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Ukraine SITREP June 22nd, by Duff

“Everything was in confusion in the Oblonskys’ house* Nowadays even just  reading  headlines, not to mention news themselves, causes  a strong feeling that one endlessly resides  in the most honorable seats of  absurd theater. “Everything was in confusion in the Oblonskys’ house”  also: “… a bunch of horses, people.” The only way to stay sane with healthy memory, without a sense of  permanent  cognitive dissonance, or simply a split personality,

Ukraine SITREP June 13th, by Duff

Mariupol  left without gas Because of damage to the pipeline near the village of Ocheretino in the Donetsk region, Mariupol, Berdyansk and Volnovaha will be left without gas. Press service of “Ukrtransgaz” informs. They explained that  gas supply will be restored within 1.5-2 days after the cessation of hostilities. This extreme situation will not affect the transit of natural gas, stressed “Ukrtransgaz”. Pipeline explosion in Donbass – SBU sabotage? June

Ukraine SITREP June 8th, by Duff

First thing first: Tough Donetsk cats. First pedigree cats exhibition in DPR Mind you!! Only two days ago, Doneck  suffered merciless bombardment video  – Oktyabrsk district (shelled from direction Peski) Graham Phillips is back in Donetsk, has already published some material on his YouTube channel  video (again, people are saying that it was coming from Peski direction) People were  close to panic, hiding in cellars. According to militia, June 6th

Ukraine SITREP June 1st, by Duff

“Cyberberkut” reveals the correspondence between Soros and Poroshenko According to hacker group Cyberberkut, Soros insisted delivery of lethal weapons to   Ukraine from the United States, as well to  secretly train Ukrainian soldiers abroad, for example in Romania. Also, that the Polish general Waldemar Skshipchak, and US army general  Wesley Clark, should be helping to restore the combat capability of Poroshenko’s army  within the frames of Minsk agreements. source Questions Raised

Ukraine SITREP May 30th, by Duff

Georgian Clown Mikheil Saakashvili Is Now the Governor of Odessa Holy hell, what? Can Ukraine get any more screwed up? “Our country is literally days away from complete collapse. Someone call Saakashvili!” russia-insider Russian Jets Forced US Navy Destroyer Away From Territorial Waters Russian Navy jets forced a US Navy ship into the eastern Black Sea after it was noticed heading into Russia’s territorial waters. Russian Navy Su-24 jets forced

Ukraine SITREP May 25th, by Duff

ECONOMY Ukraine has just couple of days left to try to negotiate   restructuring of $ 23 billion debt if they want to get  a  new credit tranche from IMF program worth $ 17.5 billion Ukraine Debt Default. Kiev Reneges On Its Debt Obligations. Ukraine Parliament’s “Debt Moratorium Authorization” source As Ukraine’s Debt Approaches GDP, Is Default Inevitable? source A quote from  Fort Russ article: “The decision of the Verkhovna Rada

Ukraine SITREP May 23rd, by Duff

Judging by recent headlines, folks running the world seem to stick tightly to the advice from Bible: don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing. In one hand the  obvious change in US rhetoric is present, on the other, Kiev is gearing up for another attack on Donbass, moreover, they are sharpening situation around Transnistria. Kiev journalist Maksim Ravreba, in his interview with Sergey Veselovsky on

Ukraine SITREP May 18th, by Duff

SUMMARY Plethora of small shifts, back and forth, one step forward, ten steps into absurdity. Sputnik news portal brings the article about Europe losing control over the continent. Was propaganda monster unfolding around Ukraine Pandora Box  within last year,  really  directed against Russia only? Would it be  too bold to say that the monster was created to back stab EU itself? Europeans Lose Control Over Their Continent – German Media

Ukraine SITREP May 16th, by Duff

Kerry’s pointless diplomacy in Russia Leon Aron  in CNN article  concludes that US Secretary’s visit to Sochi does not make sense, “From the moment John Kerry’s trip to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s summer residence in Sochi on the Black Sea was announced, it was hard to see what the US secretary of state hoped to achieve. In orwellian double speech sense, he is right. It is not about Kerry. These

Ukraine SITREP May 11th, by Duff

DONBASS Mariupol front heavy fighting, artillery and tanks From about midnight last night, 10th of May, the situation on the southern front escalated to the maximum. In  Mariupol tense. UA army is moving  trucks and equipment through the city На Мариупольском фронте ожесточенные бои, применяются танки и артиллерия Delegates from the European Union arrived in the DPR to participate in the international forum Делегаты из ЕС прибыли в

Ukraine SITREP May 9th, by Duff

VICTORY DAY Hundreds of thousands of people were taking part in the so-called ‘Immortal Regiment‘ march, carrying photographs of their relatives  in memory of those who took part in the Great Patriotic War. The manifestation was taking place in the center of Moscow, but all over Russian Federation as well. Immortal Regiment march in Moscow Also in Donetsk   Amazingly enough, this particular event is covered by all western media

Ukraine SITREP May 4nd, by Duff

DONBASS Donetsk was bombed all night: DPR Army on full alert Donetsk has undergone massive heavy artillery shelling last two nights. (3rd and 4th of May). The shells hit the houses and destroyed the school №58 in the Kiev region, which just was opened after reconstruction. Донецк бомбили всю ночь: Армия ДНР приведена в полную готовность In Dokuchaevsk area  Thocka-U  knocked down According to the DPR Ministry of Defence

Ukraine SITREP May 2nd, by Duff

ODESSA On the anniversary of the tragedy on May 2 Odessa left without mobile signal В день годовщины трагедии 2 мая Одессу оставят без мобильной связи US armored vehicles in the center of Odessa US armored vehicles, which were pompously a few weeks ago, welcomed at the Kiev airport by Petro Poroshenko, are deployed in the center of Odessa to intimidate the local population on the eve of the anniversary

Ukraine SITREP April 27th, by Duff

Filaret Mikhail : We shall destroy the Russian aggression, and  both Europe and America will help us *  comment: Patriarch of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kiev Patriarchate, Filaret (Denisenko Mikhail) is excommunicated from the Church Council of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church for causing the schism. According to tradition,  Kiev mitropolite was considered the second most important bishop of the Russian Church, and the most influential of the

Ukraine SITREP April 25th, by Duff

1. Miners protests in Kiev SBU conducting searches and interrogations in the case of “the paid miners»  СБУ проводит обыски и допросы по делу «проплаченых шахтеров» source SBU opened a criminal case against the organizers of the miners protest in Kiev СБУ завела уголовное дело против организаторов акций шахтеров в Киеве source Radicals from the “Right Sector” attacked the miners in Kiev  Радикалы из «Правого сектора» напали на шахтеров в

Ukraine SITREP April 20th, by Duff

1.‘We’re not interested in a fair fight’ – US army commander urges NATO to confront Russia 2.Russia launches North Pole-2015 drifting Arctic station Norway wants Moscow’s explanations after Russian vice-premier’s visit to Spitsbergen Norway in Arctic dispute with Russia over Rogozin visit Russian Ministry of foreign affairs: reaction of Oslo is absurd МИД РФ: реакция Осло на посещение Рогозиным Шпицбергена “необъяснима и абсурдна” 3.NATO ‘Tornado’

Ukraine SITREP April 18th, by Duff

1.The statement which  gives the grounds to suspect that murder  campaign will continue Заявление дает основание подозревать продолжение кампании убийств. 2.Procession with Nazi symbols held in the center of Odessa under police guard The march of neo-Nazi “ultras” and “Svoboda”  with firecrackers, fireworks and smoke bombs shouting: “Hasta la vista, anti-fascist”, “white man –  great Ukraine,” “Remember,  stranger, here Ukrainian is the boss”, “One race, one nation, one