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Short news items & open thread

A couple of quick things:1) The so-called “interview” with Alexander Khodakovskii (not Mikhail Khodorkovskii) is a fake made by Reuters in which different parts of the real interview were re-mixed together in order to make it sound as if Khodakovskii was saying that the Resistance had a BukM1.  Video and audio proof of that fact that this was a fake was shown on Russian TV today.2) The “new, democratic and

Great news! The Saker Blog now also in German

Dear friends, It is with a huge joy and honor for me to announce that today a group of fantastic friends has launched the German language version of this blog. Here is their announcement: ALLE UNSERE DEUTSCHEN FREUNDEkoennen jetzt den blog des Sakers auf Deutsch lesen – bitte hier anklicken: Wir suchen noch freiwillige Mitarbeiter zum Uebersetzen – bitte schreibt an: Just like the Russian and French version,

Small announcement about minor stuff and open thread

First, Alexander Borodai has made an important press conference.  I hope to have the subtitled video available soon.Second, the main story is not MH17 but the murderous attack of the Nazis on Lugansk which, contrary to BBC claims, has not been taken.  However, scores of civilians have been killed in repeated volleys of MLRS rocket strikes by the Nazi forces.Third, the Nazis in Israel are also using the MH17 as

I need help with PayPal and advice about donations

Dear friends,I just hate PayPal.  For many reasons, but one of them is this recurrent problem: the “donate” button I created following the exact instructions given by PP (the one posted on the left side of this page) seems to redirect to a page to join PP and not directly to the page to enter the donation amount.  I tried several times to re-create that button, but each time I

Blog news: migration, moderation, new incarnations and donors

Dear friends,I have finally found a few minutes in this totally hectic time to give you a short update about the future of this blog.1) Thanks to the most generous help of a donor (‘A’) and the help of some very skilled IT specialists a dedicated server has been selected in Iceland to host this blog.2) The migration will probably begin in mid-August and it will take some time to

Important news about this blog, its future, and its mission

Dear friends,Clearly the situation in Novorussia is rapidly turning into a full-scale war and, as Juan always reminds us, it will get much worse before it gets better again.  In this context, I believe that the “informational war” in which we are all participating is more important than ever.  In this context, I have several good news to announce about the future of this blog:1) The Vineyard of the Saker

A couple of simple reminders and an request for advice

Dear friends,I feel that I have to post the following few basic reminders:1) If I post somebody else’s article, it does not mean that I agree with it.  All it means is that I find it an interesting contribution to the analysis and discussion of the topic.2) I never said that a disaster had happened, only that the fall of Slaviansk means that Russia must take action now.3) I also

Okay – I heard you! I will further tighten the “Nazi-control policies”

Okay, I heard you and you were right.Effective immediately, I will tighten the “Nazi-control policies” even further and more of their posts will go to the trash bin in even grater numbers than before.For the record, while I have seen a few Ziotrolls popping up on a regular basis (and, for the record, I also consider Zionism as a clear form of racism and Jewish supremacism which I categorically oppose),

How I will deal with unverifiable stories from now on

Okay, I carefully read all your comments and have come to something of a conclusion.First, almost everything I post in unverified and often unverifiable.  Which compares advantageously with the main stream media which deliberately lies and whose reporter and editors simply don’t care about the truth.Second, I really don’t feel like singling out one story or source for the typical “this is an unconfirmed report” or the like like the

An important question about the veracity of the info coming out of Novorossia.

When I posted the translation of the Ukrainian Successors to Hitlerite Wehrmacht Rape and Murder in Saurovka  Message from Fyodor Berezin, Igor Strelkov’s Deputy” I knew that I was doing something risky which would raise some eyebrows and, sure enough, it did.  Here are two examples of such reactions: Too far. Way too far.  Ukie Nazis cutting men to pieces alive, keeping women so they can rape them, killing each

Important clarification about the future of this blog

Dear friends,Some of you have expressed concerns that this blog will become “for paying members only” or that comments will be “for registered users only”.Let me put those fears to rest:  IT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN!! :-)This blog will remain 100% free and anonymous commenting will not only be allowed, it will be encouraged.  No need to worry about that.  Donations to this blog will always remain 100% voluntary and optional.One

A major blog upgrade is possible, but *only* with your help!

Dear friends,You have seen me complain and moan about the fact that this a one-man-blog and that I only have 24 hours in a day for everything.  I won’t repeat it all here, but the key problem is this: blogger does not allow for anything but a one-man-blog.  Let me explain The current situation and the problems it creates In order to have somebody helping me moderate comments, I would

Message from Yuri Dia Konov to anybody donating to Auslander’s refugees

Yuri Dia Konov, whose book Russia’s Diamond Ruble I recently reviewed on this blog, just emailed me and asked me to post the following: “For any donations given to Auslander I will send a free copy (PDF) of my book YANKEE ANTI-ZOMBIE SURVIVAL MANUAL or any of my books from AMAZON.  No strings attached.” Check out Yuri’s Amazon page which contains a full list of his books.Once your donation is

Several important announcements about the Saker blog

Soon a daily “Iraq SITREP” on the Saker blog!Dear friends,Many of you have probably noticed that one of our regular readers and commentators, Mindfriedo, has been posting very interesting updates about the situation in Iraq.  In fact, his posts were so interesting that I have asked him to “upgrade” them to full SITREPs to be posted alongside Juan’s and mine.  Mindfriedo has agreed to do so and, God willing, his

Novorussian TV channel and video streams

Dear friends,Just came back from a couple of wonderful days exploring the beautiful lower Suwannee River (roughly between Fanning Springs and the Gulf of Mexico) and it will take me a few hours to get back to civilization and get organized (Juan is also exhausted to he will take a day off). Right now just I wanted to share with those of you who can understand Russian two websites where

Various “housekeeping” issues

1.  From tomorrow afternoon until Sat late morning (all US Eastern time) I will be gone and I will have only sporadic access to the Internet (I will be enjoying some badly needed time off with my wife on the Suwannee River: photographing wildlife, freediving in springs, exploring various wildlife refuges, swamps and conservation areas).  Before I leave I will post an “empty post” which I will leave as an