Dear friends,

Today I am truly delighted to be able to present you with an amazingly interesting video: an interview of the Ukrainian writer and historian Oles Buzina in which he (in 90 minutes or so) not only covers the key moments of the history of the land which today is called “the Ukraine”, but also explains where the modern Ukraine came from and what it is.  To my knowledge, this is the first time that an English speaking audience gets access to such a thorough and well presented explanation of what the Ukraine is, and what it is not, what is factual, and what is myth.

The translation and subtitling of this video has been made by one of our brother in arms, Vox Populi Evo (here is their YouTube channel: to whom I personally and, I believe, every one watching that video, owe a standing ovation of gratitude!

A few words about Oles Buzina: if you click here you will see his Russian Wikipedia entry machine translated by Google.  I just would want to stress one thing: Buzina is controversial and I cannot say that I always agree with his views.  He is clearly a kind of a weird guy Russians call “chudak” – an original, sometimes weird, sometimes provocateur, sometimes eccentric.  But I think that nobody would dispute two facts: Buzina is very, very Ukrainian and he loves his country and he really knows his “stuff” (the history and nature of the Ukraine) extremely well.  I personally don’t know of anybody who could have done a better job, especially in only 90min.

Enjoy the video, feel free to post your reaction, opinions, and questions and, if you can, please express your thanks to Vox Populi Evo!


The Saker

Short History of Ukraine. Oles’ Buzina 23.12.2014 | Eng. Subs

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