Today we begin by a few headlines which illustrate the current Russian strategy of unilateralism:

The first two are really no brainers and show that the Kremlin perfectly understands what the AngloZionist Hegemony intends to do next.  The last one is simply a public admission that talking to the Hegemony makes no sense, if only because besides the USA and Israel, nobody in that Hegemony has any real agency.  Thus the only countries it does make sense to talk to are the USA and Israel.  In the case of the USA, Russia will wait what the elections will yield (including a possible Biden impeachment) as there is really absolutely nobody to talk to in the White House right now.  As for Israel, it is an important local power in the very important Middle-East so talking to the Israelis simply makes sense (especially since the KSA has been making overtures towards Russia and, through Russia, probably even Iran).

Next, a quick update from the Hegemony:

All of these headlines are simply yet another illustration that “past behavior is the best indicator of future behavior” and that “if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail”.  So the Dems are planning to blame “Piootin” for their upcoming electoral defeat, Zelensky is still busy with pure optics and the Hegemony still kidnaps Russian citizens if they make the mistake to leave the Multipolar Free World.  Again, same old, same old…

Now on a more interesting note, I reached out to a well informed Iranian friend and ask him whether his sources tell him that Iran did ship UAVs to Russia.  Here is his reply:

I am more than convinced that Iran at least sold/gave Russia licenses to produce the drones (Shahed- 136). Most of my Iranian military sources agree that this is the case and they are being easily reproduced in Russia under the name Geranium-2. It also makes sense that Russia would buy these drones or the licenses to reproduce them. They are cheap, easy to produce and cause massive damage, while being quite able to evade Western air defenses most of the times. Why use expensive and sophisticated Russian drones when they can use cheap ones that still cause the intended damage? For Iran this is also a good way to test their drone capabilities against western weaponry and still be able to deny any involvement in Ukraine. It also makes perfect sense for Moscow and Tehran to deny any such sale, because it serves their interests to keep such matters a secret.

This reply makes perfect sense to me and all I can say is that I hope that Iran and Russia will continue to collaborate together and that Russia will will help Iran and share technologies and weapon systems to protect Iran from the Hegemony.

And then there is this: “Hyper-realistic Jesus put on display” which, while weird and attention grabbing, includes this sentence “Unlike some traditional depictions of Jesus, the model’s genitals are not omitted for the sake of modesty“.

A couple of things here.  First, you cannot see any genitals on the Turin Shroud, so whatever these geniuses placed there, it was the product of their imagination, not reality.  Hence, it has NOTHING to do with “hyper-realism”.  But the most important thing is this: this is yet another sign that the real (Orthodox) Christians are much closer culturally to the Muslim world than to the post-Christian “West”.  Yes, I know, for Christians Christ was the God-man, the theanthropos,  while Islam consider Christ as only a prophet.  But at least no Muslim would ever even consider making up genitals for any prophet!  Whereas the folks capable of that kind of crap are literally capable of *anything*.

Many years ago Jerry Mander wrote a book entitled “In the Absence of the Sacred: The Failure of Technology and the Survival of the Indian Nations” which I highly recommend, but here I just want to use his title and comment that in the Hegemony nothing is sacred anymore, not even the so-called “western values” such as free speech, people power, pluralism, private property, etc.

In fact, it would be an interesting exercise to try to list those cultures/countries/nations which still do have a sense of the sacred for *something* (for our purposes, it does not really matter what that is) and those who simply lack the ability to even imagine the sacred.


No music today (but I am preparing a few good videos for next week-end), but only a small but I think really funny and quite insightful cartoon I saw on Telegram (thanks to the translators!!!). And just to clarify, this cartoon does not ridicule the Ukronazis as much as it ridicules the “Russian” “allislosters” I call the 6th columnists.

Enjoy and have a great week-end!


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