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Russia reacts to Turkey’s attack SITREP November 29, 2015 by Scott

Historically, Russia’s big wheels turn slowly, almost invisible to the naked eye, but they do turn and grind anything getting between them into fine dust. On November 24th something extraordinary has happened, the big wheels of Russian bureaucracy moved with a pace of an Olympic sprinter banned by IAAF. Keeping fingers crossed, maybe we witness a new age of the Russian statehood, when things that need to be done get

Ukraine Syria Turkey Crisis News November 28, 2015

Help produce more actual and interesting content, join our struggle by donating via PayPal: or via: The growing number of violations of the ceasefire regime in Donbass is caused by the lack of Kiev’ control over the territorial battalions, head of the DPR delegation at the Minsk talks, Denis Pushilin stated on Friday. The peaceful settlement of the conflict “are not the aim of the radicals in the

International Military Review – Syria, Nov. 27, 2015

Help produce more actual and interesting content, join our struggle by donating via PayPal: or via: Over the past 3 days, Russian warplanes have conducted 134 sorties, hitting 449 targets in the provinces of Aleppo, Damascus, Idlib, Latakia, Hama, Homs, Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor. The main targets were the Al Nusra terrorist group with allies and ISIS. The Russian Air Force has targeted a number of the terrorirsts’

The Western Sanctions on Russia SITREP by the Serbian Girl

The US –led war campaign against Russia, includes financial warfare. USA has complete dominance of the global financial network. Sanctions were put in place in order to financially asphyxiate Russia and “destroy Vladimir Putin” Political and Military Analyses Source: Here’s how Obama’s sanctions will destroy Vladimir Putin The timing was particular painful as it coincided with the fall in oil prices. The sanctions, however, have backfired in at least two

Lavrov and Syrian FM Walid al-Moallem hold joint press conference in Moscow (ENGLISH)

Video starts from 48:00 minutes. Streamed live on Nov 27, 2015 Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov and Syrian foreign minister Walid al-Moallem hold a joint press conference following their meeting in Moscow on November 27. Both leaders are expected to discuss the possibility of an international anti-terror operation in Syria and to discuss Tuesday’s downing of a Russian Sukhoi Su-24 by Turkish F-16 fighter jets. Sergey Lavrov talks about economic

Putin, Hollande speak after Moscow talks LIVE

Putin and Hollande give a joint press conference following their meeting – English Audio Video starts at 0:33 seconds Russian President Vladimir Putin and French President Francois Hollande held a joint press conference in Moscow, Thursday following a meeting to discuss joint action in combatting militant groups in Syria. The Russian President spoke about an “industrial scale” of illegal oil sales from militant-held areas of Syria, stating that “day and

Military Review – Syria, Nov. 26, 2015

Help produce more actual and interesting content, join our struggle by donating via PayPal: or via: On November 25  Russian Aerospace Forces destroyed Turkish convoy arrived in border Syrian town Azaz from Turkey. Azaz is under control of pro-Turkish terrorist groups. According to reports, Russian warplanes destroyed 20 trucks and 7 militants, 10 militants wee injured. The Russian Air Force increased number of airstrikes over the Turkmen Mountains,

The air navigator of the SU-24: „I have a debt to repay for the Commander”

INTERVIEW: The air navigator of the SU-24: „I have a debt to repay for the Commander” Today at the Latakia air base Konstantin Murakhtin, an air navigator of the Russian SU-24 frontline bomber which was shot down by the Turks, gave his first interview with Russian media, in which he stated that there is no way that his plane violated Turkish airspace. No. It is not possible, not even for

The Saker Community Announcement on the Essential Saker Book and the Call for Networking Help

Dear friends, I just want to give you a brief update on the Saker’s book sales. As you know, it had launched on November 17th and to our pleasant surprise that book had immediately became a bestseller in the Politics & Government > Specific Topics > Globalization books section on Amazon. Our publisher, Fred Zimmerman, even said that amongst all his titles, it was the best book launching, for the

The NATO destruction of the RuAF SU-24 Fencer and Turkish murder of the Russian servicemen

Russia’s Interdiction of ISIS-Turkey Oil Trade and Attacks on Turkmen jihadi militants Poses Risk of Enlargement of Syrian Conflict UPDATED By: JiminNH The increasing velocity of events in Syria indicates that the conflict may be ready to spill over into a larger conflagration and direct conflict between the forces of the AZ hegemon and the Resistance thereto. A couple of apparently un-related events have rapidly coalesced into armed conflict between

Turkey Attacks Russia in Syria SITREP by Scott

Official statement of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation Russian Su-24 aircraft shot down by Turkish F-16 fighter on its way to the Hmeymim airbase The Russian Su-24 aircraft was shot down on its way to the Hmeymim airbase in the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic by a Turkish F-16 fighter. Analysis of the objective monitoring data definitely showed that there had not been any violation of

Syria and the Middle East SITREP November 23rd, 2015 by Rambo

The Middle East Wars It’s been an eventful two weeks without doubt. By now we all know that France has been attacked by Islamic State fighters, a mixture of EU citizens and refugees. The toll has been somewhat significant, claiming the lives of 130 and injuring over 300. Bombs went off and gunmen went on a carnage through the streets of Paris, taking hostages along the way. The aftermath and

November 22nd 2015 Germany & EU SITREP by ‘C’

The biggest issue in Germany these days is of course the wave of islamist terror attacks that took place over the last couple of days with the ones in Paris dominating the headlines. In the aftermath of the attacks in Paris there have been numerous police raids in France, Belgium and Germany in which a lot of Daesh supporters including the alleged master mind of the Paris attacks, Abdelhamid Abaaoud,

The Saker’s Book Amazon Announcement from the Publisher

Dear friends, Amazon indicates that the Saker’s book hardcover edition is temporarily out of stock. Please, go ahead and place your order, regardless stock level indication. Amazon will refill its inventory and ship books first come first served to people who have placed out of stock orders, *then* to new orders. This should all happen within a matter of days and is largely automatic. Great news is that the Kindle