Let me immediately begin that I have really no use for Alex Jones or for Inforwars.  I do recognize the very important and positive role they played in the 9/11 Truth movement, but the rest of their agenda and ideology is really not my cup of tea, to put it very mildly.  Their constant hysteria about Islam and China is particularly stupid and, worse, misleading (Israel, for some reason, totally escapes their scrutiny).  But the way US corporate giants banned them sets a very dangerous precedent.

Exactly as I have been warning in my “First they came for the Nazis and pedophiles” article last year, those who hate freedom in all its forms always begin by censoring what I call a “consensus villain“: Nazis, racist nutcases, White/European supremacists, pedophiles, etc.  This way, if you speak up, you are immediately guilty by association.  The problem with that is simply that when the state or the corporations (they are really one and the same, something libertarians always fail to understand) crack down on “consensus villains” they are developing a tool which they can then turn against anybody they want.

Furthermore, this is all taking place while President Trump has appointed a Supreme Court Justice who is totally in favor of handing over the Internet to US corporations (brainwashed Trump fans don’t realize that the Second Amendment has no political value whatsoever without the First one, while the Clinton-bots don’t realize that the opposite is also true!).

What we are witnessing is a major and long-time effort to re-take control of the only media which the rulers of the AngloZionist empire do not currently control.  Personally, I am very pessimistic due to the sheep-like mentality of most of the western public who neither understands nor cares about these issues.  And, just to make things worse, neither Russia, nor China nor Iran are any better in terms of understanding and upholding Internet freedoms.

Lastly, I want to add a word of caution: be very careful not to jump to the other extreme and assume that those who do get censored are either “good guys” or correct in their ideological views.  I am absolutely convinced that what we could loosely call the “Alt-Right constellation” is backed by the US deep state and that the so-called “European nationalist” movements are also controlled by European special services (just as most so-called “Islamic terrorists”).  Remember that in order to crush a “consensus villain” you often must first create one.  So please don’t be fooled by the “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” fallacy: look not only at what they say, but also at what they do and the function they serve in society!

The Saker


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