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The Saker Community Cooperative

Dear friends, Today I have a major announcement to make: after many months of brainstorming and discussions we (a small steering committee of a few volunteers) are launching what we have decided to call the Saker Community Cooperative. We have high hopes for this project and I now want to explain why. As you know, I have never accepted any forms of advertisement on the blog. Not only do I

Introduction – The Saker Community Cooperative

“Then I understood:  It was never about me, but always about you.” Quote The Saker. We are pleased to present a new section to  This is a new addition to bring our community closer together, to present a space where our community members may showcase our talents and introduce our services and our products.  In this way, we cultivate our own vineyard. First, and without further ado, an invitation. 

Powering the Words of Truth – Community Authors and their Books – The Saker

We have a number of published authors in TheSaker community network.  It’s all good reading and powers thought to truth – then, of course, it is unique.  There is nothing else like it. Of course first and foremost, our own Saker with his 2nd publication that is going to be a sheer delight.   We at the Community Cooperative get A preview of the name : Title: The Essential Saker

Powering the Words of Truth – Community Authors and their Books – Scott Humor

  The Amazing Scott with a cutting sense of humor that fleshes open that which is hidden and allows us the release of exhuberant laughter, but also reflection, sheer burning anger, and tears.  TheSaker says:  “… besides being a hilarious read, this anthology is also a wonderful insight into the often politically correct mind of the Russian people.” “Anthology Of Russian Humor: From Maidan To Trump: Humor And Laughter In

Vladimir Putin Commemorative Silver Coin from Urban Miner Jewelers

Angelo Zachos from Urban Miner Jewelers, a long time Saker Supporter and generous donor, has this interesting commemorative item. I will let him do the introduction : We are proud to present the worlds first and only 1 ounce pure silver Vladimir Putin commemorative coin. Designed and crafted over a twelve month period this coin is a masterpiece of workmanship. Made to honor one of the worlds foremost statesmen, this beautiful coin

Software Engineering – The Ultimate Game Changer

We are so pleased to introduce you to Zapek, a Saker Volunteer who creates disruptive technologies to change our worlds.  Simply stated, Zapek creates technological solutions.  Even more simply stated, those could be anything from the next space flight to a smart fridge. If you need software and programming assistance, Zapek is your Man!  And don’t forget to ask all your kids, all your kids friends, everyone that you know

Alternative Health : Yuri Orlow – Classical Homeopath

We introduce Yuri Orlow, a Classical Homeopath from Australia and a truly wonderful and committed human being.       Here is an overview of what Homeopathy is; If you’ve had experience with Homeopathy, good or bad, this is the place to discuss this mode of alternative health.  If Yuri introduces something that is of interest to you, feel free to contact him through his website and mention