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Translation of Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah speech on Thursday

Excerpt of the press conference held by the Secretary General of Hezbollah Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah The content of this press conference which we are holding for the first time after July 2006 is for sure about the latest, crucial and dangerous developments taking place in the Lebanese arena. In the beginning, I have to say after the decisions of the authority group on that dark night that a new phase

Hezbollah gunmen in west Beirut victory parades

(AFP) Convoys of gunmen firing celebratory shots into the air and flashing the victory sign took to the streets on Friday after the Hezbollah-led opposition seized control of west Beirut following fierce firefights with Sunni pro-government supporters. Motorcycles, jeeps and cars crammed with militants hanging out of the windows roamed otherwise deserted streets of the Lebanese capital, wildly firing machine guns. Many gunmen also posed for each other, taking photographs

In the meanwhile, the pro-Western millionaires of Lebanon continue to party

Here is a photo from the website YaLiban (a pro-government website). In a section devoted to pictures from the fighting in Lebanon they also posted this photo with the following caption: A Nation of Opposites: A lingerie fashion show taking place on Wednesday in Dbayeh, north of Beirut. Yeah, you could call that a “Nation of opposites” I suppose… (I am not kidding you – check on the original website!)

BBC becomes a mouthpiece for the Siniora clique possibly in preparation for a foreign intervention

I have just listened to the BBC news about the events in Lebanon. I was baffled to see that it did not even pretend to report objectively about the events in Beirut. Basically, it was “open mike” for the supporters of Siniora, Hariri, Jumblatt and the rest of the CIA stooges. If that is how the BBC presents the events I can’t even begin to imagine what the “idiot box”

Hezbollah fighters take much of Beirut

U.S.-backed security forces protect government buildings but avoid street clashes. “The situation is chaotic,” says one official. By Raed Rafei and Borzou Daragahi for the Los Angeles Times BEIRUT — The Shiite militia Hezbollah today handily took over much of the capital in a dramatic escalation of the months-long confrontation with the Western-backed government, security officials said. As Hezbollah swept through West Beirut, Lebanon’s security forces, which received more than

Army takes control of Future TV

Press TV reports: The Lebanese army has taken control of the pro-government Future TV station and al-Mostaqbal newspaper as radio al-Sharq has gone off air. The TV station is owned by Saad al-Hariri, leader of Lebanon’s Western-backed ruling coalition. Amid ongoing clashes in Beirut, some 800 gunmen affiliated to Hariri’s al-Mostaqbal (Future) Movement surrendered to the army last night. The opposition has reportedly taken full control of key neighborhoods of

AFP: Opposition Takes Control of all Western Beirut

AFP via al-Manar: The Lebanese National Opposition announced western Beirut under its control, according to AFP. Calm has prevailed in most areas in the Lebanese capital Beirut, after the latest incidents saw the mercenaries of the Mustakbal militia flee from most neighborhoods. Residents as well as National Opposition loyalists forced Mustakabal gunmen to lay down their arms and surrender. From the Watwat area to Zaydaniyeh, Tamer Mallat neighborhood, Tallet al-Khayyat,

Lebanon’s Free Patriotic Movement leader Michel Aoun has held the Lebanese government accountable for deteriorating security situation in the country

Alalam news reports that General Aoun said in a televised speech on Thursday: “I place all the blame on the government.” Aoun voiced support for comments earlier made by Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah that the political divide had a “political rather than a sectarian dimension to it.” Nasrallah warned on Thursday that a Lebanese government crackdown on his group was tantamount to a “declaration of war” on behalf of

Nasrallah accuses ruling coalition of ‘declaring war,’ singles out Jumblatt

Hizbullah secretary general Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said during a press conference Thursday that Lebanon has entered a new phase of its political crisis and warned that a government crackdown on his party was tantamount to a “declaration of war.” Nasrallah stressed that Hizbullah was ready to return to dialogue, linking talks to a government back-track regarding measures taken Tuesday. The eruption of violence is immediately rooted in a Cabinet decision

Lebanon’s opposition takes west Beirut

According to a Press TV correspondent in Lebanon, opposition forces have now taken full control of west Beirut. Opposition forces have stormed the Ras al-Naba area which is a key stronghold of the western-backed ruling coalition. They have detained gunmen loyal to the government and handed them over to the Lebanese army. Reports also say guards have now fled the offices belonging to coalition leader Saad al-Hariri’s Future Group. Informed

John Bolton: might Bush bomb Iran? “Yes, definitely!”

Think Progress Thursday, May 8, 2008 In a Fox News interview this afternoon, former UN Ambassador John Bolton discussed his desire to bomb camps inside Iran that are reportedly training and arming Shiite insurgents who fight in Iraq. Fox host Martha McCallum asked, “Can you imagine a scenario where President Bush would do that before the end of his term?” Bolton responded, “I think so, definitely.” He added later, “This

UN joins in in Hezbollah bashing

Take a look at this crap: Siniora and the rest of the CIA stooges in Beirut stand no chance against Hezbollah. We should brace for an Imperial rescue operation very soon. Stay tuned

“We’ll Defend Against Jumblatt Govt’s Declared War”

Al-Manar TV reports: Hezbollah Secretary General held a press conference to address recent developments in Lebanon, particularly the tense situation on the street caused by the latest decisions adopted by the unconstitutional government of Fouad Saniora. Sayyed Nasrallah said that the ruling bloc has pushed the country in a completely new situation. “The decisions of the ruling are declaration of war,” his eminence warned. On the communications network, Sayyed Nasrallah

Palestinian Think Tank born today!

Haitham Sabbah, Mary Rizzo and Gilad Atzmon are very pleased to announce their new site. Palestine Think Tank. It is a site containing news, analysis, art and more to further the cause of justice for Palestinians. It concentrates on many aspects of the resistance, but also focuses on the issues affecting the entire Middle East. Please visit us at, share this news with those who might be interested, and

Beating the Drums of a Broader Middle East War Israel, Syria, and Lebanon Prepare the “Home Fronts”

By Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya for Global ResearchThe Levant could be the starting point of a major international conflict with global ramifications and which could quickly spin out of control. Such a conflict could even involve the use of Israeli or American nuclear weapons against Iran and Syria. Syria has additionally declared that it is preparing for an inevitable war with Israel despite the fact that it believes that the chances

Pro-US forces organize provocations in Beirut

Al-Manar reports: Residents of the Nuweiri area in Beirut protested at Future Movement gunmen for opening fire and terrorizing civilians, so they decided to storm into their office. Hezbollah members informed Lebanese Army intelligence service about the matter and a military unit was dispatched to the location and evacuated 21 Future Movement members from the office. The army confiscated automatic weapons and ammunition. They also found applications for new Future

Middle-East indicators and warnings point to war

The rumors about a US attack on Iran have been recently re-energized by the sacking of Admiral Fallon, the arrival of a new US Navy Carrier in the vicinity of the Persian Gulf, Cheney’s recent visit to the region, General David “Ass-kissing chickenshit” Petraeus’ testimony in Congress, Secretary Gate’s silly comments about Iran wanting nukes after all, nevermind the NIE, or the New York Times resuming some of its worst

USraelian stooges in Lebanon try to take down communication network in preparation for a likely Israeli attack on Lebanon

Al Manar reports: The head of the unconstitutional government and his ruling decided in the longest cabinet session yet in Lebanese history, to label “illegal and unconstitutional” the Resistance communications network. Saniora and his team also decided to remove airport security Chief Brigadier General Wafiq Shqeir to rejoin the army command. The US-backed ruling bloc decisions came one day ahead of a general strike to be held across Lebanon to