Dear friends,

Today I will begin by referring you to a post by my friend Andrei Martyanov about this Navalnyi nonsense which Andrei aptly named “I Wouldn’t Even Post About It“.  Heck, that was also what I decided since, frankly, the entire western narrative about him is so false, so totally out of touch with reality, that my first inclination was to “flush my mental toilet” and deal with most pressing issues.  I have very little to add to what Andrei wrote, other than restating a few basic facts:

  • If “Putin”, or the Kremlin, or the FSB or any other entity in Russia wanted to kill Navalnyi, they could have easily done it.
  • The notion that Navalnyi was infected with a biowarfare agent and that nobody except him was affected, including the people right next to him in an aircraft, is simply laughable.  As is the notion that a Soviet/Russian biowarfare agent apparently very rarely kills.
  • Navalnyi himself is a petty crook who skipped bail.  What just happened is that since he skipped bail he now will have to spend the remaining of his sentence (minus the time he spent in house arrest) behind bars.  In other words, he was not sentenced to anything.  In fact, during his hearing, Navalnyi told the court “I don’t give a hoot about your rules“.
  • Notice that the Kremlin chose to ignore Navalnyi skipping bail and even let him fly abroad for treatment.  What would have happened in the good old US of A?  You tell me :-)
  • His support in Russia is close to zero.  A few thousand people in various cities for a country which has 145 million people is sub-pathetic for a person trying to impersonate a public figure (rock stars get bigger crowds).
  • The EU is, as always, trying really hard to please their AngloZionist masters.  The sole fact that the EU is even considering cancelling a crucial multi-billion dollar energy contract which is vital for its future tells you all you need to know about how mediocre and lacking any agency the EU as become.
  • My personal opinion about all this: it is a poorly designed and poorly executed PYSOP.  As for Navalnyi himself, he strikes me as the ultimate fake (he used to try to impersonate a nationalist) and a typical narcissistic crook.  The fact that the Empire had to use him as a Russian version of Neda really shows how desperate the AngloZionists are.

Okay, enough about all that.

To repeat, just like Martyanov, from now on I also will ignore this topic which is, yet again, something which is presented as something important and big in Zone A, but is a non-story is Zone B.  Frankly, my blog is not aimed at those mentally stuck in Zone A, so why bother anyway?

If you absolutely feel compelled to comment about Navalnyi, please do that under this post and do not pollute the rest of the blog with this non-issue about a non-entity.  Thank you!

Hugs and cheers,

The Saker

PS: a friend from France just emailed me to let me know that the program most watched in France this evening was entitled “Navalny peut-il faire tomber Poutine…” (Can Navalnyi overthrow Putin).  My God, they obviously are truly as dumb and clueless as they appear to be :-)

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