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POKÉMON IN UKRAINE: Tactical War Game Introduction MANUAL

War Game Manuals Book 1 The first of a series, our own Scott Humor’s new Manual is now available on Amazon. Just in time and on the button topical, this manual with 433 pages and over 200 images to help clarify understanding, seeks to fill the void and educate the population on augmented reality war games by their architects and players, the overt and covert Wargames that Warmongers Play, to

Fedor’s video in more languages

Fedor’s video can now also be viewed in these other languages: Français : Italiano : Pусский : Português : Cрпски : Español : čeština :


Thank you all who participated in providing logos and pictures for the new website! I have selected the best ones and put them here on display for every one to see. I also received this wonderful drawing which I gratefully used for the frontpage of my blog.     Also, thanks to Rift and Fedor for their superb videos! Animation video by “Rift” Video by Fedor