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Assessing the Russian counter propaganda efforts (Saker rant)

In 2016 I wrote an analysis I called “Counter-propaganda, Russian style” and, about a year later, another one I called “Re-Visiting Russian Counter-Propaganda Methods“.  I ask you to please read them first, especially if you plan to post a comment! What I tried to show in these articles that, in total contrast from acting like the bad old Soviet propaganda, the modern Russian counter-propaganda does the exact opposite of what

The Grayzone – Super Imperialism: The Economic Strategy of American Empire with Michael Hudson

Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton speak with economist Michael Hudson about his book “Super Imperialism: The Economic Strategy of American Empire.” Professor Hudson just published a 3rd edition that updates his analysis for the 21st century, discussing the new cold war on China and Russia and the ongoing transition from a US dollar-dominated financialized system to a “multipolar de-dollarized economy.” Link to the book:

When the West was itchin’ to go to China 

The old Silk Roads played a major role in connecting the world through trade, and the new version can too by Pepe Escobar, posted with permission and first posted at Asia Times Forget about the incessant drumming of Cold War 2.0 against China. Forget about think-tank simpletons projecting their wishful thinking on the perpetual “end of China’s rise.” Forget even about a few sound minds in Brussels – yes, they

The Menticide Manual Part 3 – Gaslighting

By Thorsten J. Pattberg for the Saker Blog This is Part 3 of a series:  “This concise text will introduce to our distinguished readers the most deadly ways to subvert, to demoralize, to lobotomize and finally to liquidize someone‘s brains… until they are reduced to nothing more than another helpless Schizo Fran or Mona Loser ready for suicide or the local madhouse. “ The most ruthless emotional abuse of all

Nations Built on Lies – How the US Became Rich

By Larry Romanoff for the Saker Blog Foreword, Prologue, Introduction:  This is Part 1 of 6 and will form a complete ebook that will be available for download with part six. Foreword From: James Bacque Date: Saturday, Jan 5, 2019 9:13 PM Dear Larry Thanks for the information–as you guessed I have encountered much of it myself already. I wish you good luck . . . Be as moderate as

The Ukronazis place a twelve (12!) year old girl on their “black list”

You must have heard about the “Mirotvorets” (Peacemaker) Ukronazi website: This is a semi-official website which lists all the “enemies of the Ukraine”, with photo and address.  We could call it an online “lynch list”.  The list of people included in their database ranges from anybody who does not approve of the Banderite Ukronazi ideology to some really ridiculous cases. But now, they reach a new low: they listed

Creative Destruction – How to start an Economic Renaissance : Phillip Mullan

Reviewed by Francis Lee for the Saker Blog Mr Mullan’s book first saw the light of day in 2017 which was a far-sighted anticipation of the path-dependency of the global economy prior to the present debacle 2020/2021. The book covered a wide range of insights in the history of capitalism, particularly contributions from Mr Joseph Alois Schumpeter, as well as the Marxist theory of the tendency of the rate of

Central Asia’s Neoliberal Tragedy: A Review

By Michael Hudson and posted with special permission : How the World Bank and neoliberalism has hurt central Asia . In the mid-1980s, Soviet officials saw a need to open up their economy in hope of achieving Western-style innovation and productivity. That was the decade in which Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan were sponsoring the neoliberal pro-financial policies that have polarised the U.S., British and other economies and loaded them

Russians are in total awe at the suicidal stupidity of the West

The Russians are openly expressing their absolute amazement at the utter stupidity of the West.  Three examples: A recent article by Medvedev: Dmitry Medvedev: Why contacts with the current Ukrainian leadership are meaningless Putin’s speech at the recent energy forum in Russia: Russian President Vladimir Putin: Speech at Russian Energy Week (REW) international forum and then there is this photo of Putin tapping his forehead in the sign “have you

Dmitry Medvedev: Why contacts with the current Ukrainian leadership are meaningless

Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev addressed Kommersant with his new article, titled: Five short polemical theses Kindly note that this is a machine translation and we may edit for nuance as is necessary.   1. Ukraine is in search of its own identity and a special path, composing its own separate history (although the same history teaches that this takes centuries). But Ukrainian

Sitrep : Faina Savenkova #Lugansk

12-yr old writer from #Lugansk @FainaSavenkova who consistently appeals for peace is from now on in infamous database #Mirotvorets which publishes personal data of those who are labeled “enemies of #Ukraine”.That clearly shows whom Kiev is fighting in #Donbass -women and children — Dmitry Polyanskiy (@Dpol_un) October 12, 2021 Previous postings on Faina on the Saker Blog Faina Savenkova appeal for the 2021 UN Children’s Day The festival during

Muqtada The Conqueror gains ground in Iraqi poll

In recent elections, Muqtada al-Sadr’s popularity was confirmed, but the infighting in Iraq is just starting By Pepe Escobar posted with permission and first posted at Asia Times It would be tempting to picture the Iraqi parliamentary elections last Sunday as a geopolitical game-changer. Well, it’s complicated – in more ways than one. Let’s start with the abstention rate. Of the 22 million eligible voters able to choose 329 members

Repost: why the Empire always supports minorities

In the distant 2017, I wrote a piece I entitled “Manipulated minorities represent a major danger for democratic states“.  After reading the comments to my recent “Has the first domino already fallen” post, I have decided to repost that old one as I (hope) that it has a new relevance today, when the USA is been torn apart by the Woke ideology and Europe by multiculturalism.  I also see a

Role of Religion and Philosophy in West European Society: 1096 CE to 1815 CE

by Straight-Bat for The Saker Blog 1. INTRODUCTION Eurocentrism may be a dirty word for non-European scholars of late 20th century and early 21st century, but even the most rabidly anti-European intellectual in Africa or Asia would be compelled to accept the reality of the greatest tragedy of the non-European world: that it had been cast in the mould constructed by the European civilization between 1096 CE and 1991 CE.

The Golden Age of America

By Walt Garlington for the Saker Blog Mr Paul Gottfried gives us a standard line about the need to return to the Golden Age of the American republic at the end of a short book review he penned: Since Janowski leaves his heuristic queries open, this reviewer feels free to note that the egalitarian democracy he so graphically describes represents a falling away from something much better. It is a

Has the first domino already fallen and if so, when? (UPDATED!)

A few years back, I wrote a column I entitled “Kosovo will be liberated” in which I wrote the following: “Kosovo will be the very first place in Europe where the pendulum of history will reverse its current course. ”  It now looks like I might have been wrong. But by how much?  Check out this headline today: “Bosnian Serbs to ‘withdraw consent’ for joint military, taxes and courts, citing

Nasrallah on obedience to God & how it guides Shia political action

Original link: Description: Speaking at a mourning ceremony to mark the yearly religious occasion of Ashura, Hezbollah’s leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah touched on the Islamic conception of worship and obedience to God, and the implications of this conception on the world of political decision-making and action within contemporary Shia Islam. The following transcript helps to reveal the intersection of the religious, the spiritual, and the socio-political for Nasrallah and

The Menticide Manual Part 2 – Quibbling

By Thorsten J. Pattberg for The Saker Blog This is Part 2 of a series:  “This concise text will introduce to our distinguished readers the most deadly ways to subvert, to demoralize, to lobotomize and finally to liquidize someone‘s brains… until they are reduced to nothing more than another helpless Schizo Fran or Mona Loser ready for suicide or the local madhouse. “ Not many relations are as stressful as