most famous modern rabbis, Rebbe Menachem Schneerson, whom some considered as the Messiah and who is specially honored in the USA by no less than: 1) The Congressional Gold Medal – the bill passed both Houses by unanimous consent! 2) Having the President decree that the US “Education and Sharing” day (I am not kidding you!) shall named after him and commemorated

How to Kill Goyim and Influence People: Israeli Rabbis Defend Book’s Shocking Religious Defense of Killing Non-Jews (with Video)

By Max Blumenthal for AlterNet (Thanks, again, to L. for passing this one to me! VS) When I went into the Jewish religious book emporium, Pomeranz, in central Jerusalem to inquire about the availability of a book called Torat Ha’Melech, or the King’s Torah, a commotion immediately ensued. “Are you sure you want it?” the owner, M. Pomeranz, asked me half-jokingly. “The Shabak [Israel’s internal security service] is going to

The Complete Guide to Killing Non-Jews

Introduction by Gilad Atzmon It is rather impossible to grasp the magnitude of the crimes against humanity performed by the Jewish state in the name of the Jewish people unless one elaborates on Jewish culture in the light of Judaic teaching. Zionism was founded as a secular movement. It was there to provide the emancipated Diaspora Jew with a ‘national home land’ of his or her own. However, Zionism was

Revolver Rabbis – how Jews are kept terrified in the USA

Check this hilarious, and very interesting, video: This short video is just about the perfect illustration of kind of sicko paranoia rabbinical “Judaism” fosters in its ranks. First, the gut wrenching fear of some anti-Semite coming to kill them all. Second, the putative anti-Semite is seen as screaming “Allahu Akbar” (hint, hint). Then the typically convoluted Talmudic logic in allowing guns to be carrying on the Sabbath. But most amazing

Non-Zionist Jews blast Israel’s chief rabbi for racist remarks

From Khalid Amayreh in the West Bank Neturei Karta, an international society representing non-Zionist Orthodox Jews, has blasted recent remarks by Yoni Metzger, Israel’s Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi, in which the rabbi called for the deportation of the people of Gaza to the Egyptian Sinai desert. In a statement circulated to the press earlier this week, Neturei Karta called Metzger’s remarks “vicious and provocative.” “Yona Metger is not an authentic rabbi,