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Saker community news, blog update and donations

Dear friends,First, I want to begin this news update with an un-official pre-announcement: it appears that the Saker Blog community might welcome a new Language Team in our community, and a big language at that!  Since this is neither final nor official, I don’t want to announce this yet, but I cannot resist giving you a little head-up about this.Second, I have seen the prototype of the new WordPress based

AngloZionist: Short primer for the newcomers

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize“ Voltaire Dear new-to-this blog friends,Why do I speak of “AngloZionists”?  I got that question many times in the past, so I will make a separate post about it to (hopefully) explain this once and for all.1) Anglo: The USA in an Empire.  With roughly 1000 overseas bases (depends on how you count), a undeniably

Appeal from the Russian Saker Team

Dear friends, While we are all on the edge waiting for the news from Novorossia to change any minute, we’d like to ask your help with the two projects that the Russian Saker team is currently undertaking: 1. Our Russian partners from site asked us about the Ferguson crisis in the USA. Can those of you who live in the US, write something up for us or send us

Blog news update, donations and some personal thoughts

Dear friends,Blog migration to new servers First I would like to update you on the migration of this blog to dedicated servers in Iceland.  The short version is this: it is happening, we have already backed up the data, the server is up, WordPress has been installed, and the very kind IT specialists who are helping me are working on a few more matters.  It might take a little longer,

Quick note to the readers & open thread

Dear friends,I will spend most of the day tomorrow on the road.  God willing, I will be back tomorrow evening.  In the meantime, please feel free to discuss anything except the topic of global warming which (by popular demand) I am banning just because it would really burden this blog.  I will try to moderate the comments as often as possible from my van.Also, one reader told me that the

Blog news: The Vineyard extends to Oceania!

Dear friends,It is with all the pride of a proud father looking a a new baby that I am happy to officially announce the creation of the Vineyard Saker in Oceania! The folks who launched this new franchise of our community had been working with the various Saker Language Teams for a while already and I can say with great confidence that their work is nothing short of stellar.  Yet, there

A note of thanks to the blog’s donors and a few comments about support

Dear friends,I have to admit with a great deal of embarrassment that I simply have not found the time to thank those of you who have sent donations to support this blog in person.  I realize that this is rude, but my choice was stark: every minute spent on sending out personal thank you notes is one I did not spent working on this blog and maintaining contacts with the

Confession and open thread

Dear friends, I am exhausted. Totally. Wiped out. And this has shown in the past couple of days when I failed to police comments which never should have made it to begin with. I hope to be able to address what I see as The Key Issue (all in caps!) by Thursday morning/early afternoon: will the US/NATO attempt to attack Russian and/or Novorussia and, if yes, how? But tomorrow I

Important appeal for help from the “Russian Team”!

Dear fellow followers of The VineyardSaker, As you know our community of volunteer translators is growing. Almost every day we receive offers from people around the world to help us spread Saker’s articles around. We are truly growing into a great community of like-minded people who want to do something to spread just and fair information to the world. All our linguistic teams work very closely together to produce important

Short message from the Saker

Dear friends,I am still on the road, but I want to tell you all that things are looking much better for the Resistance and infinitely worse for the junta in Kiev.  I will write an analysis of all that when I get all the facts (and the couple of hours behind to sit my keyboard), but already I will tell you that we might well have reached a turning point

Short news items & open thread

A couple of quick things:1) The so-called “interview” with Alexander Khodakovskii (not Mikhail Khodorkovskii) is a fake made by Reuters in which different parts of the real interview were re-mixed together in order to make it sound as if Khodakovskii was saying that the Resistance had a BukM1.  Video and audio proof of that fact that this was a fake was shown on Russian TV today.2) The “new, democratic and

Great news! The Saker Blog now also in German

Dear friends, It is with a huge joy and honor for me to announce that today a group of fantastic friends has launched the German language version of this blog. Here is their announcement: ALLE UNSERE DEUTSCHEN FREUNDEkoennen jetzt den blog des Sakers auf Deutsch lesen – bitte hier anklicken: Wir suchen noch freiwillige Mitarbeiter zum Uebersetzen – bitte schreibt an: Just like the Russian and French version,

Small announcement about minor stuff and open thread

First, Alexander Borodai has made an important press conference.  I hope to have the subtitled video available soon.Second, the main story is not MH17 but the murderous attack of the Nazis on Lugansk which, contrary to BBC claims, has not been taken.  However, scores of civilians have been killed in repeated volleys of MLRS rocket strikes by the Nazi forces.Third, the Nazis in Israel are also using the MH17 as

I need help with PayPal and advice about donations

Dear friends,I just hate PayPal.  For many reasons, but one of them is this recurrent problem: the “donate” button I created following the exact instructions given by PP (the one posted on the left side of this page) seems to redirect to a page to join PP and not directly to the page to enter the donation amount.  I tried several times to re-create that button, but each time I

Blog news: migration, moderation, new incarnations and donors

Dear friends,I have finally found a few minutes in this totally hectic time to give you a short update about the future of this blog.1) Thanks to the most generous help of a donor (‘A’) and the help of some very skilled IT specialists a dedicated server has been selected in Iceland to host this blog.2) The migration will probably begin in mid-August and it will take some time to

Important news about this blog, its future, and its mission

Dear friends,Clearly the situation in Novorussia is rapidly turning into a full-scale war and, as Juan always reminds us, it will get much worse before it gets better again.  In this context, I believe that the “informational war” in which we are all participating is more important than ever.  In this context, I have several good news to announce about the future of this blog:1) The Vineyard of the Saker