On April 2nd, at the time of escalation of skirmishes in Donbas, with the Ukrainian military attacking and shelling Donetsk and nearby villages, Azerbaijan has attacked the Armenian-populated Karabakh.

On March 30, 2016 Kerry met with the president of Azerbaijan Aliev and called for an ‘ultimate resolution‘ of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.
Per Reuters, “U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry called on Wednesday for “an ultimate resolution” of the two-decade-old Nagorno-Karabakh conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia during talks with Azeri President Ilham Aliyev at the State Department.”

“Aliyev is in Washington for a two-day nuclear security summit hosted by President Barack Obama on Thursday and Friday.”

Of course, we have to remember that nothing is ever what it seems. It’s not a “resolution” of an Azerbaijan – Armenia conflict, but the next step in the war on Russia and China. That Armenia would be the next country to be attacked by the “global parasite” has been known since the summer of 2015.
This is what I wrote on January 16th.

“If Europeans and Americans stay away from the Middle East, Russia and its allies will gradually pacify the region as Russia has done for centuries, without much blood and atrocities, and China, Iran and India will start rebuilding the region. The migration pressure on Europe will be lifted. Angry young Muslim men will go home, and those who stay will mingle with the locals.

If, on the other hand, Europeans and Americans decide to stay and to “win” in the Middle East, help Turkey to destabilize Ukraine, and Azerbaijan, and Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. If Turkey and Azerbaijan attacks Armenia again, the US places Daesh in Iraq and Afghanistan, and supports the Saudis in attacking Iran. In this scenario, the line that Europeans try to draw through the South of Russia, will be redrawn through Warsaw, Berlin, Paris and London with millions more angry young men coming to Europe in search of entertainment.”

Reminder of the Summer 2015 attempt of the “Electric Color revolution” In Armenia
Is a “color revolution” underway in Armenia?

Armenian protests resemble Ukrainian Maidan coup scenario – Russian MP

Are Armenian Protests Aimed At Russia? — Paul Craig Roberts

Electric Yerevan’ Will Not Change Armenia’s Pro-Russian Orientation

Turkey’s Foreign Military Bases and Their Threat to Stability

The situation in the region is like a zebra cake.

We have our old, good and slightly mad Turkey. We have an Orthodox Christian Georgia, which is occupied by NATO and under the complete control of the Washington regime. In addition, the economy of Georgia has been overtaken by Turkey. 90% of its tourism industry including hotels and restaurants are owned by the Turks. In reality, Turkey can simply flip a switch and declare Georgia being a part of Turkey. That’s Erdogan’s plan. It’s no accident that he calls Azerbaijan and Turkey “one nation – two countries.” Christian Georgia and Armenia are just stuck in-between.

Turkey plans to build military bases in Georgia, even in … Armenia. “The plans for a Turkish military base in Georgia and a potential future Turkish base in Azerbaijan, perhaps in the Nakhichevan exclave between Armenia and Turkey, has prompted the mainly Armenian population of the Georgian regions of Javakhq and Tsalka to contemplate secession from Georgia and incorporation with Armenia.”

Interesting enough, this escalation comes after several months of diplomatic “efforts” by the US and the EU to undermine the fragile stability in the region.

Brussels and Washington demands to Armenia to surrender its people and territories to the NATO control in Azerbaijan
• EAFJD Action Alert Aims to Stop Anti-Karabagh Measures in Europe [source]
• the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) held a debate on two reports on Nagorno-Karabagh: “Escalation of violence in Nagorno-Karabagh and the other occupied territories of Azerbaijan,” by rapporteur Robert Walter (UK) and “Inhabitants of frontier regions of Azerbaijan are deliberately deprived of water,” by rapporteur Milica Marković (Bosnia and Herzegovina). The Parliamentary Assembly rejected the report by Walter and adopted the report by Marković. [source]
• Azerbaijan envoy says ready for military solution to Nagorno-Karabakh issue, Erdogan backs Baku [source]
• Kerry calls for ‘ultimate resolution’ of Nagorno-Karabakh conflict [source]


1. Colonel Cassad’s sitreps for the skirmishes in Nagorno-Karabakh Karabakh 02.04.2016 – Morning

Karabakh 02.04.2016 – Daytime

Karabakh 02.04.2016 – Night

2. April 2nd, morning and daytime

After Russia, NATO also called on Azerbaijan and Armenia to cease fire.

According to the official statement of Azerbaijan they have declared a ceasefire

The shootout in the conflict zone, where on Saturday some clashes took place with the use of aviation, armored vehicles and artillery, stopped, as reported on Saturday by the head of the press service of the defense Ministry of Azerbaijan Vagif Dargyakhli.

“Shootout on the contact line of troops stopped. The situation is stable,” said Dargahi. He added that the Azerbaijani armed forces “are ready to any actions on the Armenian side“.

By the evening, the situation had stabilized somewhat. The troops of Karabakh repelled in most of the places the attacks of the Azerbaijani army, while the Azerbaijanis managed to keep some of the heights that they took using an advantage of suddenness of attack. Now there are ongoing battles with use of armored machinery and artillery. At the moment neither Armenia, and Karabakh, nor Azerbaijan have called for full mobilization. Full-scale mobilization activities would mean that a full-scale war is inevitable.

From the Armenians:

At the moment the situation is as follows: I think that it is clear that we are in a state of war. It’s obvious that now, as in August 2014, for the purpose of Azerbaijanis is to take territories on at least one sector of the front, even at the cost of hundreds of victims.

The fighting began last night and is still going on along the entire length of the Armenian-Azerbaijani border of Artsakh. This is a case when informal information is sometimes ahead of the official, and consequently we consider it necessary to make some clarifications.

• At least at this hour, enemy losses consist of 3 tanks, 2 attack helicopters and 2 unmanned aerial vehicles and an unknown number of dead and wounded amongst the combatants. There are dead and wounded also amongst the civilian population. Note that the Ministry of the Defense of Azerbaijan has confirmed the loss of only the first of Mi-24 helicopter, 1 tank, and the death of 12-and servicemen.

• It was also officially confirmed that the Armenian side also suffered losses. At this point, the data has not been published, and we urge everyone to respect the identities and rights of military personnel and not to engage in “Amateur Reporting” before the publication of official reports.

• A number of Azerbaijani villages – Sysarch-Margushavan, Gapanly, Gargage – were fully or partially evacuated. This fact has been known for quite some time by the Armenian side, even so the Azerbaijani propaganda machine (through APA) were publishing reports about the “happy and brave residents of border villages”.

• We also have victims amongst the civilian populations near the front line, but, fortunately, inhabitants of our villages are strong in spirit, and incidents of panic are not observed.

• Azerbaijan suffered heavy losses especially in the North-East direction and in the district of Aghdam. In the South the situation after the sudden success has stabilized, and there are already hints (among Azerbaijanis) on the counter-attack of Armenians to the South.

• The press Secretary of the RA Ministry of defense officially confirmed that information about the numerous losses of the Armenian side, as well as the information about the evacuation and the mobilization untrue. I will add that in Azerbaijan mobilization is not declared.

Info taken and translated from here On the situation on the frontline in Karabakh

On Sunday April 2nd, Armenian president Serzh Sargsyan announced that Armenian military lost 18 servicemen dead and 35 wounded.

As it’s always the case with NATO wars, Azerbaljan targeted schools. One school in Stepanakert was hit. One 12 yo student was killed. and several were injured.

Situation in Stepanakert after the escalation

One of the downed Azerbaijan’s helicopters

Volunteers in Stepanakert

PS: Since everything is about Russia and the war on Russia, a small fact. On March 31, Russian law enforcement arrested about 200 criminal bosses during their “meeting” in Yekaterinburg. According to some reports, all of them came from Azerbaijani.

The main reason, why the criminal Azerbaijani bosses of all Ural were arrested was the post made by someone named Agaev [0:56] on the video. In his post Agaev called for the meeting for all the criminals from Azerbaijan to come together and to “take the power into our own hands, so the Russians won’t defeat us.” “I rule this town,” he wrote. And other things, outrages in mature and very inflammatory.

The journalists on the video comments with a huge sarcasm, that the post could be fake. History knows such precedents.  The fact remains, that all those criminals came to the place and have been arrested.

167 Azerbaijanis were arrested, their fingerprints and mug shots or their booking photographs taken. After that they were released back into the wild. It’s a known fact that Russians treat all migrants very well. That’s why Russia is the second country in the world after the USA in the migrants inflow. However, Europe shows us that the world is changing – and not for the better. Europe is being taken over by the Muslim migrants, who also brought with them some Islamic terrorists.

The representative from the Consulate General of Azerbaijan in Yekaterinburg, [6.35] stated that citizens of Azerbaijan have always respected of the laws of the Russian Federation.

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