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New Disc is installed and running … Raid-1 update

Yesterday morning our primary system disc showed excessive Seek_Error_Rate errors … almost a billion. The disc has been running continuously for the last 4.7 years 24 hours per/day 7 days a week. I ran these numbers past our web hosting service and they recommended that we replace the drive as it was in pre-fail mode. Communicated with Saker and he approved of the outage to replace the disc. A 30 

Release of Christian Vignette Project

The software work has been completed and is now installed on Saker has asked that I provide a write up on the work so here its. Short version at bottom. The work on this software naturally fell into two distinct and different project. The first was the modification to the wordpress software to allow commentators with ‘vignette privileges’ to comment without moderation on ‘vignette’ posts. The 2nd project was

Update on the Christian Vignette project

Status Christian Vignette Project Description Comments posted to articles under the Sandbox category with a tag of ‘Christian Vignette’ can viewed by all and a selected group of commentators will be allowed non moderated comments. Currently completed An online form has been created that will allow interested commentators to request becoming a ‘Vignette’ commentator Program to transform form information to wordpress acceptable input is completed and tested Creation of ‘vignette’

New Page Added ‘Comment Dashboard’

A new page has been added to the site for the use of our commentators. It is entitled comment-dashboard and can be accessed by or by clicking on ‘Dashboard’ next to the ‘Cafe’ link in middle menu. The ‘Dashboard’ allows 8 different views of our current comments. The page is updated every 5 minutes. Regards Herb (webmaster)

Discussion of Covid-19 is restricted to the ‘Cafe’

In the last several days there has been explosion of comments about covid-19 on the latest Saker post “Understanding anti-Putin PSYOPs: Preparing for war”. These comments unrelated to the post itself both obscure and derail the discussion regarding the post. Whether this is intentional or not make no difference. Saker has created a new moderation rule #20 … “any post denying that there is a pandemic will be removed and

The Vineyard BookShelf … “bookshelf_survey” Search tool now available

by Herb Swanson (webmaster) Vineyard BookShelf Project In February, I proposed to Saker the creation of a ‘Vineyard Bookshelf’. Many great books are noted and linked in the comments. However these references/links are buried as new posts and issues appear. It is anticipated the ‘Vineyard Bookshelf’ will provide greater visibility of books suggested by our readers. Only bookshelf_survey part is being released today. It consists of two parts: 1.  A

New Feature: Current Links found in Comments

Many of our commentators post links to videos, documents and informative sites. The last 3 days of links (posted within the comments) have been consolidated on one web page that can be accessed in two ways: 1. Enter this web page 2. Visit the ‘Cafe‘ and click on the ‘Links’ image on the right side of the page           Regards Herb (webmaster)

Summary of Saker’s ‘search news feeds’ feature

Almost a year ago I added an additional ‘news’ page on our website. The ‘search news feeds’ feature on this page has been only used by the most adventuresome of our readers, as it was never announced and only found by exploration. This page is accessed by the ‘NON MSM NEWS’ button on the home page. On this page is an RSS feature that allows readers to review the news

Reader Selected News Items added to the Cafe Sidebar

Our ‘News RSS’ page allows our commentators to search, read, and add selected news links. At this time we have two volunteers, Franz and Windspotter who spend part of each day locating interesting and relevant news stories and then providing the links in the ‘News RSS’. The 10 latest news items are now being display in the sidebar of the ‘Cafe’. The news link feature is available to all to

Two additional Moderators are needed

We recently lost two of our moderators. Pamela flew off to Vladivostok to learn Russian and maybe stay for a few years. Karin left in early January to tend to her personal affairs. We now are in need of coverage from 11pm GMT to 4am GMT. We also could use a part time moderator to cover occasional holes in our coverage. The key requirement for a moderator is the ability

Trolls 101 —- How To Identify Trolls And Forum Spies

The following comment was selected by mod-kl from this post. Mod-kl found this dissertation on the various troll techniques to be quite well written and very education. We think other members of the saker community would also enjoy it. by Anonymous How To Identify Trolls And Forum Spies (Cryptome) Cointelpro Techniques for dilution, misdirection and control of a internet forum. There are several techniques for the control and manipulation of

Comment software has been rolled back to old version

Tonight we experienced 5 hours outage when no one was able to enter comments. Even the mods were locked out of the system. This is the second time we have experienced this problem, the other time was for a much shorter time period. Then about 9am GMT everything started working again. Have not yet identified the problem, but the only change that has been made recently is the ‘new comment’

New Features: Up/Down Voting has been Removed

Saker has decided that up/down voting will be removed. The ‘read more’ will be retained. Thank you all for your feed back. Saker has asked me to place this in the ‘blog, announcements’ for enhanced visability. My apologizes if you have already reviewed this information. I also have added the current reactions to the changes. Please provide your reactions … if changes are not wanted they will be removed. The

USA…and Russia from a 12 year old’s perspective circa 1959

The following comment was selected by mod-fk from this post. His recommendation stated: “I found it disarmingly simple and heartfelt! In 1959, my generation was about eight on average. We already understood things well beyond our years without being able to express or change them. This post by Teranam13 has the common touch. I think we can all understand the cry from the heart which it puts so well. Perhaps

The Empire and the Battle for the Human Soul

The moderators have noticed a dramatic increase in the spiritual posting in the cafe and the mods thought that this one was quite good and very representative. It was taken from our current Cafe of Oct 14 2016. comment by Aivazovsky The current conflicts in Syria and the Ukraine are the most recent and most visible components of a deeper struggle for the future of the human soul – a process

MH17 Report Taken Apart by Saker Reader

This comment was chosen by Mod KL from the post  “Moveable Feast Cafe 2016/09/30”. Mod KL found the comment to be a good summation regarding Ukraine and flight MH 17, it was of a reasonable length, and contained detailed information. Comment by Terry “All that can be said is that the question of who shot down MH17 remains unresolved, primarily due to blatant interference in the investigation by the NATO powers.”That