Let me begin by saying that I am not a big supporter of Konstantin Dushenov.  Without going into a long detailed discussion about this, let’s just say that I don’t consider myself a nationalist.  However, I will readily admit that Dushenov makes some excellent points and that I do agree with a lot of what he says.  This time, I decided to post his short commentary about Islam to show that in Russia, even the hardcore nationalists are very pro-Islamic, at least by European or US standards.  There is an (apparent) paradox here: the Russians fought the Takfiris in at least 3 extremely vicious wars (Afghanistan, First Chechen and Second Chechen) and yet after 35+ years of fighting the Takfiris there is no Islamophobia in Russia.  Amazing no?  In the West, all it took to trigger an anti-Muslim hysteria was a few false flags, and millions of westerners immediately bought into the “Islamic boogeyman” canard.  Russians fight Takfiris in wars far more brutal and violent than anything experienced by the US/NATO militaries, and yet they do not indulge in Islam-bashing.

What do the Russians know which folks in the West apparently ignore?

I leave you with Dushenov’s comments on this topic.


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