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Détente or Hidden Agendas? A sign of “The Times”

by Gilad Atzmon for Palestine Think Tank Back in 2003 I wrote, “If ‘world peace’ is our main concern, we must achieve a balance of power, we must let the oppressed people of this world have access to the most advanced weaponry…. Balance of power is the only key to peace.” Nowadays, when Israel and its supportive lobbies are doing everything within their powers to drag us all into a

Is This the Beginning of Columbia’s Leftward Shift?

By Mike Whitney for InformationClearingHouse It was a perfectly executed rescue mission and they pulled it off without a hitch. A small group of Columbian military-intelligence agents, posing as aid workers on a humanitarian mission, touched-down in the heart of rebel territory, gathered up Ingrid Betancourt and 14 other hostages, and whisked them away to safety while a small army of rifle-toting Marxist guerrillas looked on dumbfounded. The tale of

Iran Shows Its Cards

by Scott Ritter for Truthdig There can no longer be any doubt about the consequences of any U.S. and/or Israeli military action against Iran. Armchair warriors, pundits and blustering politicians alike have been advocating a pre-emptive military strike against Iran for the purpose of neutralizing its nuclear-related infrastructure, as well as retarding Iran’s ability to train and equip “terrorist” forces on Iranian soil before dispatching them to Iraq or parts

Iran will target 32 US bases if attacked

Press TV reports that Iran says its Armed Forces would target the heart of Israel and 32 US bases before the dust settles from an attack on the country. “If the enemy was confident that it would emerge victorious from an attack on Iran, they would not put it off for even another day,” an aide to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Mojtaba Zolnoor said on Saturday. Today, through

For a change, WONDERFUL NEWS! Dr. Sami Al-Arian Granted Bail

By Jonathan Turley, Lead Counsel to Dr. Sami Al-Arian In a set back for the government, Dr. Sami Al-Arian was granted bail by Judge Leonie M. Brinkema today. Over the objections of the government and the pre-trial services, Judge Brinkema agreed that Dr. Al-Arian was not a flight risk and no danger to the community. The government has suggested that it may now block release by having Immigration officials hold

Let’s get some things straight about the upcoming war with Iran

The upcoming war with Iran is again back in the news and while the international media is awash with reports and discussions about the recent Iranian missile test, some usually savvy observers, such as Tom Englehardt and Tony Karon, now say that the US-Israeli aggression on Iran will not happen at all. So which is it – Iranian missiles raining down on Israel or no war at all? Neither. First,

The Ongoing Persecution of Sami Al-Arian

By Alexander Cockburn for The Nation (thanks to M. for this article) There are few prospects in the justice system so grimly awful as when the feds decide never to let go. Rebuffed in their persecutions of some target by juries, or by contrary judges, they shift ground, betray solemn agreements, dream up new stratagems to exhaust their victims, drive them into bankruptcy, despair and even to suicide. They have

One thing the United States doesn’t get about guerrilla warfare: It’s not over until the guerrillas win

Bringing Ireland to Baghdad: How the Resistance Will Eventually Kick the Americans Out By Gary Brecher for AlterNetIt’s very easy to see what’s up in Iraq right now — if you’re willing to face it. The trouble is, most “experts” aren’t willing. That has been the pattern right from the beginning. We didn’t want to admit there even was an insurgency, and even now, nobody misses a chance to declare

Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah’s press conference on swap deal with Israel – full transcript

Hizbullah Official Website translation Hizbullah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah held a press conference to explain the circumstances of the swap deal with “Israel”. Sayyed Narallah: May Peace be upon You. In light of the importance and sensitive nature of out topic today, I will discuss the topic without an introduction. The event does have its emotional, jihadi, and political considerations after all. In truth, there are two addresses; A

We, the Salt of the Earth, Take Precedence

By Paul Craig Roberts for Information Clearinghouse Which country is the rogue nation? Iraq? Iran? Or the United States? Syndicated columnist Charley Reese asks this question in a recently published article. Reese notes that it is the US that routinely commits “acts of aggression around the globe.” The US government has no qualms about dropping bombs on civilians whether they be in Serbia, the Middle East, or Africa. It is

Iranian commander survives assassination

Press TV reports: An Iranian navy commander leading a unit that arrested 15 UK sailors in the Persian Gulf last year survives an assassination attempt. The attack on Colonel Abolqasem Amangah, the commander of the Arvand Rud Navy Base in southern Iran, occurred while he was driving in the eastern Sorkh Hesar district of Tehran on Monday. Two groups of unidentified assailants, a group on a motorbike and the other

Interview with Iran’s Ambassador to IAEA

CASMII Exclusive: Interview with Iran’s Ambassador to IAEA (source: CASMII) Mohammad Kamaali, board member of CASMII UK speaks to Iran’s Ambassador to the IAEA Dr Ali Asghar Soltanieh who was recently in London to attend an international conference on a Middle East Weapons of Mass Destruction Free Zone, organised by the School of Oriental and African Studies, SOAS. In this interview Dr Soltanieh explains the reasons behind Iran’s determination to

Israel’s dead end

(thanks to Mari for this interesting contribution) Zionist dreams of clearing “Greater Israel” of all Palestinians continue to be played out via insidious and violent means, but they won’t be realized, writes Jonathan Cook in Al-Ahram Weekly. In 1895, Theodor Herzl, Zionism’s chief prophet, confided in his diary that he did not favour sharing Palestine with the natives. Better, he wrote, to “try to spirit the penniless [Palestinian] population across

US, anti-Iran groups hold secret meeting

Press TV reports: US officials and heads of four Kurdish anti-Iran groups have held a secret meeting in the Iraqi city of Sulaimaniyah, a Kurdish website says. The two-day meeting was aimed at coordination of the US and the anti-Iran groups on mounting more pressure on the Islamic Republic. Ten American military officers and leaders of four Kurdish terrorist groups attended the meeting in the Palace Hotel in Sulaimaniyah, northern

Tactics that ended apartheid in S. Africa can end it in Israel

Note: Today I am publishing an opinion piece even though I have strong reservations about its key thesis. Basically, while I do agree that the self-confessed racist (“Jewish”) State of Israel’s policies are, in some ways, similar to Apartheid, I do not think that Israeli Jews are in any way similar to Afrikaners, nor do I think Israel is susceptible to the same kind pressures which, eventually, brought about the