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We are asking our readers to submit the titles and authors of their favorite books. These will be reviewed and selected books will be included in the BookShelf.


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Help Page

This tool allows a person to recommend a book to the Saker BookShelf. In addition it allows an individual to maintain their own library of books and sub divided by bookshelfs if desired. Google books api is used to finds and obtain book info.
The Saker database will contain all books recommended by our readers and will be used to help select the top 50 books that will be featured in the Saker "BookShelf".

Search for Book

1. Enter either title,author or isnb number that you want to find

2. Press 'Search for Book'

3. A book matching your search term will now be displayed.

4. 'Related Results:' On the right hand side of the displayed book will be 10 additional books (links colored in blue) that also matched your seach. These can be clicked upon to display the linked book.Once you have found a book that you would like to enter into the library --- Press the 'Save' Button. However if none of the books match, re-enter another search term (step 1) and search again (step 2)

5. At the very bottom of the currently displayed book will be two additonal buttons. 'Preview of Book' and 'Purchase Sites'. The 'Preview of Books' takes you a Google site that provides a summary and excerpt of the current book. The 2nd button 'Purchase Sites' take you to '' that provides comparison pricing from various sites.

Save Book

1. Prior to Saving a book into the general library you can enter in an optional 'library name' and a 'bookshelf name'. This feature allow readers to track books that they have entered or to maintain a subset of the general library.

2. Books saved in this manner can be view by entering in the 'Library name' and the clicking on the 'Search Library' button.

3. Once you have found a book that you would like to save ... press the 'Save Book' button to save it into Saker general library and also into the optional 'Library Name'.

View the most recent 50 books entered in library

1. Press *Clear* to return to start

2. Press 'Search Library'

3. The Most recent 50 books entered will be displayed

4. Selecting a book from the table of listed books by clicking on the red highlighted row will display the detailed book information.

5. Once the detailed book information is displayed the book can be saved to a personal library by entering a personal library name and them pressing 'Save'.

5. Press *Clear* to return to start

Searching the Library

1. Enter a partial title or author name into the input area and then press 'Search Library'. The general library will be searched and matching items will be displayed

2. The matching items will be displayed in a list and clicked on to get detailed book information.

3. Leaving the input area bland and pressing 'Search Library' will return the last 50 items entered in the general library the most recently entered book being at the top of the list.

4. Search the general libray by alphabet. Enter in the starting letter eg single character 'a' will return all titles starting with 'a'. Try the letter 't' and you will find that many books start with 'The'

5. Viewing Optional 'My Library'. Enter in the 'My Library' name prior to pressing the 'Search Library' and all books saved under that 'Library Name' will be retrieved.

Delete Book

1. Only items saved by yourself can be 'deleted'.

2. Press *Clear* to return to start

3. Locate book by either searching your 'Optional Library' or the 'General Lib' (no optional library name entered) using steps given in 'Search the Library' section

4. Press the 'Search Library' button and a list of all the matching books in the library will be displayed.

4. Click on a book from the list using the mouse. The line will be highlighted in red

5. The detailed book information will be displayed ... click on 'Delete' and the book will be removed.


1. Displays this Help page.


1. Reset this book app to its inital state.


1. Pressing this button will allow the reader to either open or download a spreadsheet of the books in Saker general library. The format of the spreadsheet file is in 'ods' format (open document spreadsheet).

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Published Date: {{bookInfo.publishedDate}}
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Categories: {{bookInfo.categories[0]}}
Sale Info:
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Sale Ability: {{ saleInfo.saleability.split('_').join(' ')}}
List Price: {{ saleInfo.listPrice.amount}} {{saleInfo.listPrice.currencyCode | lowercase}}
Retail Price: {{ saleInfo.listPrice.amount}} {{saleInfo.retailPrice.currencyCode | lowercase}}
Average Rating: {{bookInfo.averageRating}}
Rating Count: {{bookInfo.ratingsCount}}
Maturity Rating: {{bookInfo.maturityRating.split('_').join(' ')}}

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