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Message to the Saker Community from Andrei (UPDATED)

Dear friends, Christ is Risen! I hope that those amongst you who are Orthodox Christians had a peaceful and joy-filled celebration of Holy Paskha. My family and I had a wonderful celebration and we are now back at home. First, I want to share with you a quick “state of the blog” update: the blog is doing *fantastic* with something between 7 and 10 million pages served each month. I

Short message from the Saker

Dear friends, Christ is Risen! I am back from my trip and I just wanted to quickly let you know that in the coming days I will make an announcement about how we plan to run the blog for the next couple of months.  With one exception, the changes will be minor.  I will share all the details with you soon. Right now I want to keep it very short

Pray for Gonzalo Lira

BitChute embedding powered by This is the link to the article by the Daily Beast: Now I wonder how they will live with themselves. Andrei Update:  Let’s be clear and stop passing on rumors.   This from Scott Ritter: A point of clarification—I have no direct evidence that Gonzalo has been killed. I was clear I was referring to “reports emerging” about his demise. But Gonzo said any

The 2nd phase of the Russian SMO + personal note

Dear friends While there are not official confirmations (that I know of) from the Russian military, it appears that Lavrov is the first, and so far only, Russian official who declared that the 2nd phase of the operation has begun.  Truth be told, pretty much everybody else thinks likewise.  Considering the intensity of Russian bombings and artillery strikes overnight, which were reported by numerous sources, it certainly appears reasonable to

Gonzalo Lira is missing!

BitChute embedding powered by Note by Andrei: if Gonzalo has been seized by the local Gestapo, his only chance of survival is either being freed by a Russian special operation (assuming the Russians can find out where he is held) or an exchange.  To be honest, both options are highly unlikely.  Please keep him in your prayers!

Day 50 of the SMO – are things becoming clear(er)? (UPDATED 2x)

So now we are 50 days into this Special Military Operation (SMO) and right in between the end of the first phase and the beginning of the second one.  So I want to begin by list a few things which were unclear/ambiguous/misunderstood and which now are becoming clear(er): There is this saying “no plan survives the first contact with the enemy” which I would even expand to “no plan survives

Day 49 of the Russian SMO – a few notes on the propaganda war (UPDATED!)

Dear friends, First, I want to point you to an excellent analysis by Bernhard at Moon of Alabama entitled “U.S. Military Intelligence Official Refutes ‘Russian Atrocities’ Claims“. So we can now “officially consider” the Bucha false flag as an “official flop” :-) Next, I want to point you to Andrei Martyanov‘s commentary on what happened to the missile cruiser Moskva he simply titled “About RKR Moskva“. Please read both of

Russian SMO: day 47 “crazies in the basement” and a poem

Today let’s begin with this news item today: Seven-in-Ten Americans Now See Russia as an Enemy Attitudes toward NATO increasingly positive. You got to love the “logic” of these folks! Russia intervenes in a country which neighbors Russia, thousands of miles away, and the US Americans see that as a threat to the USA.  And nevermind that the USA is the country which forced Russia into this war which the