Dear friends,

What I want to share with you today is most definitely not a comprehensive analysis of the events which took place recently in Germany, but rather a few unconnected thoughts and memories we came to my mind when I heard about what had happened.  So here we go.

First, the figures are staggering: according to Russian sources there have been over 700 hundred assaults in Cologne, 40% of which were sexual (the rest begin “regular” assaults, robberies, battery, etc.).  There is mounting evidence that this was a coordinated attack organized through the social media.

There is a big difference between excusing and explaining.  I don’t intend to excuse anything, but I do want to contribute at least a possible and partial explanation to what happened.  I have traveled a lot in my life, including to countries with strong social and moral traditions (I think of Indonesia, Thailand, the Maghreb, Greece, Turkey, Palestine, etc.) and in all those places I have seen European women acting with total and utter disrespect for the local people and traditions: going topless on beaches, climbing on top of funeral pyres to take photos of themselves in bikinis, getting drunk and having sex with local man, etc.  This might sound very offensive to some, but I am sorry to inform you that European (White) women are seen like tramps/whores/sluts in most of the world.  That is simply a fact.

The fact that EVERY western modern movie HAS to have at the very least one sex scene just reinforces this image.  As does the huge production of the western porn industry.  Even following the events in Cologne, this “lady” decided that going around naked was a proper reply.

I am sorry to break this to those who though otherwise, but if you have no respect for yourself you will not get respect from others.

Now let’s talk about Islam.

Many years ago, while in college, I used to work in the summers as a professional driver in Switzerland during big UN conferences.  One day I got a Saudi general, his wife and 3 kids as clients.  I was very apprehensive as I knew that Saudis had a terrible reputation amongst drivers: they would drink, demand that drivers procure them prostitutes (from Milan), be rude and generally repugnant.  I was ready to send this one to hell, but to my surprise “my” Saudi turned out to be a very gentle and kind man, a very pious Muslim who would pray and glorify God many times every day, a loving father and husband.  First, he was a little distant, but as soon as he learned that I was not a “crusader” but an Orthodox Christian, he invited me to his table and introduced me to this wife and kids.  We had a great time together and during 5 wonderful days, I toured them all over Switzerland and had many hours of very interesting conversations.  We parted as friends.

His wife turned out to be a very interesting woman too.  She had an Masters in English from, I think, UCLA, and she was a very articulate and educated woman.  I used this great opportunity to ask her about what her opinion was about the status of women in Saudi Arabia.  As we were talking we were taking a stroll, with her husband and kids, though a park near the Lake of Geneva.  As we were walking we saw a couple laying in the grass: the girl was on her back, her legs spread, and the guy as on top of her and they were passionately kissing.  The Saudi lady look at this pair with complete disgust and told me “whatever else we do wrong in my country, at least we don’t treat women like that“.  I could only agree with her.

Nowadays, both in Europe and in the USA, the fashion for boys seems to be coming out of prisons and jails: hence the falling down pants (in jail they take away your belts, so your pants sag down).  For girls, apparently, prostitutes are the fashion model to emulate.  Now, I know, freedom and all that and, frankly, I personally don’t care and it does not bother me (my wife and daughter, obviously, don’t dress like that, in fact they don’t even wear pants).  But, again, you know the expression: “If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck“, right?

What if it looks like a prostitute, dresses like a prostitute and acts like a prostitute?

Again, if you have no respect for yourself you will not get respect from others.  Just as an illustration, not a proof of anything, take a look at this video and come to your own conclusions:

Now, before I get the usual chorus of outraged protests from feminists and secularists, let me immediately say that none of what I wrote above in any way excuses what happened in Germany.  Nor am I blaming all western women for anything.  But what I am saying is that the kind of behavior which is considered “normal” in the West makes it easy for those who organized the events in Germany to convince poorly educated and generally uncivilized refugees (as opposed to better educated and civilized ones, of course) that women (and men!) in the West deserve no respect.

Another myth which has to be broken is the naive notion that refugees are grateful for the countries which give them asylum.  This is plainly not so.  For many years I worked as an interpreter for the Swiss Federal authorities and I have participated in numerous interviews of refugees and I can attest that the vast majority absolutely despise the country they are asking to grant them asylum.  There are several reasons for that.  First, the vast majority of refugees are not political refugees, but economic ones.  What they want is a share of the pie, of what they imagine to be the wealthy lifestyle of the West.  Second, many refugees are from the underclass and even criminal word from the countries they left: usually petty thugs who fled their country’s jails.  Third, since they very much feel the hostility and condescension of the local people, the asylum seekers return it in kind.  Fourth, these “refugees” have no respect (or fear) at all from the local cops whom they consider as ridiculous clowns, especially when compared to the kind of police they would be dealing with in their own country.  As for the local jails, they are often more comfortable than the homes they have left behind.  Last but not least, refugees are mostly miserable, lonely, alienated and depressed and they have a lot of a lot of pent up anger and frustration.  All this is a toxic mix which can result in all sorts of criminal behavior.

By the way, the security services in the West have known all that for years.  For example, in Switzerland I participated in many command-staff exercises inspired by the 1992 Rodney King riots in Los Angeles except that the scenario we worked on was mass rioting of refugees coming from the south.  Our exercises assumed that thousands of refugees would begin rioting in several cities at the same time overwhelming the local police forces and requiring the mobilization of military forces to restore order and protect the population and to close down the normally highly permeable national borders.  I am sure that such scenarios were also looked at, if not actually rehearsed, by most European countries.  And, if given the freedom to intervene, I am quite sure that the German cops could have gotten the situation under control.  I even suspect that the German security services must have seen clear indicators and warnings of what was about to happen.  The problem is that it is the political authorities which, yet again, proved to be totally sold out to ideological priorities and totally indifferent to the suffering of their own people.

All this tells me one thing: Europe is completely morally and intellectually bankrupt.  We often hear of a so-called “European civilization” or “European values”, but this is total nonsense.  If modern Europe did have some real civilizational values it would have been able to deal with this refugees crisis.  Heck, I would argue that if Europe even had any real values this entire crisis would not have happened to begin with, simply because the EU would not have been such a willing accomplice to grand US scheme to destabilize all of the Maghreb and Mashriq.  Just like a health body can deal with trauma and infection which would be devastating to a body infected with HIV, so can a healthy society deal with much bigger problems then the ones currently facing Europe, but that requires an intellectual, moral and and spiritual “immune system” – something which Europe today completely lacks.

What Europe desperately needs now is regime change.  And I don’t mean “regime” in a bad sense at all, I mean that in the sense of “system” change.  Just like the USA, by the way.  Both in the USA and Europe, the political system is rotten to the core, and it makes no sense to put a different, potentially marginally better person, in charge of a terminally bad system, or regime.  Northern Europeans used to look down on their southern neighbors, but now they too are directly affected by the chaos resulting from a completely dysfunctional political system: from Greece to Norway – chaos is everywhere.

As for the immigration problem, I think that it is a done deal and nothing will stop it.  “White” Europe is gone, history.  Those political parties who promise to stop or reverse that flow are simply lying to their electorate.  Yes, sure, some politician could, once in power, close the “front door” by more or less “plugging” the main “holes” which allow immigrants to come in, but they will simply continue to come in through the back door (I could write an entire article just about that).  You can compare this situation to the pathetic “war on drugs” which is also another utterly futile attempt to deal with an “osmotic pressure” way too big to be tackled by any border or laws.  In both cases, the social and economic pressure is so huge that nothing will be able to stop it (and if you believe in capitalist economics, then the explanation is even simpler: it is simply an issue of supply and demand: since the price of entry will always be lower than the demand, the supply will always provide the goods).

There is a certain karmic elegance, I suppose, in Europe being finally conquered by those which it subjected to its imperialist and colonialist policies (and wait until the Ukrainians begin coming in really big numbers!).  But that is only so in the abstract.  In reality, innocent people on both sides are suffering because of events unleashed by their common enemy – the AngloZionist plutocracy which runs the Empire.  As long as this crucial fact remains unspeakable and, therefore, unspoken, the crisis will continue and the victims will continue to attack each other instead of turning against their common enemy.  This is why no matter how hard it will be to defend this position, I will always personally be a proponent of an alliance between Europeans and immigrants against those who seek to destroy the European continent, the Maghreb and the Mashriq.  The Wahabi crazies in Syria, the immigrant thugs in Cologne, the Kosovar Mafia, the neo-Nazis in Germany (and the Ukraine), the Turkish “Grey Wolves” –  they are all tools in the hands of the same master who simply seeks to divide and rule.  The good news is that all these forces are always composed of a minority of thugs and that always leaves at least the possibility of uniting the decent and honest people in defense of their common interests.

The Saker

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