by Aleksandar Sarovic for The Saker Blog

Authorities have power over people, and they enjoy this power. They preserve their power in society primarily by imposing knowledge on people. Authorities have been teaching us everything we know. Nothing can come to us if it does not pass the filters of authorities. We are what the authorities made us become, and it is challenging to escape from it.

If you love baseball, democracy, or god, this is because the authorities made you love it. People hardly get a chance to love something if the authorities did not let them, even though people believe that they have free will. The point is, people may only choose the options that authorities give them. Inconvenient options for authorities are not even accessible to people. For example, society has never developed a knowledge of how to create a just society because the authorities have prevented searching for the solution. When people build something new on the top of the choices the authorities give them, this is only the development of the will of authorities.

Authorities create rules which implement social policy, and people have to obey them. These rules have become the origin of social sciences. Authorities have always supported social ideas that followed their interests and suppressed those that didn’t. Therefore, social scientists have followed the interest of authorities and not of people. As a result, social sciences alienate society from social justice. We may accept that social scientists acted the best they could under the pressure of authorities, but also, their work prevents the progress of society.

Even when social scientists want to improve society, they can hardly do it because the alienated knowledge they accepted from their predecessors put them on the wrong path. Through the history of humankind, authorities have supported the creation of complex social sciences that prevent us from finding the escape from social problems. We think the way the authorities taught us to think, and that prevents us from searching for the bright future of humankind.

Social scientists have developed democracy and presented it as the best political choice of the people, by the people, for the people. According to this introduction, democracy must have been in the interest of authorities; otherwise, it would not be allowed to exist. Authorities have learned that dictatorship initiates a rebellion of people, which may take their lives. They found it more convenient to control the social policy secretly by manipulating people. Today they do it by controlling politicians, scientists, and media with the economic power they possess. I have presented how efficient they are in the article The Conspiracy of the World Exposed. As a result, we have a democracy that follows the interests of the elite and not of people. It is nothing else but a form of dictatorship that keeps preventing the freedom of people. Democracy must have been a designed forgery of the authorities.

We name the authorities in capitalism, the elite. We call them the elite because they do not rule over society openly as authorities historically did, but by secretly using the wealth they possess. Their power is nothing lesser than the power of dictators who openly ruled, but it is much more secure and stable. People cannot replace the elite from power because they do not know who they are. The politicians who work for the elite listen to their messages very carefully because otherwise, they would lose financial support from the elite and would not be able to be politicians.

Scientists know as well if they do not obey the elite, they will not get grants for their researches, and they would not be able to be scientists. This is the reason social scientists present capitalism as a final stage in the development of society. At least by not offering real solutions that might improve capitalism if not replacing it. The whole philosophy of capitalism is to let capitalists make profits. All of the paths that achieve this goal today lead to the exploitation of workers. The capitalism we know is very unjust.

Social scientists prevent ideas which may endanger the status of the elite and support ideas that help the elite survive. The elite has encouraged social sciences to support Marxism because the elite knew in advance that Marxism would put the workers on a wrong path that could not replace capitalism. History has proved it. It also shows that the elite can cheat on the highest intellectuals. If Marxism were able to replace capitalism, the elite would ban it, and not one Marxist would be able to propagate Marxism freely. I have explained it in the article Marx still prevents the progress of society.

All organizations in the western world that fight for a better future need money for their operations, and they can get it only from the elite because nobody else has it. By depending on the elite, these organizations lose their strength in fighting for social justice and a better world. Instead, by being corrupted by the elite, they rather mislead the people and prevent the bright future of humankind.

All the information available to people is created and supported by the elite. The elite owns the mainstream media of the western world, but they hide it. So-called independent media desperately need money for their operations, and they may get it only from the elite because nobody else has a financial power to support them. They pay this support by being obedient to the elite. They do not publish material the elite do not like. On the other hand, when the elite are interested in promoting something, you may find information about it where ever you turn your head. When you see a persistent media reporting, you may be well aware it is created to deceive you.

For example, people are perplexed about what exactly happened on the 9/11 terrorist attack thanks to the elite who invested billions of dollars in the 9/11 false propaganda. They did it to hide their involvement in 9/11, but also to deceive and mislead people. The elite used 9/11 to conquer independent countries around the world and to reduce the freedom of people. The elite are masters of deception. Their manipulation also divides people because then, they cannot change anything. I explained what happened on 9/11 in the article My investigation of 9/11.

Global warming propaganda is about increasing restrictions in CO2 production, which has the intention to keep the power of the elite by preventing the progress of the world, especially in developing countries. Yes, the Sahara desert expands, and the Arctic shrinks as the result of global warming, but it does not affect the rich countries. The elite has created the global warming issue, not because they are concerned about climate change, but because they want to enforce rules to control the world. In a similar example, the development of nuclear weapons is forbidden in countries that do not have it. It should obliged developed countries to get rid of their nuclear weapons as well, though they do not have any intention to do it.

The elite has initiated all of the events and talks in the western world. Nothing beside it on a public level exists. That means people think the way the elite made them think. That means whatever people do, they can do nothing but support the elite. This is the reason nothing changes. Today’s society is an authoritarian dictatorship that prevents people from freedom of creating and meeting their needs.


All social problems have their origin in authoritarian systems, and an escape from all of the social issues lies in equal human rights. Equal human rights will create good societies unconditionally by giving everyone the same opportunities. This is what authorities have prevented from all of the history of humankind, and as a result, we do not know even what equal human rights are.

There is no such thing as partially equal human rights because these human rights are not equal. There is only one package of equal human rights, and it should not be rocket science to discover how equal human rights are supposed to look. Everyone can come up with the idea alone if they eliminate all rights that are not equal and try to imagine the equal human rights replacement. The problem is quite simple, and yet, society has not defined equal human rights so far.

To be able to define equal human rights, we need to rethink all of the imposed knowledge authorities have produced through the history of humankind. Social scientists not only do not want to do it, but they also refuse new ideas that reconsider the alienated knowledge they have accepted. Social sciences should develop society, but in fact, they prevent the development of society and the bright future of humankind.

People tend not to accept new ideas that question the established way of thinking. Once we start loving baseball, democracy, or god, we keep loving it no matter what. As a result, people live in a deception created by authorities from the day they are born till the day they die. It alienates them from a good life, and it is tough to change.

George Orwell: “The further a society drifts from truth, the more it will hate those who speak it.”

Mark Twain: “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”

The fight for equal human rights will not be easy, but it is well worth it. Once we start establishing equal human rights, a bright future of humankind will begin. And defining equal human rights is very simple. I did it in the article Equal Human Rights will Build a Good Society Unconditionally.

Aleksandar Sarovic is a husband, father, philosopher, genius, secular messiah, architect, and programmer. His work at and presents a bright future for humankind



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