by Sheikh Imran Hosein
[email protected]

May peace and blessings be upon Prophet Muhammad – despite the filth that a corrupt and decadent civilization of Gog and Magog has been consistently throwing at him all through its barbaric and blood-stained history. He is indeed a true Prophet of the God of Abraham, and Islamic eschatology allows us to anticipate that it will not be long before the historical process delivers a spectacular validation of Islam’s claim to ‘truth’. It is the same ‘truth’ in Islam that came with Moses and with Jesus (peace be upon them both), and that one ‘truth’ rejects, among so many other things, the marriage of a man with another man that the corrupt and decadent civilization of Gog and Magog now validates.

Prophet Muhammad prophesied an End-time in which “there would be great liars – so beware!”

Muslims are not the only people who have recognized the fulfillment of the above ominous prophecy in CIA/Mossad false-flag terrorism all the way up to Charlie 9/11 Hebdo. We know for certain there is more to come – since that is their modus operandi. The CIA/Mossad are assisted by a not-so-concealed network of hidden hands within the British, French, Australian, Saudi, Pakistani and other Intelligence Agencies. The acts of false-flag terrorism, and the mountain of orchestrated lies that support them, are all designed to advance Israel’s long-term agenda of replacing Pax Britanica and Pax Americana with a Pax Judaica (see my books entitled Jerusalem in the Qur’ān and An Islamic View of Gog and Magog in the Modern World).

Response to 9/11 and response to Charlie Hebdo

I was present in New York, as the Director of Islamic Studies for the Joint Committee of Muslim Organizations of Greater New York, when the 9/11 terrorist attack on America took place. I responded four days later, on Saturday September 15th 2001, with a public lecture before a large gathering of Muslims at an Islamic Center in Queens, New York. At the end of my lecture, I invited all those present to join with me in praying to the God of Abraham to curse with an eternal curse, and to punish with a punishment that would be eternally inflicted, all those who were responsible for planning and executing that 9/11 act of terrorism. I was proud and happy when all those present in the Islamic Center joined with me in that prayer, with no one abstaining. Having made that prayer, I then invited the Zionist Jews and their Rabbis who were mysteriously away from the WTC buildings on that fateful day, to do likewise. It is almost 14 years since I so invited them, and it should be obvious to readers why they can never make the prayer that we Muslims made.

I now invite the Jewish supporters of the State of Israel, as well as their Christian allies, to publicly pray to the God of Abraham to curse with an eternal curse, and to punish with eternal punishment, all those who were in any way responsible for planning and executing this Charlie Hebdo terrorism in France. Let us warn those who charge innocent Muslims for Charlie 9/11 Hebdo that they will face the consequences of their false accusation in their graves. They must know that Charlie 9/11 Hebdo is part of an unjust war on Islam and innocent Muslims that is supported by a mountain of lies that are more dangerous than a standing army. However, the universe is a moral order – and truth must always eventually prevail over their bogus ISIS, their lies, deception and oppression; it is only a matter of time.

It is important for our gentle readers to know that Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) prophesied a great End-time war called the Malhama. It is known in Christian and Jewish eschatology as Armageddon. The Prophet prophesied that the city of Constantinople would be conquered after the Malhama, and this prophecy allows us to recognize that Russia will survive that war with sufficient military capacity intact with which to wage naval warfare. The world can now understand why the Zionist-installed Young Turk government of a secular Republic of Turkey, chose to not only change the most commonly-used name of that city, but to also mysteriously prohibit (a legal prohibition in Turkey) any use of the name ‘Constantinople’.

When I spoke on Islamic eschatology at the State University of Moscow in 2013, I found my Russian audience delighted to learn that our two eschatologies, Christian and Islamic, had similar beliefs on the subjects of the Great War and the Conquest of Constantinople. They were delighted to hear from an Islamic scholar, that when the city of Constantinople is conquered, not only would the name of the city be restored to Constantinople (which is the name used by the Prophet), but that the Cathedral of Hagia Sophia which, from the date of its construction in 537 until 1453, served as an Eastern Orthodox cathedral and as the seat of the Patriarchate of Constantinople, would be returned to the Orthodox Christians with a sincere Muslim apology for the monstrously wicked and sinful Ottoman conversion of an orthodox Christian cathedral to a Masjid.

It is now absolutely certain that Russia’s recent success in recovering its territory of Crimea will lead to an intensification of false-flag Charlie 9/11 Hebdo terrorism designed to justify, as well as facilitate, the launch of a global nuclear war against Russia, China and Pakistan in particular, as well as Arabs and Muslims in general. I expect that nuclear war to take place within the next year or two, but I hope that I am wrong. Europeans and North Americans are likely to suffer most directly from such a nuclear war which would not only be the first, but also the last of its kind in history. The Qur’ān is clear that many others will also perish:

And [bear in mind:] there is no town/city which We will not destroy before the Last Day, or punish with terrible punishment: all this is laid down in Our decree” (Qur’ān, al-Isra, 17:58)

One of the Signs of the Last Day in Islamic prophecy is Dukhan (i.e., ‘smoke’) which will be plainly visible in the sky:

Wait, then, for that Day when the skies shall bring forth a pall of smoke which will be clearly visible“. (Qur’ān, al-Dukhān, 44:10)

Europeans and North Americans are likely to have a first view of the mushroom clouds from nuclear explosions which would fulfill that End-time prophecy of ‘smoke’. Those who choose to ignore the warning, and to continue to reside in Paris and other big cities of the modern world, would either perish instantly in the war, or perish less instantly in the anarchy that would follow the war as the frantic search for food and water turns violent. The rest of us should flee to the remote countryside and not only stock-up on food, water and other vital supplies, but also acquire survival skills.

Why must history end this terrible way? Why are the Zionists so obsessed with attacking nuclear Russia? Many may not know the answers to these questions, but they should at least know that orthodox Christian Russia – where men cannot marry men – will never bend its knee in submission to those who pursue their decadent messianic agenda with wickedness, lies, injustice and oppression.

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