I don’t know about you, but I sure don’t feel very festive today.  I just was outdoors with my son and we heard the distance sounds of fireworks going off.  From time to time, a rocket shot up into the night sky.  And even though this will sound trite, I have to tell you that my thoughts went to the night sky over Slaviansk, Kramatorsk and Nikolaevka who, in some sense, probably appeared superficially similar with artillery fire from the distance, explosion sounds and flares in the sky.  Over here, in Florida, people are rejoicing.  In Novorussia, they are dying.  And considering the role of Uncle Sam in this massacre, I really feel less inclined to join the 4th celebrations then ever.  Besides, what kind of “independence” can the people here celebrate other than a delusional one?  The truth is that the people of the USA have been reduced to the status of serfs for the 1%.  Their ancestors would have been much better off humbly asking to be accepted into the Iroquois Confederacy or another other Native American culture, than breaking away from the British Crown only to end up ruled by bankers and financiers, just like… the UK.

But it is also true that the poor people of the USA need something simple and consensual to celebrate, at least a few times a year.  So maybe a different, more subdued but also more inspiring celebration is in order?  Something uniquely American, but which would also be something universal, something which would touch the hearts of all humans and make Americans and non-Americans feel for a few minutes that they belong to the same race and the same world?

Maybe this is naive or clumsy, but this is my idea of how we all, “aliens” like myself and Americans can feel together for a few minutes:music.  I hope that you will enjoy this uniquely American song, performed by one of my favorite musicians (a fellow “legal alien” living in the US of A).

The Saker

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