Dear friends,

Despite an outstanding complexity of the work, and only thanks to your support, SF has released the announced long-awaited documentary on the Houthis and the conflict in Yemen. Let us say thank you and to apologize for all our readers and subscribers for their pations and the delay with the production of the Houthis documentary.

Unfortunately, last month, the project found itself in a complicated situation facing unexpected technical issues. Additionally, some key project members were unable to participate in our efforts because they were ill. Nonetheless, we felt your support and SF succeeded in preserving our usual video production and coverage of military and geopolitical events and finalizing the documentary on the Houthis.

Now, the project is ready for another shoot forward and we believe we will be able to do this despite problems faced by the project, including the problems in collecting our minimal monthly budget. Once again, this is only possible with your support and we want to say thank you.

In the near future, SF is planning to produce another long documentary/overview on the conflict in Syria. It will cover events from the outset of the Russian military operation in 2015 to the present time. We have also planned a series of exclusive videos and articles on military political issues and modern weapon systems.

Whether we will be able to implement this on schedule? This depends only on your assistance. SF operates only on the audience’s donations.




Overcoming Difficulties


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Overcoming Difficulties

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