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Comment by Lieve

Almost all of this article is spot on, thank you.

One comment though: the conclusion that social media are creating and facilitating the brainwashing is erroneous.
Quite the opposite is true, if one looks at what happened over the past century.

With the discovery of psychology came finally the means to replace the brutal violence that had kept Feudalism alive all those centuries. Until psychology came, just lies needed to do the trick, and it didn’t work well. It takes a long time to create a good lie, and most lies were quite quickly debunked.

But with psychology came the insight that the content of the lies didn’t matter. The core discovery to get back to overlords and serfs was that the elite could psychologically enter into people’s minds, and train them to experience an almost life-threatening fear when confronted with disbelief of the lies. They saw that if they could make the population NEED to believe that reality is what they are being told, in spite of their own experiences, counter to what they saw, heard or could logically conclude, then Feudalism 2.0 was possible.

Look at the past century. Almost all of what people believe that made out the history, and hence almost all what people believe makes up the present reality, is a blatant, idiotic and brutally stupid lie. The lies are so bad, it’s simply insulting. But still, all TV sets and newspapers just reprint the complete idiocies day after day. And people cry for war or impeachment when being told to do so.

Two things happened at the same time:
On the one hand, the brainwashing was getting more successful over time, and the lies could become more and more brazen.
But on the other hand, the digital revolution and specifically the internet made direct information sharing on a massive scale possible, making it easier for the little holes in the brainwashing to get immense effects.
The elite, drunk with arrogance, realised too late what had happened, and is now in full panic to undo the damage: after failing to control the internet they now censor the major social media. But that obviously is only a temporary solution, as these media can be ditched and replaced in a very short time and at any moment.

What we are witnessing now is not the start of the war for our minds, but the last desperate attempt of the elite to remain in control over the beliefs of the population. It is obvious that they are doomed.
The screw is being tightened so fast right now that the pressure is becoming untenable. Within 10 years the major collapse will start, almost certainly by unmasking Israel for the abomination that it is. You can see that the brainwashing into seeing in Israel the opposite of what it really is, is fast losing its grip. Many people are waking up to the brutality of the crimes against humanity that are being committed in the name of some myth.
The myths of Israel and its people (who are Caucasian and not Semitic at all, let alone descendants of the Jews described in the Old Testament), which form the basis for the colonisation of Palestine, will come down with the country. One of those myths is the biggest myth of our time, and will bring about an earthquake of shock and disillusionment.

Many people will be in great distress due to the forced ‘cold turkey’ of having all of their beliefs about reality destroyed. We will need immense patience, compassion and understanding to make help everyone transition into the new paradigm, the world of the Truth Consciousness.

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