The video below is an excerpt of a recent one hour long tribute on Russia TV to a 30 year old officer of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Magomed Nurbagandov.  Here is a summary of what happened: Magomed (Mohamed/Muhammad in Russian) was camping with a friend in a forest when recruiters for ISIS/Daesh stumbled upon them.  They woke them up, beat them a little and searched them.  When they found Magomed’s picture ID as a police junior lieutenant, they asked him if that was him.  He answered that yes, it was.  They they told him to appeal to his fellow officers to resign from their jobs (it was understood that this was the only way to save his life).  He refused and said “[continue to] work, brothers”.  Irritated, one of the Takfiris then said “he is courageous because he is drunk” and murdered him (he was not drunk, he had just been sleeping all night; also, accusing a fellow Muslim of drinking was, of course, meant as in insult).  They then released the video on a Takfiri website cutting away the part were Magomed defiantly not only refused to obey, but told his fellow officers to continue the fight against terrorism (in this context, the Russian word to “work” is a slang expression for “fighting the enemy”).  Later the terrorists were shot and captured and the video found by the Russian anti-terrorist teams.  That is how Magomed’s heroism became public.  This excerpt shows what this feat meant for the people of Dagestan, all Russians and Vladimir Putin.  Enjoy!

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