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Venezuela and Ecuador Resolve Differences with Colombia at Regional Summit

March 8th 2008, by James Suggett for Mérida, March 8, 2008 ( – During the 20th Presidential Summit of the Río Group, held Friday in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, the Ecuadorian, Colombian, and Venezuelan heads of state reached an agreement that effectively cooled off the diplomatic crisis, which had raged across Latin America last week following air and land attacks by Colombian armed forces last Saturday on encampments of

Rabbis write oen letter to Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah

To the Distinguished People of LebanonAssalam AlaikumMay the Almighty`s blessings be on all of you, your families, and all our esteemed brethren in Lebanon.We speak to you as the voice and messengers of true Jewry — the Jewish people, true to the Almighty`s Torah, from around the world.Less than a month has passed since we have addressed an open letter to Dr. Al-Zahar, and the people of Gaza and the

$300 Million From Chavez to FARC: a fake

Here’s the written evidence… and – please say it ain’t so! – Obama and Hillary attack Ecuador Note: Saturday, Bobby Kennedy hosts Greg Palast on “Ring of Fire” on Air America Radio. Sunday, catch Palast with Amy Goodman on WABC Television (New York), hosted by Gil Noble, Channel 7 at 1 pm(est). Friday, March 7, 2008 for By Greg Palast Do you believe this? This past weekend, Colombia invaded

Washington’s role in the current conflict between Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador

by Cory Fischer-Hoffman Monday, 03 March 2008, Caracas, Venezuela — On Saturday March 1st Colombia’s Air Force carried out a military operation in Ecuador, violating the sovereignty of its western neighbor nation. The bombing resulted in at least 17 deaths. One of the people reported to be among the victims is Raúl Reyes, commander and spokesperson for the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC). This attack is the continuation and

Update on the status of this blog

Dear friends, I have just returned from an exhausting trip to Europe to visit my sick mother, only to come home and now see how my brother-in-law is dying. I have spend most of my time either in hospitals, in airplanes or trying to catch up on some much needed sleep (no success on this front: I have not had a restful night of sleep in 20 days or so).

The Real Story Behind Kosovo’s Independence

Lessons in the Bi-Partisanship of Empire By JEREMY SCAHILL News Flash: The Bush administration acknowledges there is a such thing as international law. But, predictably, it is not being invoked to address the US prison camps at Guantanamo, the wide use of torture, the invasion and occupation of sovereign countries, the extraordinary rendition program. No, it is being thrown out forcefully as a condemnation of the Serbian government in the

Vladimir Putin’s message to the world: Russia is back

(thanks to Mizgin for this submission) Speech at Expanded Meeting of the State Council on Russia’s Development Strategy through to 2020February 8, 2008The Kremlin, Moscow PRESIDENT VLADIMIR PUTIN: Citizens of Russia, Colleagues, As I come to the end of this second term in office as President of the Russian Federation I think that I should speak about what has been accomplished over these last years and set out our long-term

Kosovo: A New Day of Infamy for a New Century

by Srdja Trifkovic The grotesque charade in Pristina on Sunday, February 17, crowned a decade and a half of U.S. policy in the former Yugoslavia that has been mendacious and iniquitous in equal measure. By encouraging its Albanian clients go ahead with the unilateral proclamation of independence written at the Department of State, the U.S. administration has made a massive leap into the unknown. That leap is potentially on par

Camp Bondsteel – the Empire’s base in “independent” Kosovo

Camp Bondsteel The United States agreed to provide a force of approximately 7,000 US personnel as part of the NATO KFOR to help maintain a capable military force in Kosovo and to ensure the safe return of Kosovar refugees. The US supports KFOR by providing the headquarters and troops for one of the four NATO sectors. The US also provides personnel, units and equipment to other components of the KFOR

Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica addresses the Serbian nation about Kosovo

Translation: “Dear citizens of Serbia, Today, on February 17, a phoney state of Kosovo has been declared in the part of Serbia’s territory that is under military control of NATO. This unprecedented lawlessness came as a result of destructive, cruel and immoral policy of force implemented by the US. This act informs the whole world that America puts force over the UN Charter and is ready to self-willingly, unscrupulously and

Director of National Intelligence says Syria or Hezbollah faction might be involved in Mughniyah assassination

According to Haaretz, the U.S. intelligence chief said Sunday that internal Hezbollah factions or Syria may be to blame for the killing of top Hezbollah commander Imad Mughniyah last week. Ok, I know all the caveats which one should be aware of when quoting somebody like Mike McConnell and I agree with all of them. Yes, this might be a way of blaming Syria in order to further divide the

Serbia’s historical leaders on the secession of Kosovo

Канцеларија Њ.К.В. Престолонаследника Александра II The Office of H.R.H. Crown Prince Alexander PRESS RELEASE FROM THE CROWN COUNCIL REGARDING THE DECLARATION OF AN ALBANIAN STATE ON THE TERRITORY OF SERBIA The 17th of February 2008 is a date which will live in infamy! On that day Europe had diminished its own morale, embarassed its own history and shown that it carries within its organism the virus of its own downfall!

Blood and Champagne

by Uri Avnery EVERY PEOPLE elevate the profession in which they excel. If a person in the street were asked to name the area of enterprise in which we Israelis excel, his answer would probably be: Hi-Tech. And indeed, in this area we have recorded some impressive achievements. It seems as if hardly a day passes without an Israeli start-up company that was born in a garage being sold for

Analysts expect Hizbullah to deal major blow to “Israel”

Source: Daily Star via Islamic Resistance in Lebanon By Michael Bluhm BEIRUT: Wednesday’s assassination of Hizbullah senior commander Imad Moghnieh will spark a new round of violence in the region, as Hizbullah is certain to retaliate in spectacular fashion, thereby provoking further security fallout in Lebanon, a number of analysts told The Daily Star on Friday. The aftershocks of Moghnieh’s killing could even increase the chances for civil strife here,

Excerpts from Nasrallah’s speech warning Israel (subtitled video)

An unambiguous warning from a man who has never made an empty threat: Full speech transcript: Source: Hizbullah Secretary General his eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah stressed that “Hizbullah and the Islamic Resistance stand prepared to face any potential aggression on Lebanon, for Imad Moghnieh has left behind tens of thousands of very well trained fighters who are more than ready for martyrdom”.His eminence added: “From July 2006 war until

50,000 Hezbollahis in State of High Alert

Assafir Daily – Translated by Al-Manar The Lebanese newspaper Assafir reported Saturday that the Hezbollah has put 50,000 of its resistance fighters in a state of high alert and evacuated all buildings in the area designated for social or political purposes in recent days. Hezbollah vowed to retaliate the assassination of it resistance commander Imad Moghniyeh who was killed in Damascus by Mossad agents. Israel has denied any involvement. Meanwhile,

Syria denies joint Syria/Iran/Hezbollah investigation

From the Palestinian Pundit blog: “DAMASCUS, Syria – Syria denied Iranian claims that the two countries would conduct a joint investigation into the assassination of a top Hezbollah commander, the Syrian state news agency reported. Imad Mughniyeh, who was one of the world’s most wanted fugitives, was killed in a car bomb in the Syrian capital Tuesday night. He was accused of masterminding attacks that killed hundreds of Americans in

Kosovo Serbs see EU mission as ‘occupation

EU Business reports: The EU police and justice mission aimed at helping Kosovo’s transition to independence is a form of “occupation,” Kosovo Serb leader Milan Ivanovic said Saturday. “In essence, the mission has the characteristics of an occupation and it will be accepted neither by Serbia nor by the Serbs in Kosovo,” Ivanovic told AFP hours after Brussels approved the mission’s deployment. European Union nations have agreed to send a

Bosnian Serbs play up secession threats over Kosovo

By Olja Stanic BANJA LUKA, Bosnia (Reuters) – Bosnian Serb nationalists stepped up threats on Thursday to secede from Bosnia if Kosovo declares independence from Serbia on Sunday. “In case Kosovo proclaims independence, we shall request independence for the Serb Republic as well,” Branislav Dukic, the chairman of SPONA, an association gathering several Bosnian Serb war veterans groups, told a news conference. Under the Dayton accords that ended the 1992-95