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Couple of blog news items today:

New Weekly Column from Russia:

First, I am absolutely delighted to announce that Andrew Korybko (whose articles you have seen recently on the blog) has accepted to write a weekly column for the blog.  Here is a short bio of Andrew:

Andrew Korybko was born, raised, and educated in the US, but permanently relocated to Russia in the summer of 2013. He plans to receive his master’s in International Relations from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) in June and works as a political analyst and journalist at Sputnik. His areas of expertise include American grand strategy towards Eurasia, Color Revolutions, and Unconventional Warfare, but he also explores African and Latin American geopolitics in his spare time. He welcomes you to follow him on Facebook.

I want to add something here: the MGIMO  (or “Moscow State Institute of International Relations“) is a very prestigious and high-end institution and anybody writing a Master’s Degree there is in an ideal location to observe not only Kremlin politics but also Russian politics in general.  I am sure that this weekly “view from Russia” will add a lot to the information presented on this blog.  As graduate (MA in Strategic Studies) from the Paul Nitze School for Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University myself, I very much look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with Andrew.

First “Mobile Podcast” Now Available for Download and Streaming:

I finally did it :-)  I recorded a podcast while on a long drive across the beautiful Ocala National Forest (that is the photo attached to the podcast).  This time, I did things a tad differently.  It was not a Q&A but rather a topical podcast where I discussed two issues I felt needed clarification: the issue of whether the blog is sacrificing quality to quantity (in my own writing and in the format of the new blog) and my politics (since I have been accused of being anything and everything, from Communist to Fascist).  This is not a formal podcast like the previous ones, no music, your can hear the sounds of my engine (there is only that much I could filter out), but this was the only opportunity that I had to “speak” to you all.  I hope you will enjoy it.  Please let me know what you think, okay?

To stream or download the podcast please click here: and go to the bottom of the page to Podcast #7.

How you can *really* help me:

Over the past weeks and months, support for my work has been mostly coming in short spurts.  While I am grateful for any help, this is also rather frustrating and I constantly hate reminding people how much their contributions are needed by me.  So here is what I thought:

PP monthly paymentsPayPal offer the option to make recurring monthly donations and, in fact, some of you have already been using this option.  All you need to do is add a checkmark in the location I have circled in red on this picture:

If as many of you as possible could do that it would really help me plan my own expenses and know, at least more or less, what I can count on.

So please, if you can, please make your contribution a monthly one, that would be a huge help for me!

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