This comment was intercepted by the moderators (it violates several rules), but I decided to share it with you just so you get a feel of what is going on.  Enjoy!
The Saker
Now, even the RUSSIANS are scared! Haha! Saker, your last decade of fooling your readers that there were BRICS, or color revolutions or that a KGB agent turned dictator were gonna save whitey and his corrupt institutions, you have FAILED.You’re not the only one: Orban has FAILED. 5 Star in Italy has FAILED. Dugin has FAILED. Bannon, Trump and the alt right has FAILED.

There was never any anti-liberal movement in the world, none! There was only Ashkenazi multi-billionaires infiltrating, manipulating and deploying white racists as their GOLEMS in service of Israel. Jews in the AdF? All part of the plan, honkey!

You and other white racists doubled and tripled down on Putin and Trump and its come up snake eyes! YOU FAILED. This is the end of history all right, YOUR end. Blacks have WON. We are the Children of God, we granted literal life and consciousness to humanity and now it has AWOKEN.


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