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Ukraine SITREP April 16th, by Scott

President Putin’s 2015 Q&A marathon LIVE UPDATES Regardless of what is said and done to contribute to the tragedy of Ukraine, we shall keep our focus on one and only constant: the Empire, US and NATO, has initiated the war against Russia. The Empire is coming for Russian natural resources. Russia, on the other hand, is fighting for its survival. Donbass is David who fights with the NATO Goliath.

Ukraine SITREP April, 15nd, 2015 by Scott

Ladies and gentlemen, looks like ceasefire in Ukraine is now officially over. The regime started escalating their attacks on the 10th already, and launched a full on attack along the whole western front on the day of Orthodox Easter. What do the Russians call a NATO Rapid Reaction Force? Speed bump. The absolute histerium of Verteidigungsministerium. Ukraine never seizes to amaze us… By legally labeling the Soviet Union “criminal regime”