Translated and captioned by Leo. Make sure to press CC for English captions.

This video contains nudity, and has been copyright blocked in four countries/territories: United Kingdom, Guernsey, Isle of Man and Ireland.


The third season of the scandalous TV show Naked Attraction, that is, “Naked Attraction” kicked off this year in the UK. The country’s media, which Russian liberals present to us as a standard, make titanic efforts to expand the notorious “Overton window”.

Did you know about the existence of the British show, whose members choose a couple for their external sexual characteristics? I just found out the other day and was impressed… The show, it turns out, is on one of the leading English channels – Channel 4 – already for a third year.

All of this is served as an “experiment”. In any case, this was written by a reviewer I found for the first season of Naked Attraction:

“The show host, Anna Richardson, and the main guest are fully dressed. Before them there are 6 color booths, each of which has a potential partner for a date. Yes, yes, not for sex, but for a date. The essence of the show is to find the ideal partner for physical parameters, and after a while to check whether further relationships have developed or not. This is a kind of television sociological, psychological and anthropological experiment, during which you can learn a lot of new things, and not just admire the naked men and women.”

But the beginning of the first season shocked the [British] public in 2016. “In this show of acquaintances, we return to the basics,” pretentiously proclaims the narrator. And what are the fundamentals of humanity? That’s right, monkeys… Dwarf chimpanzees, bonobos, act in the same way, choosing a couple for their external sexual characteristics.

The educated British audience, of course, was indignant and spat, but this did not in the least prevent the producers from extending the show for a second, and then for a third season. Here is a fragment of one of the episodes in which the main virgin hero is looking for a “princess”.

*Clip plays*

Josh, why are you here?

I’m a virgin, and I’m just really looking for my princess.

*Clip ends*

It is worth paying tribute to the authors of the show: opening the overton window, they did not forget about tolerance. In Naked Attraction, they can choose a pair of gays, lesbians, and also those who are ready for you and me. They write that in the fresh season, even couples will be coming looking for a third spare. In general, a holiday, and only..

But at the same time the author of the citation I quoted earlier claims that all this is just to check how much obvious preferences in terms of physical attractiveness in the end can affect the building of relations. Like, “it is shown that for love one physical attractiveness is not enough. You can choose a partner with an ideal body, but if there is no ‘chemistry’, then the body does not go into action.”

Oh yeah? This is a discovery, and we didn’t even know… In my opinion, this show is really an experiment, but its purpose is completely different. It concludes, I suppose, in the construction of the next step to the “victory of biology over the social aspects of human life.”

Although, maybe I misunderstood something? My friends, do you have a version of what goal the British audience is for a third year getting acquainted with genitals? No, ratings and money is an overused excuse, but what’s under it?



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