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Movie about the Ukraine

A friend send me 4 links to a movie about the Ukraine.  Here are these links: I have decided to collate the four videos into one, then upload it to BitChute.  I hope that I did not mess something up (I don’t have the physical time to check). I assumed that YouTube would block the video sooner or later (they already placed a disclaimer on top of it), so making

Day 21 of the Russian special military operation – 3 questions

Today, I begin with this: something I would call a good summary of CNN’s wishful thinking This has everything! Putin is a “pure thug” Russians are indiscriminately murdering civilians en masse “Ex-KGB” “agent” says what his CIA handlers tell him to Klitschko is as verbally clever as he always is China is about to screw Russia over Drones threaten NATO (apparently including Ukie ones?) A retired colonel opines that Russia

What is Bergoglio up to?

Note by the Saker: to fully understand how evil and hypocritical all this business about “consecrating” Russia to something by the Latins, you need to be aware of two things: the Ukraine is the creation of the Papacy and its goal has always been the destruction of Russia and the so-called “Marian apparitions” are just one of the many hoaxes, falsifications, forgeries and outright satanic manifestations of the typical Latin

Day 20, a few short updates

Putin made an important speech today which the Russians officials are in no hurry to translate.  So here is a machine translation from Boris Rozhin (aka Colonel Cassad): (only partial extracts from the full transcript, emphasis added by me, Andrei) The operation of the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine is developing successfully, strictly in accordance with plans. The tactics of the Russian Defense Ministry in Ukraine have fully justified themselves,

Russian special military operation in the Ukraine – Day 20

First, some rather amazing “housekeeping” news.  I spoke with our webmaster today and he told me that our traffic is now about 10 MILLION pages served per month.  On average, we have between 1’000 and 1’300 users connected to our servers at the same time.  So the good news is that the blog is booming.  The bad one is that this will pull our IT costs even further.  However, thanks

What happened to Russia’s gold and foreign currency reserves? Will there be a default?

source: translated by the Saker Translation community Part of our gold and currency reserves was frozen in other countries, mainly the US and EU member states, due to sanctions imposed against Russia’s Central Bank (RCB). Therefore, Russians are naturally asking why are our strategic reserves NOT stored on Russia’s territory but on the territory of our economic adversaries? We’ll try to explain how much was stored where, how much

Russian special military operation in the Ukraine – Day 19

The big news of the day is that the Russian forces finally decided to, shall we say, change pace, and by all account the intensity of the artillery, aerial bombing and missile barrage which hit the Ukie forces in the town of Avdeevka was absolutely unprecedented and following this barrage the LDNR forces broke through 8 kilometers of just about the most heavily defended sectors in the entire theater or

This is too funny to miss!!! (MUST SEE!)

First, a video from our heroic information warriors: Then realize this: Then look at this:   This is a satellite view of Snake Island AFTER the Russian either killed all the Ukie martyrs or evacuated the Ukie traitors (you pick). And, finally, the commentary by Andrei Maryanov: They invent a “story” of some defiant ukie grunts (long since debunked), and now, by showing some MLRS (Grad most likely) salvo,

Three important missile strikes (UPDATED!)

First, as the entire western press is clamoring in impotent range, Russia has fire 8 Kalibr missiles at a major NATO base in western Ukraine.  The base is utterly destroyed and there are many (well over 180+) dead mercenaries and even more wounded ones.  The base was near the Polish border which, of course, triggered even more hysterics. What is important about this strike is this: Russia has just proven

On maps wars and hate-filled mobs “canceling Russia”

First, the obligatory map of the day:   Now I need to make a note about maps, as some clearly struggle with the concept.  Okay, first, a map is NOT a faithful representation of reality.  But it is just that, a REPRESENTATION.  Which means that depending on the author of the map and the intended public, two different maps representing the same situation on the ground can look very different.

The promised map after all (+ one more question!) UPDATED with 2nd map!

First, here is the promised map: I won’t comment on it, Andrei Martyanov gave you the full story for today. UPDATE: another map I found here:     Now the my question: I also need an non-censored video hosting site. YT is beyond and below hopeless. I tried BitChute, but they are not publishing a video I found on YT and wanted to repost there.  The video is Ukronazi