by Blake Archer Williams (posted by permission of the author)

I have been asked by my friend and partner in crime (of resistance) Pepe Escobar to put some of my thoughts in writing about the extra-judicial murder of our national war hero, General Qāsem Soleymānī. Initially my thought was to write an essay; that is, to develop some thesis or other. But I am not in a frame of mind to be able to do so; and so, what I thought I would do instead is to just put my thoughts in writing as they come to me, in a ‘stream of consciousness’ style, as it were.

The fact that Trump has taken the trampling of the rule of law to a nadir that can only be described as Talibanic by threatening to destroy the multi-millennial cultural heritage sites of the Iranian civilization is a glaring indication of how low Western civilization has slouched. This disgusting and barbaric ‘exceptionalism’ (their auto-exception or self-exclusion from the civilized world) is so glaring and obvious to see, that only the culturally and intellectually blind can fail to see it, along with people with political agendas, of course, such as the entirety of the presstitutes of the ‘free’ and ‘objective’ Western press (and those taken in by their absurd brainwashing).

[Embed this video which shows aerial footage of the crowds gathered around the procession of his casket:]

Moments ago, one of the less pitiful among these presstitutes, Frederik Pleitgen, a Senior International Correspondent based in CNN’s London bureau, stated that he has come to Iran more than twenty times, but that he had never seen a crowd as large as the one that has gathered in the streets of Tehran today to pay their respects to General Qāsem Soleymānī. This is true. On the 22nd of Bahman, which is the anniversary of the triumph of the Islamic Revolution, several millions of people pour out into the streets of the capital, Tehran, in a show of support for the revolution and its ideals. And because this occurs in every megapolis of the country, it is safe to say that the show of support for the revolution and its ensuing constitutional order numbers in the tens of millions. (I emphasize the show of support, as the actual support is much more than that, consisting, in addition, of those who do not bother to rally in such support, such as yours truly.) Today, when I saw the continuous shot of the crowds from the news helicopter, I could not believe it. Not only was the main street packed from Imam Hosayn Square to Āzādī Square (a distance of 10 kms, or much longer than the eye can see – the curvature of the Earth gets in the way as, at sea level, the horizon is only 4.8 kilometers away), but dozens of other major streets were also packed, together with all of their intersections. In other words, I think that over half of the denizens of Tehran have come out today to pay their respects to a general. This is an event that is unique in world history. Tomorrow, the remains of his body will be flown to Kermān, his home town. You can be sure that much more than half of that city will come out to bid farewell to their hero. In fact, it is no hyperbole to say that every single person in Kermān who is physically able to do so will come out to mourn the loss of their native son. It will be another first in world history.

Why all this passion for what the Western presstitutes unashamedly call ‘a bad man’ or ‘a bad actor’. (Their heads are lodged so far up their rear ends that some of the talking heads even uttered words to the effect that ‘No one will mourn his death.) Because General Qāsem Soleymānī was an exceptional general and strategist in the fight of the people of western Asia against the forces of barbarism that have been unleashed on us by the United States, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey (as well as lesser players such as the Qataris and Emeratis, and pathetic has beens such as Boris Johnson’s Britain and Macron’s France) in the form of Dāesh (ISIS), al-Qāeda, and their regional affiliates such as Jebhat an-Nosra in Syria, and so on. But in addition to that, because we have not ‘evolved’ to the point of philosophical paralysis (if not self-annihilation) where one sees everything as being context-bound and relative, the war that we are engaged in thus is a spiritual war and a sacred war – a war for the soul of our people and our nation; a war to save our souls from annihilation by their being consumed (no pun intended) by the evil, impersonal forces of ‘the Borg’ or the foreign policy establishment of the New Worldly Order (Novus Ordo Seclorum) throughout the globe. When you hold something as sacred, things matter to you. This is why the secularization process, which is a process of the profanation of the sacred, has a concomitant sense of apathy and indifference, and why the secularized (soulless, in other words) zombies of the West cannot understand the passion with which religious people maintain their beliefs.

Yesterday, the Iraqi parliament finally voted to expel all foreign military personnel from their lands (their primary objective being to get rid of the Americans, of course). Trump responded by saying that if they went through with this, he would sanction the country back to the Stone Age. (This is my paraphrase; what he said was that the sanctions would be ‘much worse’ than those he has imposed on Iran – as if that is even possible.) What kind of mentality is that? This is the talk of an imperialist aggressor that has completely taken off the mask of the pretense at neighborliness and bared its fangs. Not that many people bought into that kind of hype in the ‘hood down here, but at least it provided some sort of a fig leaf cover for the Judases who work against their own people in the interests of these colonialists for their thirty pieces of silver.

With all these kinds of fig leaves being systematically removed of late by the Trumpster and the naked barbarity of the colonialists and their protectorate regimes being laid bare for all to see, the Axis of Resistance is bound to go from strength to greater strength, because there is such a thing as a right side and a wrong side of history, and there is no question that we are on its right side. All you cultural relativist zombies can continue to spin into your self-woven Cocoon of Oblivion, while we Dune ’Coons celebrate the praises of our Lord and Maker as we go from glorious victory to even more glorious victories. And there is nothing more glorious for a Moslem than attaining to martyrdom while fighting in the Way of God. General Qāsem Soleymānī fought for many years for the objective of waking the Iraqi people up to the point where they would want to take the helm of the destiny of their own country in their own hands. Yesterday’s vote of the Iraqi parliament showed that his objective has been achieved. His body was taken away from us, but his spirit was amplified a thousand fold, and his martyrdom has ensured that shards of its blessed light will be embedded in the hearts and minds of every Moslem man, woman, and child, inoculating them all from the zombie-cancer of the Satanic Novus Ordo Seclorum cultural relativists. Pax domini sit semper vobiscum, Qāsem Soleymānī. Āmen.

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