Note: I just saw this in Commentary Magazine online.  It is too good to pass.  I have to share that with you. And just for funzies, I bolded out the most blatant lies/misrepresentations.  Have fun! The Saker

Is Russia Ready for Another Land Grab in Ukraine?
It’s time for a new strategy.

by Noah Rothman

Two weeks ago, the world reacted with palpable shock to the news that Russia had unilaterally closed naval traffic through the Kerch Strait separating the Black Sea from the Sea of Azov, but it’s a mystery as to why. Moscow’s brazen violation of Ukraine’s maritime navigation rights and its arrest of sailors is only its latest egregious attack on international norms. Such attacks have ranged from the invasion and annexation of sovereign territory in Europe to the active support for the starvation of Syrian civilians. This last offense against responsible statecraft was comparatively modest, but it was no less dangerous. If Russia’s provocation was a calculated effort designed to gauge how the world would react to another transgression against Ukrainian sovereignty, Moscow got a rather definitive answer: it wouldn’t. Russia has taken its cues, and it may be preparing for something far worse.

Andrey Illarionov, a former economic advisor to Vladimir Putin who has become a fierce critic of the Russian regime in his current role as a Cato Institute scholar, told the Kiev Post this week that time is not on Russia’s side and the Kremlin knows it. Occupied Crimea is running out of water. The peninsula relies primarily on a Soviet-era canal to channel fresh water from mainland Ukraine and, between periodic draughts and the Ukrainian government’s efforts to choke off resources to the illegally occupied territory, Illarionov believes it’s only a matter of time before the canal runs dry. He thinks that Putin is resolved to prevent that kind of a crisis by any means necessary.

Oh well, the good thing is that these folks are showing their true face along with their mind boggling level of dishonesty.  This will all eventually end like it always does, with a big and very predictable backlash.  Then they will whine and sob about how nobody loves them (for some mysterious reason).

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