by Juan Martorano
translated by: Ana

Today we allow ourselves to alert everyone, through these lines, to alert of the possible actions to expect next Saturday 23rd of February of 2019, aimed at generating a “False Flag” Operation, with the purpose of justifying an eventual armed incursion into Venezuelan territory. This information has been gathered through social intelligence sources, hoping that the organs to which it corresponds will act accordingly.

The information referes to the call that some groups linked to the Venezuelan opposition have made to “pranes” (Venezuelan name for mafia bosses) as well as other members of criminal gangs which would take from Caracas and other states to San Cristóbal, in the Táchira (Colombian border) state. They would be paid in dollars in order to shoot the FANB troops guarding the border posts and against the people who will be receiving “humanitarian aid” in the demonstration called by Guaidó for that day.

Likewise, it should be noted that many young people from all states of the national geography and especially from border states have been summoned, in order to originate a high-impact triggering event, which has the potential to cause a great national commotion. That would be the signal for the military plan of aggression against Venezuela to be activated.

In that order of ideas, we have also proceeded to call many innocent people, the alleged volunteers announced by Juan Guaidó, and most of them from the western states of the country (do not forget the Venezuelan “half-moon”, ndt: States of Zulia, Tachira and Merida, all boarding Colombia). These people undoubtedly require medicines and other supplies, but the plan consists on using them as victims in the framework of the hidden agenda that the opposition handles for that day.

It is evident that just as on April 11, 2002, they are preparing an entire media scenario aimed at delegitimizing the current government led by Nicolás Maduro to justify the deployment of an armed action on Venezuelan territory, creating a supposed liberated zone in the Táchira state.

As several analysts have warned, and because the first plan failed for reasons beyond control of their planners, now this new attack is prepared based on following assumptions that we have received in the same way:

1.- Guaidó declared on February 23 that “humanitarian aid will enter through Cúcuta”.

2.- The Venezuelan army is stationed on the border.

3.- Hundreds of Venezuelans living in Colombia would go to the border on Saturday 23 to enter Venezuela … All encouraged, supported and sponsored by the Colombian State and the US (could it be said that they are being ambushed?).

4.- There are Colombian paramilitaries infiltrated among the Venezuelan demonstrators.

5.- The trucks with “humanitarian aid” will try to enter together with the demonstrators.

6.- CNN, BBC, RCN, Caracol, and other international media are stationed in the surroundings to film the staging.

7.- It should be warned about the real possibility that the Venezuelan army will prevent the entry of this aid and these demonstrations into Venezuelan territory.

8.- Paramilitaries and snipers stationed in the Colombian border side may begin to shoot at random protesters and opponents equally.

9.- The media will then film those scenes and show them to the world. They will be presented as breaking news of the fake news, which will be put on the agenda, and probably with headlines like: “Nicolás Maduro represses the protesters, causing many deaths and injuries.”

10.- This will obviously generate an international pronouncement of different instances on these “actions” and probably a cascade effect will take place

11.- That’s when the US sends its aircraft carriers to punish Maduro.

12.- The military invasion action would be launched with Colombian paramilitaries who will pose as Venezuelans.

This is only one hypothesis but remember that any resemblance to reality is not purely coincidental.

Nor can we neglect the façade of the border on the sides of states such as Amazonas, Bolívar, with countries such as Guyana and Brazil; nor the facade of the Caribbean, where is the ABC of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, I mean the islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao.

And a third and last hypothesis, would be to see that distraction maneuvers will probably be performed in the aforementioned border corridors, but the real goal by the foreign armies is to attack and capture the capital of the Republic itself, Caracas, since that city it is the center of the political power dispute in present-day Venezuela. Although it is in states like Bolívar, Amazonas, Anzoátegui, Nueva Esparta, Monagas, Sucre, Delta Amacuro, Falcón, Zulia, where the greatest wealth of the country is concentrated; it is of no use to the invaders who seek to patronize Venezuela if they do not manage to control the headquarters of the branches of the National Public Power, so they must first control Caracas, and attempt then the rest of the country.

Therefore, we need maximum mobilization and awareness in this hour, calm and sanity, keeping nerves of steel, but without neglecting the impetus and the hot fists we need to impose to face the danger that looms over the Republic.

Obviously, and as a comrade recently told me, we are living in the middle of the hour of forging and ovens.

Bolívar and Chávez live, and their struggles and the Motherland that they bequeathed to us will continue!

Ever onward to victory!

Independence and Socialist Homeland!

We will live and we will win!

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