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One month into the Russian special operation in the Ukraine

The Beast woke up in pitch darkness And the price was named to God. Everybody has caved in – even our brothers in Christ, Everything has caved in – but not my country. (translated lyrics from the song “Donbass is with us”) First, the official version First, here is a machine translated summary of events following one month of combat operations as posted by Boris Rozhin (aka Col. Cassad): 1.

Quick update on the war in the Ukraine

The Ukrainians fired a Tochka-U missile at a port where three large landing ship were offloading their freight, the Tochka-U was intercepted by Russian air defenses, but its parts did enough to start a major fire on one of the ships whom the Russians decided to sink in the port to avoid a detonation of the ammo it carried.  This is the first Ukrainian strike which we can consider as

Rostislav Ishchenko on “will Poland invade the western Ukraine?”

Note: another very interesting translation from our new team of Russian translators (thank you!) Question: do you believe that Poland will send forces into the Ukraine? No, I don’t think the US is giving conflicting instructions to Kiev. The fact is that when we are negotiating with Ukraine, we are, in fact, indirectly negotiating with the United States. Because, it is clear that we are fighting not with Zelensky, but

Day 26 of “Operation Z” in the Ukraine

Dear friends, First, a small announcement:  I am working with a few friends to try to get a daily “Operation Z SITREP” posted in our SITREP section.  This would contain the latest news and the maps that so many like so much.  This is still a work in the planning stages, but I hope to get the ball rolling reasonably soon. Next, according to Chechen sources, Chechen special operations have

The many “great coming outs” triggered by the war in the Ukraine

Dear friends, For four weeks now we have been discussing the Russian special military operation in the Ukraine and most of what we looked at was happening either in the Ukraine proper or near it.  I did mention plenty of time that “this is not about the Ukraine, this is about the future collective security arrangement of Europe“, which is true.  But even that does not show the full picture. 

Ukrainian war map by the French military (March 19th) + summary

Of course, it shows things in a much more Ukrainian favorable light than any Russian map, because the French are also backing the Ukies and because the French don’t have the same access as Russians.  But, for contrast, here it is.  Let’s call it “here is what they officially admit to” :-) Andrei source: and just to add to the picture, here is a machine translation of the summary

Boris Rozhin – detailed discussion of the situation in the Ukraine

Note by Andrei: Boris Alexandrovich Rozhin blogs under the alias Colonel Cassad.  He is based in Crimea and reports about the events in the Ukraine on a daily basis.  I don’t necessarily agree/endorse everything he said here (or elsewhere) and I don’t share his ideological views (he is a Communist).  In in the interview he just gave to a Russian outlet he gives a lot of interesting information.  So what

Movie about the Ukraine

A friend send me 4 links to a movie about the Ukraine.  Here are these links: I have decided to collate the four videos into one, then upload it to BitChute.  I hope that I did not mess something up (I don’t have the physical time to check). I assumed that YouTube would block the video sooner or later (they already placed a disclaimer on top of it), so making