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Comment by Earthrise


“There has been an awakening, have you felt it?” TFA

I can’t believe how much my worldview has shifted over the last year. Hailing from the radical Left, I have felt the pull of History in a new direction. I have become a critic of the social engineering that has been carried out since the 60’s; it has gone too far. Because of this over-reach, I have had to shift to defending the foundations of our society; community and family. On the hand, I will always be proud to have stood against the Empire and the ruling class Capitalists. The Right was very happy to stay quiet while the Financial-Military Empire raped the world, and we always told you these chickens would come home to roost. But now that they have, it is time to call a truce.

I propose that we call a halt to the Culture Wars; this is the area where the Left is winning. I think we need to pause to assess the damage of this 50-year project anyway; the baby has almost been washed out of the bath. Then the patriotic Left (the anti-imperial/capitalist faction) and the Right can join against our common enemy. The division over social issues has been exploited by our enemy to prevent us joining on the political front. This must end, time for all People to come together against the evil which rules our world.

The momentum is with the Right, so I am coming over to join my brothers and sisters to fight our common enemy. I am worried about playing with Nationalism, it has a very bloody history, and will put a lot of pressure on our minorities. They will try and turn our nationalism outwards, towards a fake external enemy. The enemy is inside the gates. If we all stand together and maintain our focus, there is nothing they can do.

I am going to keep asking everybody to stop falling into the Left-Right trap. The patriotic-national Left and Right need to join, and anyone pushing social change during this war needs to see they are aiding the enemy. Once we are free, we can address the remaining social issues. A truce then, and all patriots rally to the banner.

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