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“MISSING WORD” [*See Definition] from Iran to Lebanon to the US

by Mansoureh Tajik for the Saker Blog The scale and complexity of plots against masses of ordinary people, select prominent individuals, and nations have grown so vast that existing words and expressions fail to adequately define and explain them. The word “conspiracy” is bandied about quite a lot, to the point that it feels inadequate, to frame some major and critical events by distinctly different groups of people with diverse

India implodes its own New Silk Road

by Pepe Escobar with permission from the author and first posted at Asia Times There was a time when New Delhi was proudly selling the notion of establishing its own New Silk Road – from the Gulf of Oman to the intersection of Central and South Asia – to compete with China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Now it looks like the Indians have stabbed themselves in the back. In

Israeli Forces Rain Down Missiles On Syria

South Front The Israeli Air Force conducted a second round of missiles strikes on Syria in less than a week. Late on September 2, Israeli warplanes launched missiles at the T4 airport in the province of Homs. According to Syria’s state media, the strikes were conducted from the direction of the US-controlled zone of al-Tanf on the Syrian-Iraqi border. Syrian pro-government sources claimed that a large part of the missiles

China Newsbrief and Sitrep

By Godfree Roberts selected from his extensive weekly newsletter Here Comes China Street Wisdom If you are born in a country with 1.4 billion people and thousands of years of history, you will know how important cooperation is. We need order more than freedom. We need collectivism more than individualism. Many Westerners don’t understand it. The per capita cultivated land of Canada is 18 times that of China, and the

Lebanese writer explains why ‘Westerners have no remorse when killing others’

Middle East Observer Description: Lebanese writer and researcher of Islamic Studies, Sayed Abbas Noureddine, gives two reasons why he thinks the ‘West can continue oppressing other nations without any empathy or remorse’. Source: Islamona (YouTube) Date: Mar 7, 2020 Transcript: In the name of God, the most gracious, the most merciful. A close look at the Western psyche, the Western man’s personality, and the way he deals with matters related to us,

Intensified American Diplomatic Activities in the Middle-East

By Zamir Ahmed Awan for the Saker Blog The U.S. has intensified its diplomatic activities in the Middle-East. After the Secretary of State Pompeo’s tour to six nations in the Middle-East, the Power-Pillar in White House, Jared Kushner, who is Senior advisor and son-in-law of President Donal Trump, along with Senior officials, is on his Middle-East trip currently. The enhanced focus of the U.S. diplomatic and political engagement in the

Dummy Soldiers And Abandoned Battle Tanks: Israel Prepares For War With Hezbollah

South Front Hikers in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights found at least 5 armed and unguarded Merkava Mk. IV battle tanks. The doors of the battle tanks were open with equipment and munitions left completely unguarded inside. The incident took place amid the growing tensions between Hezbollah and the Israeli Defense Forces in both the Golan Heights area and along the Israeli-Lebanese contact line. During the past weeks, the Israeli military

India’s border policies line with Thalassa

By Noel Monteiro — first published on the Saker Blog Telluria vs Thalassa Part 1 In one of his poems, Robert Frost says “good fences make good neighbours.” Yet in the 73 years of its existence, India has had border problems with all its neighbouring Asian states, while it allies are distant overseas states. Then on June 15 a unique battle occurred, medieval in practice, in Galwan Valley, Kashmir. The

Hezbollah vs Israel 2006: Who has upper hand 14 years on?

Original links: Part 1: Part 2: Description: Senior Lebanese political analyst Nasser Qandil explores what has changed between Hezbollah and Israel over the last 14 years since the ‘July War’ or ‘The Second Lebanon War’ in 2006. After tracing the major changes and transformations in the military balance of power between the two sides over the last 14 years, Qandil then explores the current challenges facing Hezbollah inside Lebanon, particularly

Now reporting from the US! Wait… this is what the whole world must be like?

by Ramin Mazaheri crossposted with PressTV It is amusing that one of the first people I spoke with in Kenosha, Wisconsin – as I filmed a car dealership whose entire inventory had been torched – was a French journalist, considering that I have been posted in France for over a decade. It really is a small and interconnected world…. The situation in Kenosha is a microcosm of the United States

Vladimir Putin – Interview with Rossiya TV channel

Vladimir Putin answered questions from VGTRK journalist and anchor of Vesti v Subbotu (News on Saturday) programme Sergei Brilyov.   Sergei Brilyov: Good afternoon, Mr President. Vladimir Putin: Good afternoon. Sergei Brilyov: No matter what else is happening, and no matter what area of life we discuss, this nasty coronavirus always looms somewhere in the background. Vladimir Putin: That’s true. Sergei Brilyov: What do you think about the notorious second wave that scares so

Shadowplay revisited: how Eurasia is being reshaped

by Pepe Escobar with permission by the author and first posted at Asia Times We have seen how China is meticulously planning all its crucial geopolitical and geoeconomic moves all the way to 2030 and beyond. What you are about to read next comes from a series of private, multilateral discussions among intel analysts, and may helpfully design the contours of the Big Picture. In China, it’s clear the path

Russian, Syrian Forces Eliminated Over 300 ISIS Militants In Desert

South Front Russian and Syrian forces eliminated 327 ISIS militants during a joint security operation that took place in the desert areas of Homs and Deir Ezzor from August 18 to August 24. According to the Russian side, strikes of the Syrian Air Force, the Russian Aerospace Forces, field artillery and actions of special forces units in the desert also allowed to eliminate 134 shelters, 17 observation posts, 7 warehouses

China Newsbrief and Sitrep

By Godfree Roberts selected from his extensive weekly newsletter: This week’s selection is only three pieces from the Here Comes China newsletter and this selection corresponds with recent essays and discussions on the Saker Blog. The first piece is Belarus and the New Silk Road, then a BRI update and finally the question that we face frequently: How does Russia and China cooperate. (No, you won’t see this in the

Iranian Axis Of Resistance Falls Victim To US-Israeli Covert Campaign

South Front A large explosion rocked the Arab Gas Pipeline in Syria on August 24 causing a blackout in the country’s capital Damascus and multiple other cities and towns. The explosion occurred between the towns of Ad Dumayr and Adra the a result of a ‘terrorist attack’, according to Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Ali Ghanem. The incident led to a pressure drop and cascading shutdowns of the country’s

Pro-Iranian Forces Attack US Convoys Withdrawing From Largest Base In Iraq

South Front The US military has been facing increasing pressure from local resistance forces and pro-Iranian groups in Iraq. On August 21, an improvised explosive device (IED) reportedly struck a vehicle of company working with the U.S.-led coalition in Aweerij, south of the capital, Baghdad. The vehicle was destroyed and its driver was killed. Pro-Iranian sources even claimed that the entire supply convoy of the US-led coalition was destroyed, and

China: everything proceeding according to plan

by Pepe Escobar with permission by the author and first posted at Asia Times Let’s start with the story of an incredibly disappearing summit. Every August, the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) converges to the town of Beidaihe, a seaside resort some two hours away from Beijing, to discuss serious policies that then coalesce into key planning strategies to be approved at the CCP Central Committee plenary session

Syrian Forces Are Hunting Down ISIS Terrorists In Desert

South Front The military situation in Syria continued deteriorating in the recent days. On August 21, the Syrian Army and its allies increased their anti-ISIS raids in the Palmyra-Deir Ezzor-Al-Mayadin triangle. According to pro-government sources, these efforts are being actively supported by recently deployed reinforcements from the Iranian-backed Liwa Fatemiyoun armed group. On August 20, ISIS claimed responsibility for the recent attack on Russian troops in the province of Deir

The rise of International Axis challenging US power: TV Report

From Description: A short segment on Al Mayadeen TV illustrating the most important strategic agreements between states increasingly being targeted by American sanctions. Source: Al Mayadeen News (YouTube) Date: 21 July, 2020 (Important Note: Please help us keep producing independent translations for you by contributing as little as $1/month here: Transcript: Every time Washington tries to tighten the screws on states by imposing sanctions on them, these states in turn come together

The Hezbollah-France Twist:

By Ghassan Kadi for the Saker Blog The intriguing twists and turns following the catastrophic explosion at Beirut’s Sea Port have thus far had international repercussions, beginning with the visit of French President Marcon to Beirut just three days after the disaster; a visit that could hardly be classified as a visit of a foreign head of state to another country. Marcon did not go to Lebanon just to meet