A beautiful situation in Syria or how to build a mousetrap,  by Cat Motya

Thus, we are going to describe a beautiful situation starting with Motya’s past post where he talks about Syria right after the Lavrov-Kerry agreement was signed.

Motya posted that we have to expect a huge provocation from the mice. Do you remember?  Now, let’s paddle further:

Here is the simple as an orange formula: Motya is not the smartest cat in the universe.  Here, in our shtab (command center) we have many cats who all knew that a provocation was coming down the pike, right before the opening of the fall UN session. THE PERFECT MOMENT for a provocation.

[This UN session was supposes to decide of the division of Jerusalem. It’s all forgotten, now. Scott]

There were several ideas where the mice would strike. The fat greasy mice needed a fat greasy provocation. An MH17 size of a provocation.

I won’t write about the feline methods of preventing provocations and the setting up of mousetraps, we don’t want to teach mice. However, we will tell you how our guys set up a yummy and greasy trap to pin the mice to the ground.  There are no two tails about it.

A humanitarian convoy was just what the mice needed for a big, fat provocation. This was exactly what we and the mice had an agreement about. Furthermore, because we know how the mice operate, we knew that a provocation was coming, and our guys acted exactly like Motya acts.

After reaching the agreement about this UN humanitarian convoy, our military in Syria contacted pendos’ military command in Syria and told them that WE WON’T BE IN THE AREA OF THE CONVOY ROUTE.

Mice, certain that our military won’t be there for sure, naturally started cooking up a provocation … because the world leaders forum was fast approaching.

When I imagine the faces of our guys setting up this mousetrap, my stomach hurts from laughter.

Moving along: our guys beforehand set up failure-proof surveillance along the entire path of convoy. The surveillance was covert, but thorough.

After that out guys were patiently waiting for the mice to pack themselves into a trap. In real time, our guys were watching how the so-called “humanitarian train” was hiding those who in part were destroying this convoy and in part were shooting civilian targets along the way.

Our guys recorded how an American airplane came from Turkey’s Injerlik base, bombed the UN convoy and flew back. Our guys were recording all of these, collecting all of this evidence in one bag, and keeping silent.

The mousetrap worked, and all we had to do was to wait until deception, lies and con-artistry of every actor was out for the whole world to see.

We gave them a chance to shit themselves, while the world was watching, while a fat redhead mouse with pooped pants was squealing from inside our trap, “help!” “Stop Russia!” “Kick Russia out of the Security Council!”  “Why us?” “World to mice, not to cats.”…

So… that’s the general outline of the operation, and it worked beautifully. World mice couldn’t wait to poop themselves in front of all the people, including Holland and practically all of our “partners” had time to squeal that this horrible crime should be investigated, and the perpetrators should be punished.” They got an answer instantaneously: “With great pleasure, let’s punish those fat assholes. And, by the way, we have enough proof to condemn them.”


Everyone immediately got very sad. You see, this is a very dirty business, undeniable in the face of all the evidence. IF WE WANT TO MAKE PUBLIC EVERYTHING WE KNOW, it will be unprecedented and never tried before… .

  1. This is not a mistake.
  2. It is obviously a criminal cooperation conspired to conduct a bloody crime against a humanitarian mission.
  3. All of the victims of the humanitarian mission were declared by the mission itself,  with no independent verification.
  4. Let’s roll the tape back a bit: they have to admit now the humanitarian mission itself an active part in this criminal scheme and that they made false accusations against Russia, and created victims that don’t exist.

We are nailing them to the wall and we are going to skin them, but first we will jerk their chains and make them sweat bullets.

So… This is very important. What’s the difference between Pendostan bombing Assad’s forces and Pendostan bombing this particular humanitarian convoy?

Why wouldn’t they pay for their first crime, but for their second crime we will squeeze them out like a toothpaste from a tube.

As per usual, there are three possibilities:

First, the war with terrorists is on this territory.  The US declares that they bomb terrorists, after that they go on and bomb Syrian military forces.

The US admits to doing this and apologizes, claiming it was a “mistake.” I don’t know about Twitter and the blogosphere, but in the international paperwork this situation is considered to be a “tragic accident” from “friendly fire”. It doesn’t consider to be a crime. If and only is we can prove that this was done intentionally. The keyword here is “IF,”  and that’s why we are done talking about this.

Second, when a group of states has been notified about the TIME AND PLACE of the international aid delivery.  This convoy route was agreed upon during the negotiations of the RF and US, and was publicly announced. This group of states enter a scheme to WILLFULLY ATTACK AND DESTROY THIS HUMANITARIAN CONVOY, TO KILL INNOCENT PEOPLE, and further to put the blame on their crime on an absolutely innocent country. This is by all judicial  means is A WAR CRIME. This is first. Second, it’s a war crime against a state (The Russian Federation).

These are two big differences.

To make this very simple. Variant first, you accidentally hit a pedestrian.


Let’s say you accidentally hit a pedestrian. You stop to help the victim and admit your guilt. Even if the person has died, the max sentence you will receive will be two to three years.

However, if you manage a group of people and as a gang, plot a murder, coordinated the murder of a person, intentionally tamper with evidence, etc. You and your gang will get 10-15 years. I hope the difference if clear.

Some people say that the US has never paid for its crimes, and that they are not afraid of anything. This is a weird statement. If that was indeed the case, the US would have annihilated half of Europe by now, without batting an eye. If there are evidence of any crimes, the US and other countries always buy themselves out. Those who don’t want to go to war, PAY for silence.

Why do you think the US just took a deep gulp and swallowed it, after Persians humiliated them? Why do you think the US instead-of-Media has a rule to talk about The Persians like do about Israel, either good or nothing? Yes, the US has an agreement with Iran to take down the Saudis, but why would they TOLERATE THIS PUBLIC HUMILIATION?

The US is silent because the Persians have something on them, something so huge, that it puts this “exceptional nation” on its knees, literally, and shuts it up, and makes them smile with their shit eating smiles and say that it was nothing, don’t pay any attention, just move along, nothing to see here.

“We ARE THANKFUL TO IRAN!”  Do you have brains, or not?


Now, there is a big difference between the war crimes of some servicemen and the war crimes of the state.

I want to explain: when a boy-hero, an informant of Wikileaks, published the proves of the “war crimes of the US in Iraq” it’s in parentheses because it’s just a rhetoric , which cannot be considered by the court, and it wasn’t.

Yes, we saw crime committed on the screen, the murder of journalists. But this murder was conducted by five to six servicemen. There is no indication, that the order to kill those journalists came from Washington.  That’s why, it was as if nothing had happened.

But… because of this publication and other revealed secretes, a wave came and washed away a huge chunk of the US’ reputation, built by tireless workers in the info matrix.

Now, one is locked up for years in jail; another is locked up for years inside the Embassy, and we hear for years nonstop cries and complaints in the UN coming from many presidents.

Another reminder, that in all those papers there is nothing that would directly point at the US as an instigator of the war crimes.

We can keep saying that they in UN shook a fake vial, and they didn’t have any proof of the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq… we can keep voicing our concern until we get old and die, BUT, there is no proof that they deliberately staged this to mislead the world community and to attack Iraq,  BECAUSE , as I wrote before, thousands of Kurds, citizens of Iraq, witnessed in the UN about  “regime crimes.”

The infamous vial was shown to the gullible public later. No one, at least as far as we know, has any proof that the US knew that the nice Kurds  would stick it up to the US and all of the Iraqis. There is no proof of the US’ war crimes, because even the court of Iraq officially made a decision that Saddam was a mass murderer.

I am going to post here quickly, how we can use any proof of the states’ war crimes.

It depends on how grave those crimes are, who committed them and what we want to get for them, and how much it’s all worth.

We can exchange it one time for something important for us, and not necessarily located in Syria and connected with the crime itself.

It’s possible like Iran (the way I see this) trade it for some long time favor. Say… Iran needs five years for something. They got an agreement that the US would step by step fulfill some kind of obligation. of course, agreements of this sorts are known only to a very narrow circle of people, because both sides are interested in a complete secrecy.

Monday September 26

Mice continue their sabotage and interferences

What we have today is the second statement in the course of a week that the “Commander in Chief” of the US doesn’t have control over the US armed forces.

[If the President of the US doesn’t have any control over the its armed forces, the government should simply stop payments of salaries and pensions to the military. It should work both ways. Scott]

Using the UN platform, our guys openly stated that SOMEONE can attack and  kill anybody in the world, under the US flag and white mad-house personalized by Obama can do nothing about this. What the Cat was saying for years is now being voiced by Lavrov.

This is a message to someone, that a group of people has control over the US military and uses them as they please. It means that the US is not even a regional power… It means that the US is like Somali ten years ago.  We know who are those people who control the US military; which cannot be said about the “schizophrenic” world community, the incurable gang members.

THOSE WHO DON’T UNDERSTAND should start thinking about the consequences of this group of people acting by the name of the nuclear wasteland, and having no legal responsibility for anything.

It was said at the highest international level, and if our president would want to say more, mice will start feeling really bad…

So… watch my paws. We hear the first time ever that Obama is not independent, that he is not allowed to be alone with Putin.

Obama’s administration is not in control of the information, that makes it possible to leak any secret agreements, which we just saw with the humanitarian convoy.

This situation is identical to the situation with Erdogan, when the commander in chief of Turkey had no control over the Turkish air forces.  The Turkish air force controlled by the third party almost started the war between Turkey and Russia.

Do you understand what it means? This situation is liable to be repeated only between Russia and the US, when INSTEAD-OF-AMERICAN ARMED FORCES can attack  absolutely anyone acting as if the US government.

Who said this first? That’s right, it was Putin’s friend Roldugin. The only reason he said that, it because Putin told him to say this. There is no doubt about it. This sort of things are not being said accidentally.  To say this on public he must have a permission from Putin, otherwise you are not a friend, but an enemy.


We all know that Putin is an intelligence officer and that he never says anything accidentally. Putin asked Roldugin to voice this very important statement for the whole world.

Our instead-of-media did everything to make this statement go unnoticed. They even made fun of it, turned it into nonsense, and went all happily putting together their instead-of-reality.

This is important. Roldugin said as following:
You can see that a very important statement coming from the president of Russia and…. silence.

Now, it’s Lavrov repeating this direct statement that the US milady forces are not controlled by the US government. Was he heard?

Lavrov: Obama supported the cooperation between our countries. Looks like the US military doesn’t listen to their President.

How do you feel to know that all those people operating fighter jets, bombers, submarines, ship, and all kinds of missiles, all these people are not controlled by the US President. Who has control over them???


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