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Personal announcement: there is good news, and there is bad news (and one idea)

Dear friends, Today, as people often say, I have some good news and some not so good news.The good news is that a number of kind people have reach out to me in different ways to help me assure the survivability of this blog.  The idea is to make the blog available in sufficient number of duplicates located in different places of the planet to prevent the “Axis of Kindness”

A chance for you to say “no, not in my name!”

After reading the open letter to President Putin signed by over 300 Germans, one of the readers of this blog decided to emulate their example and write his own open letter to President Putin and Foreign Minister Lavrov.  Unlike the German letter, this letter is much more simple and very much to the point.  This is its full text: Many citizens of western countries greatly respect your measured responses to

Personal announcement: I am backing up this blog on WordPress

Dear friends,After being urged to do so by a lot of you (thanks!), I have backed up this blog on WordPress.  You can now find the backup blog here: For the time being, this is only a backup option so PLEASE continue to post your comments here and not on the backup blog. Also, I am, alas, limited to 13MB of blogger import on WordPress.  At least the newest

Personal announcement: appeal to my non-religious readers

Dear friends,Several of you have expressed your puzzlement and even annoyance at the fact that in one of my recent posts I have quoted the Book of Genesis and I think that it is important for me to speak to this concern.First and foremost, and this is really important to me, I want you to believe me when I say that I honestly understand your point of view.  I have

Personal announcement: update on donations and new PO Box in the USA

Dear friends,I have a found a few minutes to sit down and update you about donations.So far, 80 people have made donations through PayPal.  Even though many of you have had problems due to all sorts of bugs and quirks of PayPal, the money always ended up getting to me.  I now also have as a policy to immediately transfer any money I get to my bank account, “just in

Appeal for assistance – information sources from Russia and the Ukraine needed!

This morning a number of links to Russian news channels are not working.  Some URLs simply do not resolve.  Though this might be a local problem or a technical glitch, I think that as events heat up in the eastern Ukraine such technical glitches might happen more often.  Thus I would ask you all – especially those of you who live in Russia or who understand Russian – to share

Personal announcement: Should something bad happen

After the weird service interruption today, I have decided to take some precautionary emergency measures.  Should something really bad suddenly happen to this blog, for whatever reasons, I will continue blogging at the following address: (please write this down somewhere)also,I cannot imagine having both my blog and my email address shot at the same time but, just in case, I have this backup email address (please write this down

Personal announcement: warning – this blog is being phished!

A reader just send me this warning: VS, do you realize that a phishing site is closely imitating your blog’s address? I inadvertently typed in (no “s”) rather than and up popped a Christian Zionist website talking about the apocalypse. Do you think that the similarity is intentional??? At first I thought your website was hacked. Then I discovered my mistake. Quick check – he is correct. Some

Personal announcement: okay – I am fed up, Nazi and other trolls are banned

Dear friends, I am really sorry to have to announce that I fed up with the torrent of ignorant, stupid and racist comments this blog is getting.  I honestly tried to do my best not to have to censor these guys, but that only seemed to have exited them further.  I simply don’t have enough time to spend one single more minute dealing with this issue.  I am not a

Personal announcement: dealing with Nazis and other racist trolls

With the recent sharp rise of readers of this blog (well over 1’000’000 visits in total and 10’000+ visitors per day) a equally sharp rise of Nazi and other racist troll clearly happened.  My policy in the past has been to either crush their sophomoric and ignorant views by posting rebuttals, but now I simply do not have the time to play Kindergarten cop with these obsessive-compulsive Jew haters.  And

Personal announcement: update on donations

Dear friends,A week has passed since I have placed a donation button on this blog and I feel that I ought to give you a short update on the donations received.   A total of 65 people from 7 countries have made donations ranging from 2 dollars to 100 dollars.  2 people have chosen to make a “recurrent payment”.  All this refers to donations made through PayPal.  Only three people chose

Personal announcement: PayPal is a pain in the rear…

Sorry to interrupt the flow of news with my personal headaches, but I just found out that PayPal had blocked donations because they wanted more information about me.  I just got off the phone with them and they assured me that the account is now fully restored.  Why they could not contact me *before* blocking donations they could not explain in any other way than “we are so sorry” (sigh,

Okay! Okay! I yield :-)

Dear friends,You guys are amazing, that is all I can say…. It is 0915 and already 53 replies telling me to go ahead.  Okay, I yield.  I will set up a contributions/donations system.  All I can say is that I am immensely touched and immensely grateful.One small comment and then we will go back to the more important issues: some have suggested that I put ads on the blog.  Guys,

Short follow up on the recent personal announcement

Dear friends,I just wanted to let you know that I have been reading your replies to my personal announcement with amazement and a deepest sense of gratitude.  I shall post a substantive reply to what you have written as soon as I find a minute to do so, but right now the situation in the Ukraine is far more important, so that is why I will focus on in priority.