by Auslander

I am an old man, born shortly after the second war which in reality was a continuation of the first war. They had to grow another generation of men to slaughter and slaughter they did in a hideous dance of death the likes of which the world has never seen.

Since the moment I was born, and before, there has not been one moment of peace on this planet, not one. Why? I have no idea. You can tell me of the evil empire, the Soviet Union. You can tell me of the ever rapacious Hegemon, you can tell me of the great Zionist plot. None of them matter a wit to we ordinary people. All the ordinary citizens of this planet have ever wanted is peace and while some civilizations have given their citizens unimaginable prosperity and wealth they never gave them peace. Why? Is it because deep down in the buried psyche of our species we are nothing but killers who evolved opposing thumbs and a tiny ability to reason so that we can come up for eons with incredibly cruel and painful ways to kill our fellow members of the species?

The current world situation is the most dangerous I have ever seen. I liken the current times to late July 1914, that time when the rush to War led to a five year bloodletting that ended The Age of Empire and directly led a scant generation later to unimaginable slaughter that ended with The Death of Cultures. And nobody on the face of this earth learned a damned thing.

Today you have USA, Russian Federation and China. No one else matters, the rest of the entire world are bit players on this stage of life that is rapidly approaching extinctions on a scale we can not imagine. At this time you have Russia and US engaging in point and counterpoint, move and counter move, both gathering the allies they can. China is the five hundred kilo gorilla in the room. What will she do? No one knows.

However, neither of the two main protagonists understand each other. One regards the other as an implacable enemy who must be subdued for ‘world peace’. Peace at the point of a gun? Subservience at gun point? Neither will tolerate that as an outcome to the current world crisis, the citizens of both will not accept such a ‘peace’.

So what to do? I have no idea. I have friends, dear friends, many of long term standing, on both sides of this yawning divide. Will I fight them if they come to my city? Yes, to the death and they know it. Will they fight me if I come to their city? Yes, to the death and I know it. What is the answer? For we ordinary people there is no answer, all we can do is prepare as best we can for the looming disaster, the dark and ominous clouds of War on the very near horizon, that and put our faith in Him, for He will be the ultimate decision maker in this mess of our making.


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