This comment was chosen by moderator TO from the post “South Front & The Saker video”. The moderator felt the comment spotlights an area not often covered – Latin America, and it points out the results of the same ZioAnglo modus operandi that is occurring in the Middle East, which unlike Latin America is front and center in all forms of media.

Comment By Latinoamericano

What we had in our country Latinoamérica was a putsch against Spanish PROVINCES led by masons serving the interests of the ziocrown. We got divided into 23 banana republics, with entirely artificial frontiers, isolated, weakened and sometimes balkanized. This was and this is a state of permanent defeat. That’s why any resistance by any of the 23 “republiquetas” is considered by the usual zios as a temporary exception in the normal course of subservience and looting. So the fundamental paradigm is to keep Latinoamérica divided, and sectarian, polarized and balkanized if possible. So, understanding the fundamental tactic, we can comprehend what the zios do here:
1. The prize for the destruction of Spain in America for many of these ziomasons was to become the dominant oligarchy in the divided and weakened territories. They rewrote history and brainwashed everybody here telling that they were “Libertadores” and that the bananas had achieved “independencia”, when in reality, we became servants of the anglozionist empire. The descendants of those oligarchies are still pretty much involved with the ziomasonic lodges and the hierarchical institutions set up by the zios to exert control over local elites.
2. Use of the neighboring territories as logistical bases to plot aggressions against the resisting government. In this case the territory is known as “Colombia”. In this post, we will use a more suitable name: Colonia, because it is indeed a ziocolony.
3. The latest attempt to physically kill the government of Venecita was directed from the “embajada gringa” in Bacatá! There is never a diplomatic staff: they are almost always agents of the alphabets, pentagon or even moss-aidniks!
4. The zios groom and project any local criminal that will further their agenda. The worst criminal, traitor and murderer that the tragic history of modern Latinoamérica has suffered is known as “Varito”. This monster is a freemason, member of the Committee of 300, murderer, drug-dealer (he was in the Bill Clinton list and his family worked with Pablo Escobar!), ex-governor of Colonia, active collaborator with the Moss-aid and Strat4. He set up a paramilitary right-wing army, entirely supported by the Moss-aid, using their terror tactics, trained by a moss-aid agent: Yair Little (who was in Sierra Leone making sure that the blood diamonds remain bloody, and later in Nigeria, to make sure that the zios can steal the petroleum by instigating a religious civil war and puppetizing a weakened post-government).
5. Varito sends his paramilitaries to Venecita with 3 main missions:
a. hire hitmen to kill random people, to sow chaos and more importantly, to claim that those deaths are caused by the Chavista government
b. direct and/or carry out the protests which must be as violent as possible, so they can accuse the government of being “represivo”. This includes hired agitators against the government: 350 dollars per day for leaders and 70 for subalterns, and even teenagers drugged with Captagon (brought by the CIA and the DEA) to sow disorder
c. attacking or intimidating the suppliers of food and other essentials to the population. This includes the deviation of trucks with food to Colonia
6. As much as possible, only ziomedia. In Colonia, the media is 100% owned and controlled by zios, and even worse, the people in Colonia is so brainwashed that they naively believe and trust the ziopropagandists. For example, the most important newspaper: “El Tiempo de Mentir” is owned by the family of the current governor! The zios even gave him a “Peace” (War) Nobel Prize for being such a good lackey. In Venecita, the non-Chavista ziomedia belongs to the Caprinos (a family of marranos).
7. Total financial blockade and strangulation: The usual money war against a former ziocolony.
8. The zios apparently decided that the future governor of Venecita must belong to the tribe: first, the marrano mofo Caprinos, and lately, the despicable crypto Cortina Machete (a CIA agent!, a tropical Merkel).

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