Dear friends,

Yesterday one of you made a very perspicacious comment about my views: “You live in Florida, but you could as well have been writing from Neptune or the Moon“.   This is absolutely correct.  In fact, on the old blog, I posted the following little blurb about myself “I am a ‘legal alien’ currently living in the Imperial Homeland“.  Of course, what I mostly meant was that I was a European exiled in the USA.  But in a deeper sense, I was also calling myself an ‘alien’ in the modern world.  Let me explain.

The European SakerBy culture and upbringing, I am Russian.  But a very specific kind of Russian: I come from a family which fled Soviet Russia after the end of the civil war.  This my cultural roots are not in modern Russia, but in the old, pre-1917, imperial Russia.  That does not mean that today I endorse that old Russia or its political system, but that does mean that culturally speaking I am some what of a fossil or an endangered species soon to become extinct.  Thus, culturally speaking, I come from a place and time which has vanished 1917.

In religious terms, I am a traditionalist Orthodox Christian, meaning that in a religion already inclined to traditionalism, I chose to live and worship according to the most traditional and ancient model possible.  My religious references are thus not modern theologians, regardless of my appreciation for some of them, but the saints and monastic of the Early Church: the Church Fathers and the Desert Fathers.  Thus, in religious terms, I come from a place and time which has vanished in 1453.

Me “retrograde”?  Hell yeah!

The Saker is a Left-Libertarian0As for my political views, a modern tests ( has me pegged as a “Left Libertarian” even though I consider that the ideal political system would be an Orthodox monarchy.  Here is how I described my views in the December 2015 addendum to my Submarines in the Desert post:

Personally, I reject the Left-Right reference system and consider myself an Orthodox “People’s Monarchist” (народный монархист) in the tradition of Lev Tikhomirov, Feodor Dostoevsky, Ivan Solonevich and Ivan Ilyin. Just like the Russian philosopher Berdaev, rather than looking left or right, I rather look *up*!  I also recognize myself in the notion of “Left of labor, Right of values” (Gauche du travail, droite des valeurs) of Alain Soral.  My economics are: laissez-faire capitalism for the family and small business level, socialism for the corporation level and communism for strategic/national level sectors of the economy“.

Why am I saying all that?

Because I want you all to see that I am what is called a чудак in Russian, a weirdo, an eccentric, an oddball or even, if you prefer, a crackpot, a lunatic or a retrograde, bigoted fanatic.  These are all definition which I fully endorse.

So while I am not writing from the Moon or Neptune, I indeed might as well be.  Because not only do I not agree with the modern ideologies or systems of values, I completely reject the entire civilizational model we all live inAll of it.  If you want, you can say that while I live in this world, I am not of this world.  That I might as well be ET or a revived Neanderthal – pick the image you prefer.

If you expect me, or my blog, to comfort you in your views and idea, then I can only reply to you with the words of Dante’s Inferno: “Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch’entrate” (Abandon all hope, you who enter here) – this blog is by a weirdo and, probably for other weirdos, not for doubleplusgoodthinking modern folks.  And I make no apologies for that either.  I am what I am, and I won’t pretend otherwise, even with challenged by an outraged mob.

And while everybody is welcome to this blog, I write primarily for those who actually appreciate that difference, that “otherness” and, I dare hope, my honesty.  As for those who rather peg a label on me and my views, or call me names, I will simply reply “guilty as charged”.  And then proceed on exactly the same course as if nothing had happened :-)

In conclusion I will add one more thing: I am amazed and, frankly, appalled at how intolerant most people are to a political or philosophical discourse which disagrees with their own views.  While in theory it’s all about freedom of speech, pluralism and all the rest of the modern bla-bla about liberty, in reality if you dare deviate from the dogmas of our time you will be met with an angry lynch mob.  Every time.  One more reason for me to reject the modern civilizational, cultural and philosophical model in toto.  If that is what you call freedom of speech or freedom of thought, you can keep it – I want none of it for myself.

Hugs and cheers to all,

The Saker

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