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Tuesday morning headlines (a little change of tone or not?)

A few more links here, and amongst the many similar to yesterday’s, I decided to single out some possibly different ones: NATO member will withdraw troops in event of war with Russia – president Russia may not be poised to invade Ukraine – Pentagon Germany has ‘betrayed’ Ukraine – Kiev mayor No threat of immediate Russian attack on Ukraine – EU Oleksiy Danilov informed about the results of the NSDC

Monday morning headlines (open thread)

US, European Stock Markets Tumble at Opening As Tensions Rise Around Ukraine NATO Sends Additional Ships, Fighter Jets to Eastern Europe Amid Ukraine Tensions White House discussed plans to send up to 50,000 troops to Eastern Europe NATO announces major new deployment US Navy displays 2 supercarriers in Philippine Sea drill Chinese Air Force alarms Taiwan with massive flyby NATO Puts Forces On Standby, Deploys More Jets & Ships –

An aftermath of Washington Post – Zelensky interview

by Lilia Shumkova for the Saker blog On December 8, 2021, days before Russia presented to the U.S. its Draft of the proposed Treaty between The United States of America and the Russian Federation on security guarantees, foreign Secretary of the UK Liz Truss held talks with the Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba in the UK-Ukraine Strategic Dialogue platform. After the talk, the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office

Is there a deal being prepared behind the scenes?

I have to admit that when I heard that the US has no intention of giving the Russians anything in writing I began wondering whether it even made sense for Lavrov to fly to Geneva.  Yet, Lavrov thought otherwise and flew to the Swiss city.  The outcome?  Meh… The US wants another week to prepare a written reply.  Okay, that is some kind of result and I suppose that, considering

The Saker blog and its ranking compared to others :-)

As I have said many many times, I don’t care one bit about the amount of people who read the Saker blog.  I do care only about the quality of the readership, not its quantity.  Simply put: I want to reach the right people.  Besides, since I have no ads, no pop-ups, no special memberships, no for pay only articles, etc.  the number of visitors also makes no difference to

Various items during the current interlude (OPEN THREAD)

So Russia is still waiting for the written reply from the USA to her demands.  The US promised it for next week.  As for the gazillion opinion, predictions, threats and other guesses, they consider this all has irrelevant hot air and have declared that Russia will only act on the basis of what the US written reply will say. Fair enough. Still, there are a few secondary developments which are

Michael Pogrebinskii about the likelihood of the Poroshenko Arrest

Michael Pogrebinskii about the likelihood of the Poroshenko Arrest: The brainless Kievan Authorities have given Poroshenko a nice PR stunt opportunity. translated for the Saker Blog by O. Earlier the ex-president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has posted on his facebook page that he is planning to return to Ukraine from abroad in order to stand before the court. Political Analyst Michael Pogrebinskii thinks that the authorities are driven by political

The Saker interviews Ljubiša Malenica from Sarajevo

Note by the Saker: a few months ago I was contacted by Ljubiša who let me know that a number of very interesting documents have been made available to the public.  They are now all available on the bottom right of the homepage under the heading of “The Truth About The War On The Serbian People” and include links to all the documents we discussed with Ljubiša.  Considering the importance

The West’s ruling “elites” truly *are* stupid!

First check this out: I would just add that to think that the Russian winter can prevent the Russian military from fighting is simply breathtakingly stupid.  However, since The Telegraph can post such nonsense, this goes to show that the general public in the West has also been stupidified beyond rescue and can be fed any bullcrap without batting an eye. While the leaders of the (already dead) Empire are

The War Party wins – Russia is now free to act unilaterally

First, a quick update on Kazakhstan: the CSTO will begin its withdrawal tomorrow and that operation will be completed by the 19th of January (dunno if anybody will inform Blinken about how quickly the Russians leave). This operation was truly a triumph for Russia and her allies. It is said that hope dies last, and today it appears that whatever hope we might have had has died.  A week long

And now, a short message from the US War Party

How to deal with the Kremlin-created crisis in Europe Since President Biden’s virtual summit with President Putin on December 7, Russia has increased its troop presence on or near Ukraine’s borders. Having created this crisis, the Kremlin has demanded security guarantees for Russia that the United States and its allies cannot possibly provide. It has made provocative statements at high levels, including outlandish claims that US private military contractors intend

What, if anything, happened in Geneva?

There are no official results from the meeting in Geneva yet.  The US has promised to give the Russians an official answer in writing within a week.  The Russians have declared that they have explained the Russian position to their US counterparts in minute details leaving no ambiguity.  According to Russian sources, the US position was a “diehard/stubborn” one. Clearly, the War Party in the USA is, at least so

The true face of Vucic supporters for all to see :-)

Yesterday a Vucic-troll calling himself П.П.Његош complained about my characterization of Vucic.  I replied this to him.  Today, I found this remarkable comment intercepted by the moderators: A couple of things are particularly interesting here. First, the reference to my “Russian genes” and to my “Asiatic race”.  That is racism at is purest, of course.  It also sounds exactly like what Ukronazis say about Russians (nb: they typically claim that

A Faintly Curmudgeonly Analysis of the Sino-Dimbulbian Clash

by Fred Reed for the Saker blog A staple response of nationalistic commenters on the web, when told that China is advancing rapidly in technology, is a truculent, “If the Chinese are so damn smart, why do they send their students to American universities? Huh?” The answer may surprise. Appended below is an email from an internet friend with a career in math and engineering: “Fred, “….My oldest daughter, being