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Ukraine SITREP June 24, 2015 by Scott

New trends emerging these past seven days . Where is Russia’s national reserve funds, gold reserves, and Hermitage collections? (I will post more on this tomorrow.) Is China joining sanctions against Russia? Russia’s elite circles its wagons around the President. The Russia’s military take political charge. The pro-Western liberal fraction in the government runs the banks. Will RCB be sidelined before doing more damage? The capital flow out of Russia

Ukraine SITREP June 18th, 2015 by Scott

Post Bilderberg 2015 Sergey Guriev demands from the Western governments to take over Russia, or else … A growing numbers of neo-conservative, free market doctrine worshiping, liberal ex-Russian citizens are settling into their new role as “prophets of doom in exile.” More on the Russian neo-conservative liberals here Considering that they have managed to steal humongous amounts of money from the Russian people, they, (the prophets, not the Russian people),

Ukraine SITREP June 17th, 2015 by Scott

Some things never change: “Until a few months ago everyone said that they could not believe how friendly relations had become between the former Cold War antagonists. Now NATO’s expansion to Russia’s border has raised the fear in Moscow that the West is intent on strangling Russia. ” “What went wrong? Russia has suffered from inflated expectations of a Russian-American condominium. Russia has been slow-to realize that its loss of

Ukraine SITREP June 11th, 2015 by Scott

Vox of Populi: If Putin ran for President of the USA in 2016, on a platform of banishing all incumbent members of the house and senate to re-education camps in Outer Mongolia, he’d win by a landslide.. I would add that if Putin ran for President of Russia today on a platform of banishing all incumbent members of the Russian parliament and government and the Russia’s Central bank to re-education

Ukraine SITREP June 10th, 2015 by Scott

Europe. What Is It Good For? Vikings made their women to do all the finances because they thought math was witchcraft. Just recently Europe decidedly subjugated its entire political and economic life back to the Vikings a.k.a. military complex. Let them do the math. The EU and US economies are on the brink of collapse due to Quantitative Easing or printing money based on nothing. Unemployment soaring. Debt soaring. Petro

Ukraine SITREP June 4s, 2015 by Scott

Rumor has it, Vladimir Putin sleeps with a pillow under his gun. McCain calls on Obama to bomb FIFA, and the US aircraft carrier enters FIFA’s territorial waters as we speak. All because the US adopted a new way to attack all other countries, including those landlocked, like Switzerland. A new strategy called Cooperative Strategy for 21st Century Seapower: Forward, Engaged, Ready (CS21R), not to be confused with the Cooperative

Ukraine SITREP June 3rd, 2015 by Scott

Graham Philips rebukes US Today slanderous article that portrayed Donetsk as a lawless city in Eastern Ukraine [Source] Calling out the Western Media #1 – USA Today Attempts to Do Over Donetsk Here is article that enraged many people, not just Graham Philips, “Donetsk has become eastern Ukraine’s lawless city” [Source] Here is yet another rebuttal of the same article, A Resident of Donetsk responds to bias USA Today Article

Ukraine SITREP May 28th, 2015 by Scott

In the interview with the German magazine Focus Online, Saddam Hussein’s former double, General hans-Lothar Domrose, NATO Commander of the Brunssum Allied Joint Force Command admits that he sleeps well after his sergeant burps him. [Source] General: Putin is not like us. He is “tough-minded,” and we are all softheaded here. You know, Scheiße -köpfe. You have to be to make it in NATO. There is a test for this.

Ukraine SITREP May 27th, 2015 by Scott

Russia should have a standing proposal to all the former Soviet republics to come back and to become a part of Russia. Imagine that once you were a part of a big friendly, albeit, slightly dysfunctional family habituating on an enormous estate. One day, strangers came and gave you a slice of this estate and asked to stay out and survive on your own in the cold, cunning, soulless world.

Ukraine SITREP May 21th, 2015 by Scott

Islamic militant “jihadists are looking for fertile soil in Europe…” “Is there enough hope for them given by the West?” Alexander Blok, The Scythians I’m bringing to your attention the most famous poem of A. Block not just because akin to the ancient Scythes I like to occasionally ride on horseback across flowering meadows, but because Blok’s poetry is considered in Russia to be prophetic. Although no single translation is

Ukraine SITREP May 20th, 2015 by Scott

“A child was murdered with a weapon of mass destruction, two young women as well, a police officer was executed in the line of duty. So when you look at the gravity and the harm and when you look as well at the many many victims who became amputees … and then you look at the motives … these were political motives.” [Source] Let me guess…a judge said this about

Ukraine SITREP May 14th, 2015 by Scott

For these two days it’s the Nutcracker come to life. Russia returning home from her Olympic celebrations is attacked from all sides by genetically mutated rats. They ran from under this Maidan Christmas tree. They brought The Plague with them a la Albert Camus. The rat army swells like a tsunami wave. At this moment, China’s fleet all in white uniform enters the Black Sea, and the NATO rats start

Ukraine SITREP May 13th, 2015 by Scott

May 10, 2015: Moscow – Putin’s and Merkel’s Q&A: Merkel, wearing all black: Hand Crimea over to NATO, let us kill all the Russians in Ukraine and install NATO bases on your border, and we will allow our capital to come back to suck the Russian economy dry. Putin: Bite me! You are the fascist coup supporters. [Source] May 12, 2015: Sochi – Somebody left the Washington stable door opened,

Ukraine SITREP May 07th, 2015 by Scott

I have a pre-made sentence that I have just copy and pasted in my SITREPs: NATO-occupied Ukraine violated the ceasefire … times last night by shelling Donetsk. Interpretations of the word “ceasefire” differ. NATO and Ukro-Nazis understand “ceasefire” as “we fire, you cease.” Whereas, DPR, LPR, Russia and the rest of humanity understand the term “ceasefire” as no fire whatsoever. That’s why efforts to formalize the concept are completely doomed

Ukraine SITREP May 6th, 2015 by Scott

Dear esteemed readers: Here’s our May 6th, 2015 countdown in the NATO Ukraine War 2014-2015. The Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 against fascist Germany and its allies was dubbed by the West as an “unknown war.” The NATO Ukraine war will be known in history as The War Russia Never Showed Up For. April 30, 2015: Washington – US Air Force Gen. Phillip Breedlove spoke to lawmakers at a Senate

Ukraine SITREP April 30, 2015 by Scott

Ukrainians are failing in their nation building, mainly because they don’t follow through with their main principle. Ukraine builds its new national identity on a negative image. It declares itself being not just anti-Russia, but Not Like Russia. It would be if like we live, work, decorate our houses, send our kids to private schools, buy cars, cut lawns, erect a blown up Santa Claus on the roof, all in

Ukraine SITREP April 29. 2015 by Scott

Ladies and Gents, true democracy is patented by the U.S. Every nation has to buy this patented democracy from the U.S. Your country has to have a PCD (politically correct democracy) issued by the US State Department. If your country refuses to pay for the patent and attempts to use a pirated copy of homegrown democracy, your people will be punished. You are being informed that, judging by your browser’s

Ukraine SITREP April 23, 2015 by Scott

Ukraine War on Novorossia 1. LPR Military Leader: “The Biggest Victory Is to Create Authorities That Will Think About People” [Source] The famous Donbass militia leader Alexei Mozgovoi is now part of the People’s Militia (army) of the Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR). Despite this official position, today he is one of the main critics of the LPR leadership. 2. Fights In Donbass 23.04.2014 [Source] April 22, 2015 /Donbass/ – UPDATE

Ukraine SITREP April 22, 2015 by Scott

As President Putin and the patriotic part of the Russian government emphasize, Russia won’t be involved in any wars or military conflicts, unless there is a direct attack on Russia itself. The whole world can go up in flames, but as long as no one attacks Russia, she won’t let her military to move a finger. Of course, designing, producing and selling weapons, along with allowing the volunteers to go

Ukraine SITREP April 16th, by Scott

President Putin’s 2015 Q&A marathon LIVE UPDATES Regardless of what is said and done to contribute to the tragedy of Ukraine, we shall keep our focus on one and only constant: the Empire, US and NATO, has initiated the war against Russia. The Empire is coming for Russian natural resources. Russia, on the other hand, is fighting for its survival. Donbass is David who fights with the NATO Goliath.