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The moral yardstick of the Ukrainian war (Saker rant)

I just got home from a 6 hour long trip to get my daughter to college.  On the way home, I was alone in the van, driving through the huge Ocala National Forest, and I wanted to listen to some music and just think.  While I was going through the 32GB of music on my player I realize that there were two artists whom I used to love but whose

The Ukrainian Aspect of the Information War – Russian Perspective

By Rostislav Ishchenko Translated by Ollie Richardson and Angelina Siard cross posted with source: The joke about two tankmen on the Champs Elysée lamenting Russia’s defeat in the information war very accurately reflects the main national sport of Russians – sprinkling ashes on their heads for no reason and announcing their own successes as failures. Moreover, this national entertainment is in demand at all levels — from taxi drivers to ministers. Sometimes

Poroshenko’s address to Ukrainian people and people of the World in connection of 70th Anniversary of the end of World War II.

Note: the text below was posted on the official website of Poroshenko, but only in Ukrainian, not in English or Russian.  Which is especially interesting since it it addressed not only to the Ukrainian people, but also to the “world community”.  Thanks to “AA” who translated this from Ukrainian into English I can share with you this most interesting speech.  As you will see, Poroshenko wants to create an international

Beyond the ninth circle of hell: what changes are waiting for the Ukrainian society after the war

By Ivan Lisan for Odnako Source: За девятым кругом ада: какие перемены ждут украинское общество после войны   Translated from Russian by Alexander   The civil war in Ukraine is like a huge meat grinder. The hands that turn the screw conveyor kill dozens of people every day and destroy thousands of people’s lives. However, any war will sooner or later come to an end, and the wounds on the

20.02.2015 Ukrainian crisis news. War in Ukraine, Donbass, Kiev, Europe, Russia, USA

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