It has now been confirmed that Aleksandr Zakharchenko has been murdered today.  You can read some of the details in this RT article here:

This murder really breaks my heart, but also worries and sickens me.  Just like the murders of Morotola or Givi, this murder proves that there is a major, massive, problem with the DNR/LNR security services.  Whether this is pure incompetence or treason I don’t know, but what is sure is that while murders of charismatic leaders happen in all conflicts this is the exception, not the rule (how many leaders were killed during, say, the Bosnian civil war?).  It *is* possible to protect commanders and officials (there are special forces and services which can do that very well).  When it is the rule, then most certainly something is very wrong.

Two years ago I wrote an article entitled “The Murder of Motorola – questions which must be answered” for which I was hysterically criticized by some ignorant amateurs, but the questions which I asked then remain unanswered today.  Frankly, I very much doubt that they will be answered this time around either.

In my 2016 I asked the question cui bono in reference to the murders of so many DNR/LNR leaders.

Now I ask the same cui bono about the systematic denial that there is a major problem with the DNR/LRN security services.

Two years after the murder of Motorola the Novorussians have clearly not solved their security problem.  This is why I can only offer the same conclusion as I did two years ago:

Ideally, the Russians should send some smart and ruthless patriot, like General Shamanov, to go to Lugansk and Donesk and read the locals the riot act (Russians generals are very good at that kind of stuff) and if they offer any resistance, just toss them out of their office (Russian generals are also good at that kind of stuff).

By now pretty much all the key Novorussian leaders and heroes have been murdered and it is too late to do anything about this.  But somebody will have to take their place and it is them that the Russians need to protect now.

Living in deep denial, cheerleading and flag waving are all very good, but not when people get murdered as a result.

“With the Saints give rest, O Christ, to the soul of Your servant Aleksandr where there is no pain, nor sorrow, nor suffering, but life everlasting.”

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