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Day 39 of the Russian SMO – a few developments

First, in Hungary, Viktor Orban won a supermajority in the latest elections.  This makes perfect sense, as Orban’s policies have guaranteed that Hungary will get her energy at a low and stable price for the next 15 years (if I remember correctly) while the Eurolemmings will get their at astronomic prices on the spot markets which they themselves chose over long term contracts.  The same goes for food items, fertilizer,

Hungary SITREP

By Waldo for the Saker Blog Once I read a sci-fi in which the highly developed civilization had an energy shield which had been supplied by the energy it was attacked with. So, the harder it was attacked, the stronger the shield has become – no pasaran. The stronger the Eurocrats and Washington puddles attack Orbán / Fidesz / Hungary – the stronger they will become on every election. Hence

Day 36 of the Russian SMO in the Ukraine – a look at Ukrainian military

Today, I want to comment on a topic I did not address yet: the quality of the Ukrainian armed forces. Over night, two Ukrainian helicopters flying at very low altitude and high speed flew across the Russian Ukrainian border, and in only six minutes of flight time found themselves next to a fuel storage facility near the Russian city of Belgorod.  They both fired, one missed, but the second one

Day 35 of the Russian SMO in the Ukraine – a “naysayers special”!

How many of you remember the endless stream of warnings that “Putin works for Schwab” or “Putin is in bed with Netanyahu”, he will “sell out the Donbass” and he is “bluffing” about sanctions. Then came the ultimatum.  They dismissed it. Then came the Special Military Operation (SMO).  They dismissed it. Then came the news that Russia would sell gas to hostile states only in Rubles.  They dismissed it. See,

Negotiations: a primer for Zone A residents

Okay, I am going to ask you to make a real effort and, for a while at least, drop your certitudes and what you believe is a good or a bad way to prosecute a war.  Instead, I am going to appeal to your common sense. Long before the Russian Special Military Operation (SMO) in the Ukraine started, but following the Russian ultimatum, I indicated many times that what Russia

Two questions about IT issues

Dear friends, I have a few IT questions I would like to submit to you.  Please keep in mind that I only use GNU/Linux, never Windows or iStuff.  Here are my questions: First, is there a way to quickly obtain the embed code for a video posted on Telegram? Just to clarify, I do NOT want to embed an entire channel or even a single post.  I want to be

Russian SMO in the Ukraine – Day 34

Lot’s of good stuff to share with you today.  So let’s begin First, the misunderstandings resulting from an absolutely terrible public information policy explaining the reality of what is being negotiated between the Ukraine and Russia has resulted in a massive “NIET!” from the Russian public opinion.  There is a Russian saying “нет худа без добра” which can roughly be translated as “even a bad situation can have a silver

Russian Special Military Operation (SMO) – Day 33

Dear friends, First, a quick announcement – I have agreed with a Russian speaking reader to have a SITREP about the Russian Special Military Operation (SMO) every 2nd day. Here is the first one: (make sure to check it out!!!) Please drop by and give us your feedback, suggestions, criticisms, etc.! Second, there is a true panic going through the Russian society.  It is due to the talk happening

Back at the keyboard, but today I begin with a repost

Note: Far away in distant 2015 I wrote a article I entitled “The moral yardstick of the Ukrainian war (Saker rant)” and I want to repost it today.  Since 2015, things did not get better, they only got worse, especially in Zone A.  So here are my thought about that issue, at least they were in 2015.  Please let me know what you think.  I will resume my “normal” blogging

The Saker interviews Michael Hudson

Following Putin’s announcement about selling gas for Rubles only to hostile nations, I decided to reach out to Michael Hudson and ask him (my level, primitive) questions.  Here is our full email exchange: Andrei: Russia has declared that she will only sell gas to “hostile countries” for Rubles.  Which means that to non-hostile countries she will continue to sell in Dollars/Euros.  Can these hostile countries still purchase gas from Russia