1. Performing a soft release of our reworked Commentator registration software. Commentators can try it out for the next two days. On Sunday Sept 18 registration prior to commenting will be a requirement.
  2. Problem with gmail not receiving email was resolved by adding an additional record in our DNS (required by Google). Thanks to two of our readers that knew about this requirement.
  3. Many spambots were able to register in last attempt .. a captcha has been added to the registration page to prevent spambot registration.
  4. On registration commentators can now enter their preferred password and their comment ‘Display Name’.
  5. Receiving password via email is now optional  but it you decide to skip password email make sure you keep a record of your password.
  6.  If you already have an account just go to http://thesaker.is/log-in using your old account and password

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Please let me know of any problems you find.


Herb Swanson

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