Die Geschichte ist aus und hier lauft eine Maus

A common ending to German fairytales.


I hope you all had a safe and happy celebration of the New Year. Unlike previous years, I didn’t tweet while drunk which shows nearly super-human self control. Undoubtedly, a sign of maturity on my part, and also satisfaction with the direction of things.

I have been getting many requests to post something of Cat Motya’s. For those new readers who don’t know him, he is one of the top political analysts in the world.  He presents his analysis in cat-specific ways:  calling the Western media’s web of lies – the Matrix, calling the global “deep state” – Micesrael, and calling the neo-liberal  lumpenproletariats – Mice.

Mice get into everything, damage everything, and defecate on everything that people and cats make. It doesn’t help that the mice want to rule the world, and to make the world unlivable for people and cats. That’s why people and cats get together to stand against the mice. Cats are…. how can I put it, delicately? Russian intelligence and law enforcement officers.

Cat Motya has never been wrong in his geo-political forecasts. He wrote that Trump would win the 2016 presidential election even before Trump won the republican primary. He explains this phenomenon by showing that a Trump victory has been in the making for the past twenty years. It’s was unexpected only for world mice. Cats from the US, Russia and Germany, and some other countries worked together to dethrone neo-liberals and to lock them into an aquarium to stop their damaging activities.

I hope you follow me here, because that’s as much explanation as I am able to give you.

In addition to being a brilliant political analyst, Matvey is one of the  greatest satirists in Russian literature. Unfortunately, the English language doesn’t have capacity to relay his humor.

Because he is always so precise, and so hilariously funny, he is the most popular modern writer in Russia, being read by all, Russia’s friends and enemies.


Cat Motya’s Political Horoscope for 2017

Cat is going to type out an astrological forecast, because that seems to be the new trend these day amongst experts and academics. But, Cat IS a cat, so my forecast is about what’s going to take place in reality, and not some kind of political make-believe.

2017 will be the year of the Fire Rooster according to the Chinese calendar, and in Cat’s calendar it will be a year of the Schizophrenic Mouse.

In 2017, the schizophrenic mice will make attempt to make many changes in the form of color revolutions, putsches, political provocations under all kinds of flags and through every kind of political movement that is out there.

We will bear witness to provocations produced with Hollywood-level quality and scale and surrounded by the torrent of pure unadulterated lies. Everything will be turned upside down and inside out. Black will be called white, and good will be called evil.

You might want to tell me that this is all we’ve been seeing in 2016. Everything in this coming year will become even more intense however with one very pleasant difference: the schizophrenic mice’s undertaking will end with their heavy and terrifying disappointment. The mice will face bad luck, losses of means, bankruptcies and even certain death. Don’t blame Cat for this. It’s just the way it will be. It’s not Cat’s fault.

Europe will face many changes; Mice will put up a fierce resistance from every corner of their domains which are plenty.  There are too many of them in Europe. They will stage provocations, falsifications and all sorts of con-artistry against normal independent presidential candidates and prime ministers of states, against appointment of normal people as Euro-commissars, and so on and so on.

Next, mice will start experience problems with getting their usual free money and problems in funding their fight with cats and people; because of this they will have to organize many bright and loud tail-whirling schemes.

They will be pushing, for example, people afflicted with rare diseases, demanding us to give money to them (to mice), so mice will support those sick people emotionally.  They might even discover new types of minorities to exploit, this time not sexual minorities, but the minorities who would need our immediate and expensive support, nevertheless.

They might start blowing up some kind of manufactures and tool sheds, and stick dead pigeons and all kinds of sparrows into our faces, with the aim to get into our pockets and to fish out some money. This will take place everywhere across the world because free financing will dry up for mice everywhere, and they are used to fighting with people by using the people’s money.

Because Trump will act as a “good cop” towards mice, they will harbor the same powerful hope that they earlier invested into Hillary, so expect them to produce an unprecedented level of squealing noises.

If we listen, we will go deaf.

We need to learn a new, very specific way of listening to the news, the way Cat does. For example, yesterday a few liberal media sources published a “revelation” that the “brilliant green” antibiotic (a popular cheap seaweed-based solution for minor cuts and bruises) will be available through doctor’s prescription only. Sure enough, three hours later the same “news sources” retracted this false information.

What’s forming now for the Middle East is a  peaceful process of calming down things for a long while. We all understand that  without a peaceful solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict nothing is possible, peace and tranquility are not possible.

I already explained why at this point, it is not just the US, but everyone now needs decades of peaceful and tranquil development more than anything.

Mice have turned the world upside-down, they have destroyed the world’s economy and created astronomical debts for the states. Add to these a number of ruined countries, and you will see that we don’t have much of a choice here: either we will all go down a rat hole into a mice hell, or we will force the mice into certain restricting frames. The world cannot exist the way it has been existing anymore.

UN reforms are inevitable but will once again be met by the mice with fierce resistance. Why?  Because the UN is not just the Security Council. In a word, the UN is a conglomerate of departments of the rat’s nests, and mice pathways that are swirling with rodents.

The Human Rights Committee is one example; there are also different nature, climate and international communication committees, and also committees for humanitarian aid. Mice are not just sitting there in the UN and sucking all the resources; they represent a scaled-down copy of the global mechanism of redirection our common resources.

It’s not enough that mice decide who gets the aid, and who doesn’t.  No, it’s not enough for them. Inside of those countries where conflicts are flaring up, the mice choose the sides that are beneficial for their rodent interests, and use and distribute our collective world money in the ways that are desirable only for the mice.

Once upon a time, I wrote of how humanitarian aid was distributed by the likes of “red crosses and red crescents” in Iraq.  The mice would only dole up food to those who agreed to do what the mice wanted them to do. Saddam’s loyalists, even former, and even after the death of his family members, couldn’t get anything  and starved in the most literal sense of the word without food and water.

At the same time, Kurds and other traitors working for americano-micehood interests were getting all the greasy UN aid, and their homes and businesses stood intact.

In other words, inside of the UN, the mice do not just control channels of distribution of tens of BILLIONS of dollars and mountains of food supply, blankets, tents, drugs, medical supplies and equipments for hospitals, school furniture, means of transportation, and so on, and so on. It’s an ocean of tools to influence the REAL situation on the ground everywhere in the world at the EXPENSE OF THE WORLD.

Long story short, the world collectively collects money and resources using which the mice solve their own problems and blackmails starving, sick and dying with our own money in their own interest and AGAINST ALL OF US.

This takes place everywhere. In the EU the mice sit and control all of the money routes inside the European Union structures. It’s not enough that they themselves consume huge amounts of money taken from the Europeans, for their salaries and pensions, and for perks like their jets, hotels, summits and other mice rituals. On top of this, they decide themselves how much money to take from people and how to spend it.

The control over money will be gradually taken from them, that’s the general plan, and we will be presented with yelling and screaming from here to the high heavens.  Everywhere we look, we will see mice marching against everything bad for everything good. Keep in mind, however, all their yelling and screaming will result in nothing.

The entire world order is changing, and no one is going to cancel this process to satisfy a handful of greedy noisy so-called “human rights advocates,” who each consumes as much resources as the next ten thousand people. With this in mind, all should just calmly watch the mice hysterics.

Comrade Kerry has said recently, what Cat has been saying for years. For that Kerry’s name will be written in stone as an embodiment of evil and as Hitler incarnate; what did  he say exactly? He said a very simple thing – either you are a single ethnic state, or a democratic state, you cannot be both, because one cancels another. Israelis in their instead-of-our-media represent themselves as the single democratic state on the Middle East, but… expletive, the only democratic state there was Syria, before they made a decision to take it down  in order to gain territories to create for themselves “the Great Israel” and deployed the black hordes over there.

This will never end. That’s why has the process of bringing the “democrats” back to earth has started across the Middle East and everywhere else.  They don’t understand that Trump, that follows  the Obama-Kerry, is not anything different, but just the continuance of the same trend.  For the world reforms to take place and for the new world order to settle, it’s necessary to make many different movements that have to look as a natural progression of things, because this was a different kind of war.

Who were those waging this war on the side of the losers? Among others, it was the Rothchilds via the Clintons, McCains and thousands of other shadowy figures all over the world.

The Federal Reserve will be shaken to the core. Trump will be draining this swamp, and we will see how it will turn out. It’s possible to have another economic collapse. We will feel it in lesser degree than everybody else, but it’s possible that they in FR will be brought to heel by other means. Most likely, Trump will start taking care of them at the end of the coming  year, but maybe he will start right away.

The IMF will be reformed and shaken. This process has already started, and our comrades, Waltzman (Poroshenko) and company will be the scape-mice, if will be proven that they pocketed funds, and it looks more and more that there are plenty of  evidence.

There will be more moments like that, considering that the whole team is scheduled to be executed, and it’s not going to end up hashed and forgotten. On the contrary, the members of the old State Department team, and the EU team, and personally Hollande and others will be hot iron prodded as criminals,  so everyone will see what sort of monsters they are, and that those loyal to them should be removed in shame.

As for the Estonians and our other tiny comrades, they will be used till the last drop by the mice, and after that they will be discarded to the back of the EU bus, as if by natural process. After that they will be thrown out of the EU, and in essence the EU will become something completely different. This process, however, won’t be completed this year, but most like by the year of 2018. No one needs them or considers their interest, that’s why they will be thrown out at the last moment, like an afterthought.

As for our dear friends from Poland, I have written about them, before. First they will ever so slightly beaten and bruised in order to create a light chaos inside Poland, to make them concentrate on their domestic affairs and to prevent them from getting in the way, while the senior EU countries are being reformed.

Kerry and Obama played both sides against the middle. Consider that Obama was periodically poisoned and kept in isolation, while Kerry was forced to fake his schedule and to hide the fact of his travels. They both were under extreme surveillance, they were pressured and strangled; despite of all these they did what needed to be done, but they needed to keep appearance that they were on the dark side.


They did all their nasty things without gusto and with the stupid expressions on their faces and succeeded at nothing. It was the universal Clintons and McCains who defecated on everything and everyone. As a result, WE are fine, but this is, of course, thanks to our Chief Warrior of Light.

This year pedophiles will be revealed and pressed everywhere, this is a  part of the process to change mentality of people from “civilized” countries.  This process will start this year and will only grow until it’s done.

Last year dirty mice were screaming against the Turks and for Kurds and others laying under mice. Nevertheless, a complex, multidimensional, multipronged special operation of our entering the Middle East has been successfully completed.

In Syria, we have a strong agreement-capable team with common interests. For example, the main task of Erdogan is to prevent the Kurds from forming an independent state, it’s also in our interest, in Iranian interest, and in Syria’s interest. Let Erdogan and Assad to have personal animosity towards each other.

This is a lucky and traditional for Russia event, when she is acting as a problem solver and a builder of bridges between yesterdays enemies.

The past year and a half has been a pure hell for Turkey. They have been hanging on a thread, on the very edge of collapse, territorial division and pillaging. They were saved personally by Putin. I really want of all the Turks to comprehend this fact, to realize what had actually took place and what would be in store for them if Putin wasn’t that wise and fearless, and wasn’t afraid to act against the traditions  of the “world politics” to do what he has done for them.

We all benefited from his decision immensely.  Just imagine, what it would be if the mice succeeded with Turkey. Even if we didn’t retaliate… They would create in Turkey a full blown Gray Zone for movements of thousands of jihadists, for the ISIS oil trade, we will be facing near zero price on oil for years ahead. Gradually, Turkey would be looted and pillaged, Erdogan would be toppled, and the Syrian scenario would take place in accordance with the 2004 plan, Turkey would be divided into three parts, the Kurds would take over one part, increase their power, and that would make our presence in Syria nearly impossible, our Turkish Stream gas pipe will be done and finished, and many other extremely horrible events would take place.

Now, what we have is a favorable for us situation. Turk are fighting with the Kurdish extremists without our help. Persians along with Hezbollah, gathered strength experience and weapons, they have managed to save their ally, and Yemen is next to be saved. Gradually step by step, an invisible but fierce circle is getting tighter and tighter around Saudis, and the end to all of these is just months away.

As of  off topic… Generally speaking, Jesus never told us to guard the holy stones, He said clearly that Jerusalem will be destroyed, so there will be no stone on stone left standing. Why? Because, as a punishment “I will leave you your house empty.”  He did how He said, when the Romans came they destroyed everything completely. There is no stone now the way it was before. That’s why there is no reason for us to  grieve if something happens in the future.

Why do you think no one was able to steal any secret materials from us, while tons of secrets have been stolen from liberals everywhere, from Europe to Pindostan. Ask cat and I will tell you that is because our secret materials are not being stored in an electronic form.  They are being stored in paper form inside the heaviest safes under heavy locks. The doors to  the building that house those safes are being guarded by very mean guys, not to mention very mean cats. It’s all simple as a hammer.

Now, for the new year, Putin is now kinder than Grandfather Frost. That’s our new year overture with chocolate candies.


Putin invited the children of American diplomats to a New Year’s and Christmas party for children at the Kremlin. The evil American diplomats have to decided to accept his invitation, and to look like they are on the same side as Putin and on the  opposite sides with their bosses; or to refuse to tow their children to the Kremlin celebration; this will make them look Grinch-like. Awkward! Diplomacy is fun.

With the same kind generosity, Putin congratulated everyone, and gave to “every sister a pair of earrings.”

There is also a Christmas tree in Aleppo, with candies and celebrations, and in Damask, also.  Assad personally visits the Orthodox monasteries and churches, and congratulates everyone there personally.  Now, thanks to Putin, of cause, there will be special attention to the Orthodox Christians, because people  of the same faith saved Syria. In entire universe, our Putin is the kindest and most generous, that even Grandfather Frost has nothing else left to do.

This past year was very nerve wracking for all of us. We all were mad at mice and fight with them on the net. HOWEVER, we’re in the best situation now in the world. I want to congratulate all of us with that. It’s not just Cat, but the fattest and the most liberal experts are writing about the “Yalta-2” and Putin’s victory; when a year ago it was Cat alone saying that, and all the experts were “predicting” death and end to us. Well, experts are just experts, there is nothing else there.

I wish to all mice a big bag of unpleasantries and only dry fat-free cheese and sugar-free tasteless cookies in the upcoming  year.

Putin is great.

Yaroslav Sumishevsky and Erbolat Turlubekov  “Only My Horse and I” [Только мы с конем]



Happy New year,

Cat Motja

News in Brief

Presumed Trump’s proximity to Russia has sparked fears that the next US President could conclude a Deal with the Russian President: a Deal at the expense of Europe.


Allegedly, this is first footage of Russian special forces Spetnaz operating against terrorists in Aleppo Syria. People noticed that the Russian Special Forces operate with Hezbollah fighters.

Video I

Video II

Video III

Video IV

Video V


Merry Christmas to the world from Palestine where Christians & Muslims are & always have been one.

Palestinian artist Osama Sbeata lights the words “2017 Happy New Year” written in the sand in Gaza City.

Lebanese Rita Chami and Elias Wardini’s last picture together, killed in the Istanbul attack last night. May your brave souls rest in peace.

Nightclub in Istanbul subject to armed attack, several injured. Turkey

damn !!! stop the massacre in Palestine !!! the army of Israel should stop murdering children!!!


Happy New Year!



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